Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 506


Hellfire could heal the Ghost Rider back to normal in no time. But the Ghost Rider was indeed injured as Hellfire only healed him! In other words, the Ghost Rider could still lose his will to fight as it was continuously bombarded with a continuous fierce attack!

Dio pulled out [Reaper’s Gaze] as he emptied the clip of his gun and began attacking the Ghost Rider with it. After a few moments, Dio realised that the Hellfire around the Ghost Rider’s body was started to dim. Seeing the opportunity to settle this fight, Dio activated [The World]’s time stop ability and immediately slashed Ghost Rider’s body as his head was decapitated.

When the time resumed once again, Ghost Rider’s head fell to the ground while his body was destroyed to pieces. But even then, Dio realised that it wasn’t over just yet! 

Ghost Rider’s mouth opened and spat a hellfire to the sky that immediately rained down where he stood. Dio clicked his tongue as he knew that he couldn’t stay anywhere close to Ghost Rider now. 

The spot around the Ghost Rider immediately turned into a sea of fire, and suddenly, two fire snakes appeared on the ground and immediately went after Dio, trying to surround him. Dio slashed them with his scythe, and once the fire was dissipating, Dio saw the skeleton was trying to get back up with the skull in his hands.

Ghost Rider slowly put back his skull to its original position and glared at Dio menacingly. The Hellfire around Ghost Rider burned with a flicker, and suddenly, the leather jacket that Dio already tore apart earlier returned once more.

Dio couldn’t help but think that the Hellfire was really convenient as it could restore anything!

“This is really troublesome!” Dio said as he stared at the Ghost Rider annoyedly. 

“That goes for you, too! You were the first guy that I couldn’t judge. It makes me annoyed as hell!” Ghost Rider said with a disgruntled voice.

“Should I be honoured by that fact?” Dio said smugly.

“This is your end game! I won’t give you any more chance!” Robbie said as he wrapped two chains on his hands, and it turned into a double-barrel shotgun!

Robbie immediately loaded it with Hellfire and shot Dio without hesitation.

Dio was a little bit surprised, but it wasn’t something that he couldn’t handle, as he immediately parried the scattering bullet with his scythe and pulled out [Emperor] once again. He reloaded the mags and shot the Ghost Rider with it once more.

Robbie was already aware of Dio’s ability, so he reverted the shotgun to chain and spun it around, protecting him from Dio’s bullets. Sure enough, Ghost Rider’s method worked well on parrying Dio’s bullet as there were several metals collision sound heard from the chains.

But Dio already expected this much from Ghost Rider, so he immediately jumped forward with [Reaper’s Scythe] and immediately attacked Ghost Rider with it!

‘Dance of the Red Scythe!’

Dio showed an elegant move with the wide sickle part of the scythe, Dio easily destroyed the chain that protected the Ghost Rider, but Ghost Rider already foresaw Dio’s move too! He pulled another shotgun and shot Dio’s head as he came closer!

Robbie was confident that no one would be able to dodge or parry the shotgun bullet from a point-blank range, but once the smoke cleared, Robbie was shocked to see that in front of the muzzles of his shotgun, there Dio’s mini-tank was, blocking the bullets!

[Sheer Heart Attack] couldn’t be destroyed. As a result, it received the full impact of Robbie’s shot but there was not even a scratch on it!

Dio smirked and took the opportunity to slice off Ghost Rider’s shotgun and shot the [Emperor] right on Ghost Rider’s temple.

“Well, whether or not you can die, I’ve already won!” Dio said as he put the [Reaper’s Gaze] on Ghost Rider’s neck. 

“Well, how can you win when all of your attacks failed to stop me!” Robbie said with a smile on his face.

“It may not work during nighttime like now, but what will happen once the sun rises?” Dio said with a smug look on his face.

“Well, you might know my condition, but you are out of luck! There’s still quite a long time before the sun rises!” Robbie said as he laughs.

“Really, but take a look at that? What is that?” Dio said as he pointed his fingers towards the sky.

Robbie immediately looked up, and there he saw the sun! the lights from the sun immediately made him was painful for him that he wanted to scream. The Hellfire around him was completely extinguished, and his flesh and skin start to regrow.

“This is impossible! That is not the real sun!” Robbie shouted as he tried to claw his way towards the shadow in the distance. 

Dio took pity after seeing the great Ghost Rider crawling for his life like this. He saw that the Ghost Rider wasn’t completely human as the sun in the sky now wasn’t the real sun! It was [Sun] stand that Dio owned. It appeared that the effect from the [Sun] wasn’t enough to revert the Ghost Rider back to his human form completely. However, the [Sun]’s partial effect on the Ghost Rider still worked as Dio knew that he could nullify the Ghost Rider’s Hellfire with it!

The [Sun] itself was torture for the Ghost Rider as he was in constant pain from the incomplete transformation. It depended on Robbie’s ability to resist, but Dio knew that Robbie would collapse soon enough.

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