Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 488


“You guys think you are capable of handling me by yourself? How naive!” Scott said coldly while he was getting bigger by the second.

But the CIA agents didn’t seem to be fazed by what Scott could do.

“Is the laser grid ready to use?”

“Yes, it’s already set!”

“Activate it and teach Mr. Scott here a lesson.”

“Yes, sir!”

Suddenly, a buzz from an electromagnetic laser transmitter was heard, and the area was covered by blue light.

The CIA agents immediately escaped, while Scott, who didn’t know what was happening, was too late to react.

When the blue light finally stopped expanding, Scott was already trapped inside. He tried to walk past the blue light to no avail, and he even tried to attack it, but it was useless no matter what he did.

“Your effort is futile, Mr. Scott! This is a special energy field that was developed to contain Ant-man. You can never get out on your own.” The leader agent said indifferently.

Obviously, Scott didn’t believe such a thing and tried to dig a hole to escape through the ground, but he soon realised that he was in complete spherical containment as he finally saw the blue light on the ground.

But Scott would never give up. He immediately expanded his body some more to try breaking the containment with his huge body.

But the blue light containment that seemed fragile didn’t budge, and Scott that could no longer grow bigger, was forced to return to his original size.

“Give up now, Mr. Scott. You will run out of air if you continue to struggle in there.” The leader said indifferently.

But then the leader saw that Scott was smiling and suddenly rushed towards the blue light to just disappear out of everyone’s vision.

The leader knew that Scott was shrinking himself so that no one can see him, but it was useless inside the electromagnetic field.

“Find him, use the scout!” the leader ordered the agent near him.

The agent nodded and immediately did as he was told, but he was surprised to see that there was no one inside the electromagnetic field, “There is no life signal from inside the field, sir!” the agent told the leader.

“There is no way! Does he keep shrinking further?” the leader said with a frown.

He knew that the only way for Scott to get out of the electromagnetic field without someone turning off the field generator was only to shrink down to particle level, but there should be no way for Scott to achieve such a feat.

“It’s still a possibility; keep an eye out! He didn’t have that many Pym Particles left. He shouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer! Notify the headquarter for reinforcement and seal this place up!” the leader ordered the rest of the CIA Agents.

He knew that he couldn’t let Scott escape this place now as the situation would be bad.

The leader knew that Scott shouldn’t be able to keep evading the CIA for much longer as he wouldn’t be able to keep being small the entire night, not many people knew, but Ant-man needed more food when he shrank.

Not long after that, a bright light appeared outside the laser grid, and Scott emerged after the bright light dissipated. The agents were all surprised and raised their guns subconsciously.

“Target sighted, open fire!” the leader shouted immediately.

The agents immediately shot Scott as they were told, firing countless bullets. Scott, who just rushed out of the quantum field, was still dazed, but as the situation in front of him didn’t give him any chance to catch a breath, he immediately shrank back and fled.

Although he was angry at these agents, his morals didn’t allow him to kill these people. Scott knew if it were Dio, these agents would be dead without any mercy!

Once he has put some distance, Scott reverted to his normal size and felt that the bones and muscles on his body were shaking and crackling, causing intense pain.

This is the side effect of using the Pym Particle to alter his size successively. It was the same side effect of constant physical constrain for a long period of time.

At the same time, Scott immediately made a promise to himself that he would use his free time at a gym to improve his physical endurance later.

Scott was angry, but now, there was nothing he could do as he heard so many sirens coming his way from afar. It was obvious that the CIA agents have called for reinforcement.

Scott wanted to shrink back down again, but as he pressed the button, nothing happened!

He immediately checked his equipment and realised that he has finally run out of the Pym Particle.

As Scott pondered on how he would escape the agents, a car stopped right beside him, “Have you calmed down? If so, you should get in the car; we need to get out of here ASAP.” Dio said casually.

Although Scott wanted to solve the trouble by himself, he still appreciated Dio who came when he was in a pinch.

Scott immediately breathed in relief as he knew that he was already saved. There was no way those CIA agents or even any other organization could stop Dio.

But as soon as Dio and Scott left the place, a blurry figure that constantly shifted between reality emerged from behind a tree, watching Dio’s car left the place from afar.

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