Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 507


Robbie’s Reyes finally relented and turned back into his Human Form while losing his consciousness for a moment. It couldn’t be helped as he didn’t have any power to destroy the artificial sun in the sky.
Once he regained consciousness, Robbie gasped heavily and looked around confusedly.
“Well, it seems the curiosity didn’t kill me this time!” Dio said as he put away all of his weapons with a smile on his face.
Dio also put away the [Sun] as he knew that although he was far away from the nearest crowds, people would notice the bright sky from miles away!
“Who are you!” Robbie asked as he looked up at Dio.
“Dio Brando, A stand user that has the Hamon Energy power!” Dio answered indifferently.
“Oh, it’s you!” Robbie said with a strange look on his face.
“You know me?” Dio asked confusedly.
“Well, Coulson always mentioned your name!” Robbie said with a shrug. Dio nodded as he understood why Coulson would do that.
“That sun! how did you do it?” Robbie asked curiously.
“It’s my special ability called the Avatar. Everything on this world has its own Avatar that I can extract to do my bidding.” Dio said indifferently.
Robbie was surprised by Dio’s answer as he thought that was an ability that only God would have.
“So, what did you want to know from me?” Robbie asked as he stuck to his words before they started the fight.
“I am curious about how you got the Ghost Rider’s power and how much do you know about Hell?” Dio asked shamelessly. Robbie was surprised by Dio’s question, but a promise was a promise. He told Dio that one day, he drove out with his younger brother, Gabe. They were shot without any warning by a street gang, Fifth Street.
Robbie’s brother, Gabe, was paralyzed by that incident, and ever since then, Gabe was so badly depressed that Robbie couldn’t help him back up.
Robbie eventually knew that the reason behind the shooting that day was because the street gang mistook him for his uncle, Morrow. At the same time, a ‘Good Man’ appeared while promising to heal Gabe with a contract that Robbie must become the Ghost Rider by accepting the Spirit of Vengeance.
Because he was desperate to save his brother, Robbie chose to trust the ‘Good Man’ and signed the contract only to realise that he had made a contract with the Devil himself and sold his soul as the payment.
In shock and anger, Robbie tried to cancel the contract, but the Devil already disappeared, and Robbie could no longer find a way to cancel the contract. Robbie finally found a way to enter Hell itself was to find the Devil, but he was attacked relentlessly as Ghost Rider was the enemy of every Hell creature! It was thanks to the Ghost Rider’s immortality that Robbie could survive Hell and return back to the earth.
After hearing what Robbie said, Dio was immediately lost in thought. He knew that deception was the Devil’s main weapon, but both parties must abide by the rules of the contract! Dio knew that Mephisto must be the Devil that lured Robbie to sign the contract. He was the only Devil who toyed around with Human’s good nature.
Dio couldn’t help to think that the Marvel World that he was currently in was pretty troubled. Not only it faced the enemy from other universes, but the enemies in another dimension were also waiting to put their claws on a piece of earth!
Now, Mephisto wanted to enter the earth completely with Ghost Rider’s help, not to mention Dormammu that awaited on the Dark Dimension, waiting to devour the earth. There was Thanos too, while he wasn’t completely trying to conquer the earth, he would eventually come to get his hands on the Infinity Gems to destroy half of the life on earth.
Without the Sorcerer Supreme that constantly repulsed the entity in another dimension, this world would have been destroyed a long time ago! Originally, Dio wanted to take a look at what happened in Hell, but after hearing Robbie’s explanation of Hell, Dio put that idea aside for later.
He wasn’t arrogant enough to fight the entire Hell on his own. After all, Dio knew that the Demon Lords that awaited him in Hell wasn’t easy to deal with! The only thing that he could do right now was to wait for Galaxy to reinforce her Stand to break through the dimension door to cross over into Hell or Dark Dimension easily.
But as Dio realised that Demon existed in this world, what about angels? Do they have their own dimension? It was clear for Dio that the myths circulating the earth were true. Asgard and Thor were the proof of that fact.
“So, you are going to exact your revenge towards this Fifth Street Gang?” Dio asked Robbie curiously.
“Yes, that is the only way to end this contract, at least the only one that I know about,” Robbie said with certainty in his eyes.
Dio nodded, but he knew that Mephisto’s contract wouldn’t be that easy to be nullified! He knew that there was something else that Robbie didn’t know about the contract that would bind him later on.
“How’d you think about making a deal with me?” Dio asked with a smirk on his face.
“What deal are we talking about?” Robbie asked curiously.
“I will help you find and destroy the Fifth Street to exact your revenge. After that, you have to help me with something else.” Dio said with a smile on his face.
“What should I help you with after that?” Robbie frowned as he found so many loopholes in the deal that Dio offered.
“Nothing comes to mind as of now. But I can assure you that it was something that you can do by then, if you can’t do it, you can refuse it later! I don’t have any contract that you can sign, so we have to trust each other to deliver their end of the deal.” Dio said with a smile on his face.
Robbie thought it over, but after a while, he finally agreed to the deal. He didn’t have anything to lose out of this deal. If he lost his Ghost Rider power after destroying the Fifth Street, then Dio just had to find something that Robbie could do as a normal human.

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