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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 484


After realizing that the Royal Guards wouldn’t be able to hold the Avenger off, Eric immediately escaped from the throne room in haste without hesitation.

He thought that this day would be the pinnacle of his life, but he never expected that there are people who would spoil his plan.

But as he was about to board the Fighter Jet nearby, the Dark Battleship immediately destroyed it!

At the same time, Eric’s Black Panther suit detected a danger from behind and immediately rolled around to the side to save his life.

He looked back to his assailant and found that he was almost hacked in two by Dio!

“Don’t even think about escaping this place! I will catch you no matter what idea you have to escape. T’challa might spare your life, but I wouldn’t be so nice!” Dio said coldly.

“Did you think you can stop me alone?” Eric said annoyedly as he held a knife and a spear in his hands.

“I don’t know where that confidence is coming from, but don’t lump me in with T’challa!” Dio said coldly.

“Fuck you! I will kill you, loser!” Eric shouted as he rushed towards Dio with his spear, ready to stab Dio in the heart.

Dio sighed and flicked [Reaper’s Gaze] to cut Eric’s weapons and immediately kicked Eric in the chest, throwing Eric back several meters away.

But Eric immediately got up as the Black Panther suit was protecting him from impact. Apparently, Dio’s kick didn’t have any effect on him.

“How could you cut a Vibranium Dagger into two!” Eric said as he threw the dagger away in shock.

Now, he only had his spear since Dio’s attack didn’t hit it earlier. But Eric was still shocked as Vibranium was supposed to be indestructible!

But Eric failed to realize the critical information that Dio’s weapon was a perfectly balanced mix of Vibranium and Adamantium.

Dio had never encountered anything that could block [Reaper’s Gaze]’s attack nor anything that could damage it!

“Are you willing to surrender now?” Dio said sarcastically.

Eric clenched his teeth and immediately rushed towards Dio again. This time he made up his mind to dodge every attack from Dio as he realised that Dio’s scythe was unusual.

Eric was confident in his fighting skill as he was a well-trained martial artist, and now thanks to Heart-Shaped Grass that he consumed, his physical prowess was strengthened beyond what a normal human could achieve.

However, his confidence would soon be shattered by Dio’s overwhelming strength.

[Anubis] that was inside [Reaper’s Gaze] immediately analysed Eric’s fighting style and created a counter move for it almost immediately.

But Dio was not in any hurry and wanted to see how far Eric could go to push him.

Dio didn’t want to end the fight too quickly, so he held back, and his strike only cut the Black Panther suit that Eric was wearing while slightly cut Eric’s skin, leaving noticeable cut marks.

Although the new Black Panther suit had the ability to regenerate any broken part of the suit immediately, it couldn’t heal Eric’s injuries beneath the suit!

So, after a few minutes, Eric felt dizzy as he was bathed in his own blood beneath the suit. Had it not because of the Heart-Shaped Grass’s power, Eric would have died of blood loss already.

Realizing that Eric wouldn’t be able to play anymore, Dio immediately sighed and cut the spear in Eric’s hands easily and brandished the scythe under Eric’s neck as a way to tell him that he had lost!

Eric, who had lost his ability to fight back, looked horribly upset, but there was nothing he could do about it!

Sometimes, the gap between people’s power was too high that there was no point in trying!

As Eric wallowed in his shortcoming, the battle around Wakanda Palace came to an end. The Wakandan Royal Guards and soldiers that Eric has prepared to fend off any possible distraction couldn’t win against the Avenger’s might.

Even W’kabi, who was still reluctant to realise that he already failed, was defeated by T’challa and brought into custody.

Regardless of the rules, the winner would become the new King as it was a tradition since ancient times!

Seeing that there was nothing they could do, the rest of the Royal Guards and soldiers immediately dropped their weapons as a sign of surrender.

After everything was resolved, T’challa walked towards Dio’s side, “Although I already said it before, I have to express my gratitude one more time!” T’challa said thankfully.

“It’s okay, this way, we are even! Now, I will let you decide what you want to do with this guy here!” Dio said as he handed Eric to T’challa.

T’challa nodded and immediately took off the Panther necklace on Eric’s neck. The Black Panther suit that Eric wears immediately came off, revealing a bloodied Eric beneath it.

“You won, now kill me!” Eric said heavily.

“Maybe we can heal you!” T’challa said with pity in his eyes as he looked at Eric,

“Do you think I will accept that? You think I would be happy while counting hours inside some cell for the rest of my life? No! I don’t need your pity, but remember to bury me by the sea!” Eric said with finality on his voice, and with his last strength, Eric reached for the broken spear near his arms and tried to attack T’challa.

T’challa knew that Eric wouldn’t be able to harm him in that condition, so he didn’t act, but the soldiers who came with T’challa didn’t share the same sentiment.

“No, don’t attack him!” T’challa shouted as he realised his miscalculation, but it was already too late!

The soldiers had shot Eric with the Sonic Gun several times!

Since Eric didn’t have any protection left, he fell directly towards T’challa’s arms while the broken spear was still in his hand.

Eric, who had been the King of Wakanda for exactly one day, finally drew his last breath!

But T’challa didn’t blame anyone as he only held Eric’s body in silence.

T’challa had always understood why his father had to kill his uncle, but after the repeat of history today, T’challa had to make a decision!

He was confused, sad, puzzled, and frustrated, but after all these emotions subsided, all that was left was confidence and determination!

Although Eric and W’kabi’s ideas were too radical, they did have a strong reason to act like that!

And T’challa also realized the mistake on his part, and their idea opened his eyes that Wakanda needs to change!

Wakanda could no longer be partial and hid from the world. Wakanda had to become a country that helped the world to change for the better!

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