Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 485


With Eric’s death, T’challa immediately announced that Wakanda would be open to the public!

Although T’challa knew that his decision would create many problems in the future, he was confident that he had made the right decision!

And so, with such determination, T’challa immediately sat on the throne once more.

Eric was immediately erased from Wakanda’s history as he burned all the Heart-Shaped Grass on the mountain behind the Royal Palace.

Now, Wakanda would have to face the crises where the future generation of King wouldn’t be able to draw the Black Panther’s power!

T’challa also had to call back all the spies that Eric had deployed in his plan to start a war earlier.

Although T’challa was worried that the spies that clearly support Eric earlier would throw a tantrum and cause chaos in other countries, T’challa still had to call them back to assess their perspective on the new Wakanda that T’challa has already planned.

But for now, T’challa could breathe in relief as he knew that not everyone shared the same ambition as Eric.

After spending a few days cleaning the mess that Eric has caused, T’challa pulled some strings and held a global speech in the United States of America while inviting representatives from all countries all around the world.

Although many countries had many questions towards T’challa regarding what a small country in Africa had to say that required all countries to attend, with a single video of T’challa showcasing a little bit of Wakanda’s power, every nation was caught in a big surprise, especially USA that thought they were the most advanced nation in the world!


After the meeting, T’challa once again showcased Wakanda’s power by having Wakanda’s state-of-the-art Stealth Jet landed on the street and picked T’challa without being detected by the USA!

With this Stealth Jet, T’challa has cleared any doubts from the countries’ presentative on the thought that Wakanda might be lying!

And thus, T’challa showed a bright smile as he achieved a good result!

And, of course, many suspicions towards Wakanda couldn’t be avoided.

Since Wakanda has hidden its technological advancement for so long, they would have to deal with relatively troubling matters in the future, like the change in relationships between Wakanda and some other countries. Many countries would also suspect Wakanda was trying to take control of the world if T’challa acted even a little bit aggressively. Of course, the suspicion is definitely necessary.

The news of Wakanda immediately occupied every countries news channel. Nobody in the world ever expected that a continent that was always filled with poverty and many humanitarian problems would be the world-leading technological country!

T’challa knew that the world’s hype in Wakanda wouldn’t die down anytime soon.

. . . . . . . . .

“Are you really going back now? Although we are no longer a wanted man, people might still treat you with a cold stare.” Dio said to Scott as Scott told him that he wanted to return back to New York.

Dio understood that Scott wanted to see his daughter again, but it might not be for the best now.

But Scott’s determination to become a good father actually moved Dio a little bit. Because of that, when T’challa decided that he would hold the speech in the USA, Dio and the others decided to take a look and followed T’challa.

“Don’t worry. They won’t be able to catch me! I really miss my daughter!” Scott said confidently.

Scott didn’t regret his decision to join and help the Avenger. He also didn’t care about how others looked at him.

All he wanted was to see his daughter again, and maybe Hope would also miss him too.

Dio understood his reasons, so he wouldn’t keep Scott inside the Battleship any longer. Dio knew that his actions to destroy the whole army that came to attack him would affect the USA later, but he shouldn’t force Scott to share the same fate as him.

“Alright, I will take us all to New York again, but if there is anything bad happened, I will leave you with T’challa. He would make sure that you will see your daughter once a month.” Dio said confidently.

“I am sorry for the trouble,” Scott said shyly.

He felt bad as he asked too much from Dio right now.

“It’s no trouble at all. You helped T’challa to regain his throne, and that alone is already worth the effort! By the way, you should have no money right now, you better come with me, and we will get you some money to buy a gift for your daughter! She will hate you if you come empty-handed!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“Alright! Thanks a lot, man.” Scott said as he was grinning happily.

Dio always hated the idea of giving money to someone without gaining anything in return, but for now, a few measly hundreds of dollars wasn’t worth anything anyway.

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