Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 462


Steve could tell that Tony was in pain and struggling.

“I’m sorry, Tony. I didn’t know…”

“A few years ago, I threw away all the Iron Man Suit I have just to regain her trust, but then the problems with HYDRA and Ultron forced me to take upon the suit again. Of course, the problem itself arises because of me, but I couldn’t stop now! I didn’t want to lose Pepper, so I thought maybe this Accord could resolve the problem for her and bring her back to me.” Tony laughed very bitterly.

“You know, Tony, I didn’t mean to give you a hard time. It’s just…” Steve said with some mixed feelings.

“I know! You are a good man. Although sometimes I really want to hit you hard, I do not want to see you leave. We need you, Captain. Everything is messed up, but with your sign, we can turn this incident into a legal act, and Barnes can be transferred to an American Mental Hospital instead of a prison in Wakanda. Even… the fact that Dio and the others are a wanted criminal is negotiable!”

“How do you even plan to negotiate it? Make him give up everything?”

Steve asked sarcastically while looking at Tony straight in the eye. But Tony’s silence was all the answer Steve needed.

At this moment, Steve felt that he no longer knew the man in front of him.

“It’s just temporary. I am sure once everything is back to normal, he will get back all his toys. I can promise you that!” Tony said as he saw Steve’s judging looks.

“Can you guarantee that? You’re supposed to know him the most! Did you really think he would let anyone push him around?”

“That’s enough! I had no choice but to compromise before the situation got worse! Did you know how many people Dio has killed while you were away?” Tony said angrily.

“Don’t tell me that it was his decision to do so! You know damn well that he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger! I can’t agree with his method, but I don’t think he choose the wrong move to defend himself! You clearly have changed Tony to something unrecognizable!”

After letting everything out, Steve turned around and walked away. The conversation turned sour at the last moment, but when he was about to leave, the entire building suddenly went dark.

Something was wrong!

Steve immediately turned to Tony, and they looked at each other. They knew that a new incident might occur, so they immediately rushed out to find out what happened.

“Keep an eye on Barnes! And start the backup power already!” General Ross shouted at the radio as he gave a command to his soldiers.

However, when the relevant personnel arrived at the 5th floor of the West Wing Basement, they saw many downed soldiers and Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, near their body.

A chaotic battle has started…


A few hours later, in an abandoned factory somewhere in Berlin, Bucky, whose metal arm was pinned under a heavy metal, finally woke up.


“Which Bucky are you?” Steve asked curiously.

“Your mother’s name is Sarah… You used to put newspaper in your shoes.” Bucky said as he laughed as he recalled his memories.

“You don’t read about that in museums, Bucky,” Steve said as he, too, laughed as he let Bucky go.

“What did I do?”

“You better off not knowing for now.”

“I knew I had done bad things, Steve. I know that HYDRA transplanted something in my head that activated whenever someone says some specific words!” Bucky said through clenched teeth.

“Who is that person?”

“I don’t know.”

“He killed a lot of people just to make you kill some more! I didn’t understand his purpose!”

“Siberia!” Bucky said suddenly.


“He wants to know about Siberia, the place where I was once imprisoned, and he wants to know the exact location.”


“Because I’m not the only Winter Soldiers!” Bucky said with a worried expression.

“Are they all like you?”

“No, more terrifying than me. They can speak 30 languages, can hide themselves perfectly in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, sabotage… They can infiltrate any country overnight and do unimaginable things, yet no one will ever notice them!”

Steve’s face finally paled as he realised the dire of the situation he was in.

“We have to find a way to stop him from releasing them!” Steve said nervously.

“Are you going to call the Avengers?”

Steve shook his head grimly. If this information came to light a few days ago, he would call the Avenger immediately.

But in their current situation, Steve knew that he had to handle this matter by himself!

He couldn’t even go back to talk to Tony as he knew that Tony would never believe him! Furthermore, now that Tony has signed the Accord, he doubted that Tony would act without the approval of the UN!

Steve knew for a long time that it wasn’t a good idea to control a super group like the Avenger under the reasoning of a government as not everyone wished to become a military unit!

“Then it’s up to the two of us. However. we have to find a way to get your shield back and some weapon for me!” Bucky said as he felt helpless without any kind of weapon in his possession.

But then again, he trusted Steve would make the right decision, and thus he would follow Steve’s direction.

“It wasn’t that important,” Steve said while smiling lightly and immediately pulled out a small snail from his pocket.

“Uh, what is that snail for? Don’t tell me that was all we have for dinner.” Bucky said with a worried look on his face.

Steve immediately rolled his eyes and said, “I mean, the owner of this snail can help us. If that guy agreed to help us, several more super Winter Soldier would be nothing.”

Originally, Dio retrieved all the snail after the Ultron incident, but after the day Dio warned Steve that the government might try to control them, Dio gave Steve one snail without giving any reason why. He never thought that the time to use the snail would come!

Steve began to wonder if Dio could read the future or something, assuming Dio had many power that he has yet revealed, it might be possible!

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