Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 486


Dio once saw a story regarding a farmer who believed that he would become an Emperor one day. It was clear that the farmer was delusional.

Some might say that being a rich person would certainly bring happiness, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, rich people rarely appreciated the good things that happened to them.

In Marvel Universe’s case, Tony was the one who casually spent so much money without even batting an eye.

Tony didn’t care how much he spent because he believedthat he would always get that amount back soon enough.

The same could be said to many people out there who put their trust in certain products or companies to invest their money on.

There was no guarantee that their investment would end up profitable, but they surely were confident, if nothing else.

This was why Dio didn’t ask T’challa in a roundabout way as he knew that T’challa has already trusted him enough.

T’challa wouldn’t suspectDio at this point, hencewouldn’t question Dio’s reason.

So, T’challa immediately agreed with Dio’s idea and gave Scott $ 10 million to purchase a gift for his daughter.

If T’challa didn’t noticethe look of embarrassment on Scott’s face, T’challa might give a few million more!

. . . . . . . . .

After Dio let Scott know that Wakanda was a very wealthy country, Scott finally understood and took the money happily.

He knew that if the media found out that he got so much money so easily from T’challa, he would be on everyone’s radar.

But then again, Scott never thought of telling anybody. So, Scott immediately went to Wakanda’s market to find anything that mightmake his daughter happy.

But while accompanying Scott to the market, Dio couldn’t understand why Scott was looking at wedding dresses while he knew that Scott’s daughter was still too young for that.

Was Scott already thinking about the time when her daughter was ready to wear that?

After Dio talked some sense to Scott, he finally let go of his idea to buy everything that Casey may need in the future from now.

But he bought so many toys nonetheless that the amount would easily fill up a room. The amount was still crazy, but Dio let it go as he knew that Scott had a soft spot for his daughter.

After the shopping spree was done, Scott picked some more giftsfor his ex-wife. In contrast to his previous shopping spree, now Scott was thinking hard about what to buy and didn’t spend much on it.

Scott even took his time to buy a gift for Hope and Hank Pym, which was much better giftsthan the gift he bought forhis ex-wife.

He knew that he wouldn’t be here right now if it were not because of those two.

After bringing back all of his gifts to his room in Wakanda’s Palace, Scott immediately shrank their size for a much more convenient size so that it would be easy to bring along later. He even put them all inside a Santa-looking bag.

Although it was not yet Christmas, he knew that his beloved girl would appreciate it nonetheless.

At the end of the day, he still had to sneak up and met with Casey without his ex-wife knowing. It wasn’t a problem for Scott as he could just shrink himself later.


As they approached Scott’s ex-wife’s house, Scott immediately shrank himself and bidhis farewell to the rest as he wanted to spend the night with his daughter for now.

But as he jumped from the invisible battleship, he felt someone patted his shoulder.

He instantly turned around to see who it was as he was aware that he was currentlyin Ant-man mode, and that was whenhe saw Dio, who was the same size as him.

Scott was startled as he didn’t expect Dio was able to shrink himself just like him.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Isn’t it better to go in together?” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“Dio!” Scott shouted surprisedly. He began to doubt that his Ant-man suit was ineffective, but he noticed that everything was much bigger than himself as he looked around.

“Don’t worry; I could onlyget smaller!” Dio said as he noticed Scott’s curious glare.

“Did you also wear an Ant-man suit?” Scott asked curiously, but Scott only saw Dio’s casual clothes right now.

“The ability to shrinkwasn’t exclusive to Ant-man suit, you know,” Dio said with a wry smile.

Scott was still in shock as he started to think of other ways to become smaller. But he found no other way to become small without the help of the Pym Particle.

But the real reason Dio could shrink wasn’t because of science, but it was because of the help of his Stand!

Stand name: Little Feet

Description: avatars with special abilities to shrink or grow.

Type: Close range power type.

Ability: “Zoom Out”

The user’s body could expand or contract freely. In addition, allow the user to shrink an object that was cut by the Stand’s fingers!


Destructive power: D

Speed: B

Range: E

Sustainability: A

Precision: D

Growth: C

Evaluation: It has nothing to do with the three-inch golden lotus.

Dio always felt that [Little Feet] is useless for him because compared to Ant-Man’s power that retained the user’s original strength, [Little Feet] weaken him as he shrunk, whichwas a disadvantage that Dio couldn’t have now.

However, now he knew that it was an exciting way to experience thisworld occasionally.

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