Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 487


“Hey, little peanut, how is my pretty little princess’ doing?”


“Hush, don’t let your mother hear that I am here.”

Looking at how affectionate Scott was towards his daughter, Dio was a little bit bored, but he kept hanging around the room for a while.

He did say that he wanted to experience it by himself, but he still didn’t have the commitment to actually marry someone.

“What is this?” Dio said as he saw a black button under Casey’s bed.

But as Dio observed and inspected the black button, he realised that it was a concealed spy button that allowed the owner to eavesdrop on the room.

Dio also realised that it was a common item used by the FBI and CIA!

“Although I didn’t want to interrupt your father-daughter reunion, we have to go, Scott!” Dio said as he returned back to his original form, startling Casey, who didn’t know Dio was also with them.

“What? This is not a visit to jail! If you have somewhere else to go, I will catch on later.” Scott said annoyedly.

“Well, sure! But I hope that you could escape the CIA’s clutch later.” Dio said as he reached under Casey’s bed and pulled out the wiretap device from under the bed.

“What? Is this CIA’s?”

“Don’t tell me this is your first time seeing a wiretap?” Dio said with a frown on his face.

Scott became so much more annoyed and immediately destroyed the wiretap with his hand. He was upset that the CIA dared to invade his daughter’s privacy.

“Those people understand that they may make me their enemy, right? This is disgusting! I doubt that this is the only wiretap that they set up inside this room!” Dio said with a frown.

Scott himself was angry and immediately rummaged the entire room.

Although Scott knew that the CIA would lock on his position, he still destroyed all the monitoring devices that he could find.

He found many wiretaps and one pinhole camera and destroyed them all.

“Come on; we have to go! The CIA must be on their way here as we speak. It is best to leave this neighbourhood immediately.” Dio said calmly.

He knew how the CIA’s modus operandi worked. Even though this was indeed infuriating, there was nothing Dio could have done.

“Little peanut, daddy has to go now. Have fun with all these toys that I brought, and don’t forget to give your mother’s gifts.” Scott said with a smile on his face.

Although his wife has disappointed him so many times, Scott wouldn’t hate her as she was the mother of his beautiful daughter.

“I see, bye daddy.”

“Bye peanut, daddy will come to see you again soon,” Scott said as he and Dio jumped down the window to the garden below.

In the entire way of their escape, Dio could feel Scott’s anger. Not that Dio didn’t understand why Scott was so angry. After all, Casey was a very sensible little girl.

Plus, Casey was still an underage girl. It was illegal to do such a thing without the parent’s consent!

“Dio, you should go on without me first. I will catch up with you later.” Scott said casually.

“Did you want to teach some lesson to those agents?” Dio asked curiously.

Although he wasn’t fond of Scott’s idea, he understood Scott’s feelings.

“Would you stop me if I said yes?” Scott asked coldly.

“No, but are you sure you want to do that alone?” Dio asked again.

“Yes, I want to deal with them myself!” Scott said confidently.

Dio patted Scott’s shoulder and left without saying another word. He understood that Scott’s dignity as a father was being tested, and he also knew that it was useless to convince Scott otherwise. But whatever happened, Dio would back the current Avenger the best he could.

After Dio left, Scott immediately returned to his original size and began to run toward the other direction.

“Scott Lang! Please don’t get us wrong. We didn’t have any malicious intent. We just want to talk to you.” A CIA Agent said as he tried to approach Scott while a dozen or so agents were surrounding Scott with their gun ready.

“Talk to me? Then why would you wiretap and monitor my daughter? That is a complete breach of privacy. Above all else, she is still a little girl!” Scott said angrily.

“That is just a mere protection protocol.” The agent said calmly.

“Protection? Then what about all this gun pointed at me? Is this also your way to protect me.” Scott said coldly.

“We are sorry, but this is to ensure our own safety. But I guarantee that if you come with us, we would also ensure you the safety of all your family members.” The agent said indifferently.

Scott was already disgusted and frustrated that the agent didn’t consider his daughter’s feelings at all, so he immediately shrank down, disappearing from the Agents’ field of view.

“Everyone, be careful! The target has shrunk down, switch to the grid gun, and try to capture him!”


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