Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 452


Because of the unforeseen event, Tony’s appearance in front of the little spider turned out to be a farce!

Fortunately, the whole thing was recorded by Dio, and he even copied the video to the USB that he carried around so that Tony couldn’t destroy the evidence later!

Therefore, for the next few days, Dio had this elusive smile on his face and occasionally laughed out loud alone.

On the contrary, Tony, who usually had a poisonous tongue, became somewhat silent recently. Every time Dio laughed, he frowned and said nothing at all!

Dio even considered telling the rest of the Avenger about Tony’s embarrassing encounter as something that funny was better the more people knew about it.

At the same time, Steve and Natasha, who had disappeared for several days, came back.

“Are you guys back from your honeymoon?”

“Yes, but unfortunately, the honey badger runs away!”

Steve and Natasha slumped down on the sofa as soon as they returned. Apparently, their mission didn’t go very well.

“I guess we drew too much attention that HYDRA took several precautions,” Dio said indifferently.

In the last Ant-Man incident, he left one HYDRA agent alive as SHIELD told him that they wanted to use the HYDRA agent as bait to track the HYDRA’s base.

While Baron Strucker had been killed and the biggest HYDRA base in Sokovia was also blown into smithereens by Dio’s cannon. It didn’t mean that HYDRA was gone for good!

Like its namesake, the HYDRA would grow his head again as long as it still had a body!

The SHIELD got wind that the HYDRA wanted to buy the Yellowjacket Tech and thus Dio infiltrated the Pym industries.

Steve and Natasha were tasked to clean after the HYDRA base that the agent that Dio left alive was returning to. But as soon as they got there, the HYDRA already emptied the place!

“I always feel that these little rats hiding in the sewers are still secretly conspiring to do something.” Steve frowned.

Everyone nodded as they knew that it wasn’t HYDRA if they didn’t cause trouble!

Because of that, nobody took it seriously, at least not until a month later!


“Hey guys, after training for so long, it’s time to test it out in a real mission!”

A heavily armed Steve and Natasha walked right in.

The new Avenger members, who were still sparring when Steve and Natasha walked in, looked at them confusedly.

A few minutes later

“We have finally identified the HYDRA’s target this time! Now, we have to stop them before they carry out their plan!”

“Do you need my help?”

Dio asked casually while eating an apple.

“Don’t you have faith in all of us?”

Dio thought about it, and sure, Wanda and the others have trained for quite a while. Both their Individual awareness and team awareness have grown to a considerable level.

Even Sam and Rhodey, who couldn’t do anything without their equipment, got an upgrade from Tony. So, it really was the time to test it out on the field!

“Good, it looks like I can take a few days off alone.”

“Not that fast! You’re still coming with us! If anything bad happens, we will leave it to you.”

“And why would I agree to that?”

“Why not? Don’t you want to see their fruit of training yourself after training them for such a long time?”

Dio frowned as Natasha’s words were true! He sighed and followed them for their little public outing.


Lagos, the old capital of Nigeria

“Captain, you didn’t say beforehand that the location of this mission was in Africa.”

Dio, who was sitting in an open-air cafe on the street, barely sipped his coffee. He was in constant lookout for any Wakandan as it would be bothersome if they ever noticed his presence here.

“Well then, now you know!”

Steve, who was hiding in an apartment complex, casually replied while observing their surroundings for any suspicious activity.


Natasha, who disguised herself as a tourist, couldn’t help but laugh at Dio’s annoyance and Steve’s lack of enthusiasm.

Dio sighed and kept stirring his coffee in boredom. Not long after that, Wanda sat in front of Dio while bringing a cup of milk. She was Dio’s partner this time, and they both disguised themselves as a couple.

After spending so much time together, Wanda knew that Dio hated coffee and therefore she took Dio’s coffee cup and gave Dio her milk instead.

“Thanks, it’s a good thing you’re here.” Dio picked up the cup of milk and took a sip.

“Can you two please be more professional? It would be wiser to save your lovey-dovey back on the base, no?” Sam said as he was on the lookout on the roof of the tallest building.

Suddenly, Steve felt something was off and immediately ordered Sam. “Sam, see that garbage truck? Follow it!”

“Copy that!”

Sam’s updated equipment also added a drone that looked like a bird that he could control from afar. The drone followed the truck that drove a little bit too fast in a narrow street.

“Redwing, do an X-Ray on that truck!” Sam ordered the drone. Thanks to the drone’s X-Ray ability, Sam could see everything inside the truck! “It is a little bit odd! The truck has reached its maximum capacity, and the driver is also heavily armed!” Sam said confusedly.

“It’s a ramming car!” Natasha immediately shouted as he heard Sam’s report. The rest was surprised and immediately took off from their spot.

“No good. The enemy’s target is not the police station! We have to go now!” Steve said solemnly. But it was all too late! The truck has reached the Infectious Disease Institute and crashed it against the building’s security measure.

In addition, two other vehicles quickly drove towards the truck, and ten heavily armed mercenaries started shooting the building’s security guard.

The mercenaries quickly busted inside the building, while Steve and the others barely just arrived.

Steve and Natasha quickly took down several mercenaries that waited outside while Sam and Rhodey provided support from the air.

“Wanda, just like in training.”

Steve said as he pointed his finger to the third floor. Wanda quickly used her ability and threw Steve to the third floor while Natasha and Pietro used the building’s front door.

Everyone was busy doing their own stuff, while Dio sat alone outside with his unfinished cup of milk.

This mission could be said to be an actual combat exercise, except for Tony, who chose not to come, Vision, and Mantis who were not suitable for this kind of mission.

Dio’s main task this time was just to keep an eye on everyone and keep the mistake to a bare minimum.

So far, he liked his task!

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