Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 461


“A bomb, hidden in a news van exploded in front of the United Nations building in Vienna, injuring over 70 people and killing at least 12, including the current King of Wakanda, T’Chaka, who tragically lost his life. Officials have released a photo of the suspect….”

In the SHIELD’s secret base that was still in development, Dio leaned back on his seat while watching the news.

He also knew that Bucky Barnes was somewhere out there, still under the HYDRA’s influence.

“What’s wrong? Do you know this guy?” Wanda asked as she looked at Bucky’s photo on Dio’s hand.

“Steve’s former best friend, but this one is a fake. But Wanda, can I ask you a question? Do you think someone who has killed a lot of people deserves forgiveness just because he’s under someone else’s control?” Dio asked with a curious expression on his face.

After hearing Dio’s question, Wanda was thinking for a while and started to remember what she had done to Hulk not too long ago.

“No, this is not about you or anything that you have done. I just simply wanted your input.” Dio said awkwardly as he remembered what Wanda had done before.

Wanda sighed and took a deep breath before answering, “Probably yes, after all, the one controlling that individual is the worst!”

“Sorry, my bad for making you remember the past!” Dio said sincerely while wrapping his hands around Wanda.

He didn’t mean to make Wanda remember the past, but he totally forgot about it earlier.

He still wanted to ask some more questions, but it was clear that Wanda was affected by this question.

There was no way he could make Wanda feel more uncomfortable than she already was.

However, he also knew that not everyone would have the same answer, depending on what you have seen in the past.

From the victim’s standpoint, the killer had to pay with their life, regardless the person was under control or not.

However, if you looked at it from the perspective of the one being controlled, obviously, they never wished for such a thing to happen.

They were manipulated to do things and therefore, they were also a victim!

So there was no right answer to this question.


At the same time, at the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

There was a lot of fighting and chasing happening in the city right now. However, the end result wasn’t a happy one. Steve, Bucky, and T’challa was apprehended by the police!

“Congratulations, Cap. You’re a criminal now.”

Colonel Rhodey’s tone was slightly mocking; a disappointed look was clear on his face.


Berlin, Germany.

Under the escort of heavily armed soldiers, Steve and Bucky were brought to the UN’s interrogation room.

When Bucky was taken into a special prison, Steve couldn’t help but ask what would happen to his old friend.

“You should worry about yourself first.” The soldier said indifferently.

“This is Ross, the Deputy Commander of Joint Counter Terrorist Act.” Thadeus Ross introduced himself while Sharon Carter was standing beside him.

Steve knew her as Peggy’s niece.

“Okay, so what will happen now?” Steve asked curiously.

“We will evaluate your psyche and extradite you to the U.S!” Ross said indifferently.

“Can I hire a lawyer?”

“You are funny! Well, no. We will lock up your weapon, and you will probably never see it again.” Ross said as he led Steve back to his room.

“You should be thankful that this time you are given a room instead of a prison! So, you better behave now and stop your farce!” Ross said as he left the room.

Steve saw that Natasha and Tony have been waiting for him inside the room.

“Wow, welcome our superhero! Because of you, the entire team almost went to military court! And by the way, Secretary of State wants to indict you!” Tony said with an annoyed face.

“Well, they already took my shield away.”

“Technically speaking, that’s the property of the state. That SHIELD is something that my father made, so technically speaking again, it never belongs to you in the first place, Captain.” Tony said sarcastically.

Steve sighed but didn’t say any words after that.

“But for humanitarian reasons, it can be yours, forever,” Tony said while giving Steve a pen and a paper.

Steve took the paper and saw that it was the Sokovia Accords agreement paper!

Steve clicked the pen and rolled it away.

“What is this? A bribe? A threat?” Steve said sarcastically to Tony.

He couldn’t believe that they were a comrade in arms just a few days ago, but now, it looks like Tony just cared about his own issues rather than what happened in front of him.

Now Avenger has officially fallen apart. Dio has left with those who trusted and believed in him, while Tony and Steve were fighting against each other with their respective accomplices.

“You’re free to interpret it as you please. At least it would be better than jail, don’t you think?” Tony said indifferently.

Seeing Tony’s apprehensive attitude, Steve wanted to laugh, a sad laugh. “Is Pepper here too? I don’t see her anywhere?” Steve asked as he knew that Pepper could at least hear him out.

“No! she is a…” Tony stopped as he seemed like thinking of something.


“No, we broke up!” Tony said while having a sad smile on his face.

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