Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 464


“I really don’t understand how you can use this car to escape!” Sharon Carter said as she teased Steve for driving a beetle.

“It’s very low-profile.”

“Okay, but not so much for the content!” Sharon said as she opened up the trunk of the car and revealing a Vibranium Shield, Captain America Suit, and a lot of weapons.

“I owe you a favour.” Steve lamented.

“I wrote it all down… You know, he almost killed me!”

“Sorry, I’ll make a note of that too.”

When Steve and Bucky got their equipment and left the place, little did they know that Tony had already predicted their movement and pinpointed their location through the unsuspecting Sharon Carter?


In the Berlin airport, when the heavily armed Steve and Bucky arrived, the first thing that they did was to wait for Dio and the other’s arrival.

But at the same time, the Airport radio suddenly announced for the civilian to evacuate the airport!

“Damn it! We’re exposed!” Steve said while holding his shield, ready to intercept the enemy.

“Was it that woman?” Bucky said as he was suspicious of Sharon.

He knew that the person that Steve contacted using the weird snail wouldn’t be the one to expose their whereabouts!

But Sharon was different! But still, Bucky couldn’t say for sure that the woman really betrayed them.

“No. Someone might be using Sharon to get to us! She may be bugged or being followed without her knowing.” Steve said while raising the shield in his hand.

“So, what now? Should we escape this place first?”

“It’s already too late…”

Steve said while shaking his head. It was obvious that the enemy has taken control of the situation as went ahead and made such a broadcast earlier.

The enemy might have already set a trap for them before their arrival. So the only chance of escape was to wait for Dio’s arrival.

While the two of them were hiding in the shadows, Tony and Rhodey, with their iron armour suit, directly flew to the open field for Steve and Bucky to see.

“Wow, this is so strange! I never expect to run into my acquaintances at the airport. What a small world!” Tony said sarcastically.

Steve and Bucky immediately knew that their whereabouts were already spotted, and thus they walked out and met with Tony and Rhodey.

“Did you take advantage of Sharon?”

“Took advantage? Wow, such a harsh word! Don’t you know I am helping her? Just think about a senior CIA officer betraying the country to steal several weapons for a criminal! She would be getting the CIA infamous death punishment! But I don’t mind saying that she did everything under my command, so she wouldn’t go to jail, heck, she would even get a commendation for her work!” Tony said sarcastically.

“Stop talking bullshit, Tony! What is the premise for all this?” Steve shouted annoyedly.

“Of course, the premise is that I would capture you again and bring you back to Ross in 36 hours. Now, can you cooperate and come with me in peace?” Tony asked honestly.

“You got the wrong person! The psychiatrist on the secure building earlier was the culprit for all this!” Steve shouted annoyedly.

“Your judgment is faulty, Captain. Your old comrade already killed a lot of innocent people. It didn’t matter whether he was really the one behind all this or not.” Tony said indifferently.

“There are 5 other Winter Soldiers just like him that may have been released by that doctor as we speak. We have to stop them!” Steve said desperately.

However, Black Panther arrived with Natasha.

“Steve, you know what will happen next. Do you really want to kill any of us to make your way out?” Natasha said solemnly.

“Well, we don’t have time for sure! Underoos!” Tony shouted, and suddenly a boy in a spider costume jumped out of a building and stole Steve’s shield from his hand.

Bucky was subconsciously ready to shoot the little spider, but Black Panther immediately stopped him!

The bullet hit Black Panther’s battlesuit, but it didn’t affect him whatsoever, and Black Panther’s claw immediately destroyed Bucky’s rifle!

In an instant, Steve and Bucky were at a disadvantage!

They didn’t have any weapons, and they were also losing in terms of number. Yet Steve just laughed as he didn’t think that he would be captured today.

“Are you really going to do this?” Steve asked Tony while laughing.

“At a time like this, do you think I’m going to preach chivalry?” Tony said indifferently.

“Very well, that’s what I thought,” Steve said with a smile on his face.

Tony immediately understood that Steve’s backup was already nearby!

“Everyone, watch out!” Tony said as suddenly the Dark Battleship appeared in the sky and started to shoot a laser towards Tony’s crew.

But Tony knew that Dio would never kill the Avenger member, and the laser was just meant to throw them off their formation.

However, the others didn’t understand Dio as he did, and so, everyone was trying hard to dodge the laser as they were afraid of getting shot and died!

But as sudden as it appeared, the Dark Battleship stopped shooting as it landed on the ground.

“Hey, you’ll have to visit me in prison if you come a little later!” Steve said as he waved his hands to Dio with a smile on his face.

Dio tossed his poker card, and suddenly, the web that bound Steve to the wall was cut easily.

“It seems that you are in a quite a pickle earlier. But don’t worry, the real heroes are here!” Hawkeye said as he came out of the Dark Battleship with Wanda, Pietro, Mantis, Sam, and Scott, the Ant Man!

Dio personally fetched Scott from his house as he knew that Scott’s role was needed in the future.

“Thanks. I would expect no less from you!” Steve said solemnly.

“We’ve already predicted everything that would happen today, haven’t we?” Dio laughed a little and then held out his hand to Steve.

Steve immediately took the hand and smiled bitterly. Even though he was happy that Dio had saved him from Tony, he never wished to become Tony’s enemy in the first place.

“Any idea who we’re up against this time?” Scott asked with a confused look on his face.

“Uh yeah, These guys behind us?” Sam said sarcastically.

“Does it mean we are criminal now?” Scott asked again.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it that way!” Barton said with a frown on his face.

Scott shrugged indifferently as he prepared himself to fight.

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