Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 463


An arrow hit the bulls-eye steadily!

Lila’s face was filled with excitement as she waited for praise.

“Good job! How about we practice a few more rounds while your mom is still making the sandwiches?” Barton, who chose to retire, looked proudly at his daughter.

Little Lila nodded heartily and ran over to the target to pluck the arrows off the target to start over. Barton was satisfied with his life.

He lived at a cabin in the jungle outskirt with his wife and children without the need to be constantly reminded of the bad things that might happen later.

He owed too much money in his circus days that followed him even though he was already married.

Thankfully, he met Nick Fury, who saw the value in his expertise and cleared him from all his debt!

Now, after his retirement, he lived in a secluded area where only a few people knew.

Now, he didn’t have to worry about being hunted by enemies!

In his spare time, he went hunting in the forest and taught his children all the skills that he has learned.

He didn’t want them to follow in his footstep, but the world was a dangerous place. Thus having a skill that could be used to protect themselves was necessary!

However, his smile gradually disappeared as he saw a spaceship landed on the grassland right outside his house.

“Dio?” Barton said curiously.

“Someone has asked me to ask for a favour. But I think it is better if he talks to you himself!” Dio said as he walked forward and gave the small snail to Barton while hugging him.

After a few moments passed by, Barton sighed and brought his compound bow and custom quiver out of the house after bidding farewell to his wife and children as he would be leaving for quite a while.

Dio’s personal visit, coupled with the captain’s request, made it impossible for him to refuse.

So the spaceship took off once again towards another place.


Uptown New York, in the Avengers base.

Sam was sweating in the gym, punching his sandbag that might burst at any time from the pressure he exerted in each punch.

When he finally stopped, Vision came inside the gym while handing him a towel and a glass of water.

“Your stamina has been depleted. You need to rest now.”

However, Sam did not even look at him. Instead, he turned around and headed out, “Wow, I can’t believe that the robot would sympathize with me, but hey, not that I can run away from this place!”

Sam said coldly as he took a couple of beer from the fridge and nestled on the couch to watch the Tv. A voice suddenly startled him as he didn’t expect anyone could come in here.

“Looks like you’ve been living a pretty good life here!” Pietro said as he suddenly sat beside Sam with a bucket of popcorn in hand.

“Pietro! Aren’t you… What are you doing here?”

Sam, who was shocked, lowered his voice and asked as if he was afraid that Vision would find them.

“The captain ran into trouble, trapped in Germany, need our help. So, he asked us to rescue you from this ‘corrupt’ ‘comfortable’ life, now, what do you say? Do you want to tag along?”

Sam burst out laughing.

“Pietro, you shouldn’t be here.”

Just then, Vision went right through the wall and confronted Pietro.

“Is that so? Well, I’ve been here for 5 minutes, but I didn’t think that I would get kicked out straight away!” Barton said as he came out of the bathroom with a strong magnetic arrow on his hands.

He shot the arrow to the floor under Vision’s feet, and the arrow immediately radiated a strong electromagnetic field around Vision, trapping him to the floor.

“Please consider the consequences of your action!” Vision said as he started to collapse on the floor.

“Well, I’ve thought it over. Now, Let’s go.” Barton said as he waved for Pietro and Sam to follow him out of the house.

“Wait a sec, gotta bring my gear,” Sam said as he ran toward his room.

“No need for that. I’ve already got that covered long ago!” Pietro said indifferently as he pointed his finger to the spaceship not too far away from the house.

Pietro immediately held onto Sam and Barton and vanished from the house. Vision immediately got nervous as he knew how important it was to keep Steve’s power in check. So, he used the Mind Stone to free himself and chased after Pietro immediately.

He saw that the spaceship gradually ascended and vanished in the air. The vision then activated his Mind Stone once again to detect the residual energy that Sam and the other left!

However, as he activated his Mind Stone, he was smashed into the base of the buildings!

“Oh, sorry. I can’t let you damage my ship and follows us. There is no insurance in space yet!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

Vision dIdn’t care about the damage that he received and immediately rushed out towards Dio again.

“Get down!” Dio shouted as he realised that Vision’s attack could hit the ship if he dodged, so Dio chose to withstand Vision’s attack!

However, The Mind Blast that Vision shot couldn’t reach Dio as it was dispersed immediately.

Vision was confused and rushed towards Dio once more for close combat, but he suddenly saw a green man behind Dio, and as Vision got close to Dio, he was suddenly forced to the ground!

“You’d better lie down,” Dio said indifferently as the gravity kept Vision from moving.

The green man behind Dio looked at Vision with curiousity on its eye and suddenly increased the gravity pressure on Vision!

The ground below Vision was immediately caved in from the intense gravity. After a few kilometres away from the surface, Dio stopped the Green Man’s ability.

“This guy shouldn’t be easy to kill!” Dio said while frowning a little bit and unsummoned [Echo ACT3] for now.

Dio then called Galaxy and flew away towards the rendezvous point.

Stand name: Echo – a Stand born under special circumstances.

Type: Growth and evolution type

Ability: “ACT1” had the ability to materialize sound and throw it at the target.

ACT2″ had the ability to shoot sound effects from its tail. The projected sound would reflect the sound’s characteristics, such as a “hot sound,” which would make the target feel the heat.

ACT3″ and “3 FREEZE” suppressed “a” target with sound gravity wave.

To switch between ACT, you have to resummon the Stand.


Destructive power: E/C/B

Speed: E/D/B

Range: B/B/C

Durability: B/B/B

Precision: C/C/C

Growth: A/A/A

Evaluation: A stand that swore, S-H-I-T!


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