Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 514


The people who watched the news in the morning were surprised to hear that seven wealthy billionaires and six politicians in New York city were burned to death! In addition, there was also news about Fifth Street Gang Member who died in the same manner as the billionaires and the politicians. 

The news began speculating that the billionaires and the politicians were part of the criminal gang, but the most shocking thing that the people heard from the news was the portrait of a demon that someone successfully photographed. 

But people in New York were already familiar with this kind of news that most of them didn’t really care about it anymore. They already had aliens, gods, and many superpowered people. Thus they weren’t really surprised to see a demon now. 

As for the gang, people didn’t really mind them dead as the city would be better off without them anyway. 

But the main focus now was that people began to notice that they didn’t have the Avenger this time. They had no one to rely on this time! The people began to chant the Avenger’s name on social media and many other platforms, but unfortunately for them, the Avenger’s name was already dead!

. . . . . . . .

“What is the problem?” Dio asked as he found Robbie at the Auto Repair Shop.

“I couldn’t find him!” Robbie said as he whispered to Dio to make sure no one could hear them talking. Robbie frowned as he was convinced that he could finish off the Fifth Street Gang last night! 

“I’ve taken care of every Fifth Street member that you informed me, but I couldn’t found the boss! After calling you last night, I went back as I didn’t see any other option.” Robbie said as he crossed his arms annoyedly.

Dio observed Robbie’s attitude as he knew that Ghost Rider had a temper, but as he saw that Robbie was completely in control, he didn’t have anything to worry about.

“I believe that the boss was hiding in an unconventional manner. Therefore, I will help you find him tonight!” Dio said confidently.  

Robbie nodded his head as he realised how serious this matter has become as Dio offered to search for the boss himself! Robbie already realised that Dio was a man who avoided wasting his time, meaning he knew that Robbie wouldn’t be able to find the boss by himself!

“But now, everyone knew about you, thanks to the news! This is bad. We wouldn’t be able to operate under the media’s radar now!” Dio said as he showed Robbie the picture of the burnt bodies of several politicians and billionaires.

Robbie took the phone, and the look of disbelief was clear on his face! The body was killed in the same manner as his Penance Stare, but he knew that he didn’t kill any of these people!

“This is not me! I need to see these corpses with my own eye to make sure!” Robbie said to Dio nervously.

“Sure, how about you get ready? I will wait for you in my car! We will go check on those bodies right now.” Dio said as he walked towards his car.

Dio knew that it was too bizarre for Robbie to kill those Politicians and Billionaires as they weren’t mentioned in the file that Dio gave Robbie! And so, he contacted T’Challa and briefed him on the current situation.

T’challa always kept his cool and assessed a problem objectively, so he knew how grave Ghost Rider’s problem was and did what he could to help Dio using his resources and connection. So, when Robbie came out of the Auto Repair Shop, the two of them immediately went to the location that T’challa has provided.


“Put this on! You two are my assistant. Once we enter the morgue, feel free to investigate, but neither of you should talk!” a black female doctor said solemnly to Dio and Robbie as soon as Dio arrived at the hospital that T’challa has directed. She gave Dio and Robbie a set of nurse clothes and said nothing else.

Obviously, this woman was the agent that T’challa has arranged for this mission. This hospital housed all the burnt corpses as the scientist wanted to find out what made their body combust from inside! They didn’t have any idea of what caused it. Thus all corpses would be gathered in one place to investigate the cause without difficulties.

Dio and Robbie nodded and changed into the nurse outfit and followed the doctor inside the hospital. After a short while, Dio and Robbie finally arrived at the morgue and immediately inspected the corpses. 

Dio didn’t really know what he saw, but it was obvious that all these corpses were killed by Penance Stare as they were burned starting from their eyes. Robbie, however, immediately showed a grim look on his face as he observed the corpse one by one. 

“So, what did you find?” Dio asked Robbie as they got into the last body.

“Let’s talk about it outside! I already know who’s the one behind this!” Robbie said as he shook his head grimly. 

As they walked outside, the female doctor earlier just left them alone without saying anything as she knew that it was the end of her role.

“So, what the fuck is going on?” Dio asked at the car once they were alone.

“That was the work of another Ghost Rider or at least someone who has another Spirit of Vengeance! What I saw in there was the body of people whose soul was judged! The thing that burned them is their soul itself!” Robbie said solemnly.

“Do you know who the other Ghost Rider is?” Dio asked curiously.

Robbie shook his head immediately as he didn’t have any clue who it was. “I don’t know, but I suppose that I am not the only unlucky person to encounter the devil on this world, but honestly, I never encountered anything similar to Spirit of Vengeance before!” Robbie said as he began to wonder himself. He didn’t have a clue of what to do now.

“So, what do you think that fuelled this new Ghost Rider? Is it revenge too?” Dio asked curiously.

“I am not sure, but we can’t rule that out,” Robbie said with a shrug. Dio was speechless, but he knew that the contract might differ depending on the individual. After all, there were no exact same people in this world!

“Well, let’s split up for the day! I have to go back and check what those dead people have in common. You just wait for me to call you tonight. I think the other Ghost Rider wouldn’t stop now.” Dio said calculatingly with an annoyed expression.

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