Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 460


After seeing the feed from the soldier, the Secretary of State immediately slammed the table.

All the representatives from other countries, including the World Security Council, turned paled after witnessing Dio’s power.

They were furious, but they knew that there was nothing that they can do about it.

“How dare he does that!?”

They continued watching and saw that the spacecraft slowly ascended into the sky and vanished out of thin air.

The Secretary of State regretted attacking Dio, but there was nothing he could do about it now!

But the thought of something that powerful falling into some other countries worried him the most!

Nick Fury’s warning about Dio kept playing on his head now, “I warn you to stay away from that guy! Not everyone on Avenger has a heroic personality like Captain America! And that guy is definitely the worst! Your action right now would just annoy him at most!”

Nick had told him that his action would have no effect, and seeing the feed right now, he understood why.

But then again, it was already too late, and therefore, he has to push onward!

It was the time that Dio became the most wanted man on Earth! Obviously, the World Leaders had no problem since the one that lost so much money right now was the USA!

It was no doubt at all that every country in the world wanted to seize Dio’s power and equipment for themselves. Especially the Dark Battleship!

Even though not all countries could take Dio on, at least they would be able to get something out of it from the winning country later!

Moreover, their action was justified in the pretense of justice!


Two days later, at Peggy Carter’s funeral.

Steve was the only one who remained on the grave as everyone else has finally left. Natasha then came and sat beside Steve. She was dressed formally in a dress and high heels. 

“When I woke up after being frozen for 60 years, I thought that she has already left this world, but when I know that she was still alive, I just felt so lucky!”

“I think she was happy too when she found out that you are still alive!”

After a deep sigh, Steve looked at Natasha, and a look of determination returned in his eyes.

“How many people have signed up?” Steve asked curiously.

“Tony, Rhodey, Sam, and Vision,” Natasha said as he took a deep breath.

“So, where are the others?” Steve asked confusedly.

“That is why I come to you now. Dio, Mantis, Pietro, and Wanda have become the world’s most wanted criminals!” Natasha said with a worried look on her face.

She immediately filled Steve in about all the details that happened on the Avenger’s base earlier.

“You are saying that Dio and the others were attacked as soon as they left the Avengers base?”

Natasha could only nod and say, “I noticed something unusual when the Secretary of State left the base at that time, but in order not to cause a bigger commotion, I did not say anything. Besides, his path was never blocked in the first place! But it still came off a shock after I realised that the World Government was after his alien tech!”

“Their greed was showing! They wanted not only the Avenger for themselves but also Dio’s equipment! Dio was right all along! It’s better to leave as the Sokovia incident was just a reason to do this kind of stuff!” Steve sighed deeply.

“With that reason, I wouldn’t sign the agreement!”

Natasha wasn’t surprised and smiled, “I know, I just want to comfort you this time. We shouldn’t go back to Avenger Mansion, though!”

“What about Sam? What happened to him?” Steve asked curiously.

“He is fine. I locked him up inside his room with some food and movie if he ever got bored.”

“You have him under house arrest?”

“Well, Dio left after causing such a big commotion! The military has pushed us to sign the agreement! There is nothing I can do. I am afraid that he is going to rile up the soldiers if I let him loose!” Natasha said casually.

“What about me? When are those people going to arrest me too?” Steve asked sarcastically.

He felt betrayed for his country that he has been fighting for almost his whole life.

“Steve, calm down! Secretary of State didn’t want to kill you, but you become their target as the problem escalates!

“So, the government have been planning all of this?” Steve asked curiously.

The foundation of trust that he built up all this time with the government was destroyed in an instant!

In the meantime, Natasha tried to explain her thoughts involving this matter, “I will be going to Vienna to attend the Sokovia Accord meeting. If you have no place to go, I can take you to somewhere safe!” Natasha said with worry laced on her face.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.”

“It’s nothing. I am used to it.”

“By the way, did Dio ever tell you where he would be going?”

“I asked, but he didn’t say. But I think he probably didn’t leave Earth. Otherwise, there’s no need to hide it from me since I don’t have the tech to come after him into space.”

A woman’s intuition, coupled with the experience accumulated over a long period of time as an agent, allowed Natasha to see through Dio’s thoughts with little effort.

Steve’s heart was suddenly moved as he thought of something. However, he did not say anything, now was not the time, especially at this juncture.

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