Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 515


Time went by, and today was the third day Peter and others have participated in the Student Exchange Program. Tony Stark never came, but everyone has benefited a lot from the program! High School Student like Peter even knew which area of research with a promising prospect would be in the future, slightly clearing off the doubts that they might have once they graduated. 

Furthermore, they could enjoy themselves after racking their brain in the five-star hotel! Today, in addition to attending the program, it was Liz’ Birthday! After the hotel was informed of such occasion, they helped the student decorate the room and give them a cake for free. 

Of course, all of this was Dio’s doing. In order to distract Peter from Spider Man’s responsibility, he had done all he could to make him as comfortable as he could be. After more than a day of investigation, Dio was confident that he finally grasped the identity of the other Ghost Rider, but he couldn’t say that he already got it for sure. 

If what Dio had found was correct, then Robbie was definitely tricked by the devil right from the beginning!

. . . . . . . .

As night came, Peter and the others gathered in Liz’s room to celebrate her birthday. The room was beautifully decorated and filled with exquisite food and drinks. The atmosphere was very lively as everyone enjoyed themselves.

But Peter couldn’t stay calm as he struggled to enjoy the atmosphere. He already knew that the demon that he fought the other day was on a rampage, and that information alone created a rift within his heart. He kept thinking of leaving the hotel, but the thought of unable to make any difference out there made Peter question everything.

Peter knew that the demon was only active at night, so he knew that the demon might be burning someone to death again tonight! Because his mind was constantly haunted by this thought, he couldn’t enjoy Liz’s birthday!

“Peter? Why are you sitting here alone? Did you get bored already?” Liz said as she scooted closer to Peter.

“Oh, no! don’t mind me Liz, Happy Birthday, by the way, I brought you a gift!” Peter said as he smiled reluctantly.

“Wow, a cute Spider-Man plushy. Did you make it yourself?” Liz asked as she opened Peter’s gift.

Peter just nodded his head as he was entranced by Liz’s beautiful smile, but he really was the one who made the gift. Peter might not look like it, but Peter actually made his own costume before getting his current cutting-edge suit from Tony. 

“Thanks, Peter! This is the best gift I received so far!” Liz said honestly, maybe Peter’s gift wasn’t the most expensive, but it was the most meaningful one. It reflected Peter’s attention to Liz’s character and personality.

“I was a little bit worried that you might not like a spider,” Peter said awkwardly.

“How could I not? Spider Man is my favourite Avengers!” Liz said honestly.


“Yeah, why would I lie about it,” Liz said with a smile on her face. Although Peter didn’t have a good understanding of a woman emotion, he knew that he didn’t have to say that Spider-Man was not yet an Avenger.

“But are you having fun, though? You don’t seem to be in a good mood.” Liz said as he looked at Peter closely. 

“Of course I am having fun! I just have some things to think, you know.” 

“Well, if you want to talk about it, I am down! As a friend, I would gladly help you if you have any troubles that you want to share!” Liz said with a warm smile on his face.

“Alright, if there is something important that would hurt many people if you don’t do it, and it would disrupt your planned future if you do it, which would you choose?” Peter asked as he saw Liz was worried about him. 

“If it were me, I might be more selfish, you know! I would pay attention to what would happen to me, my future! Although it’s necessary too to think of what happened to people around me, I just hoped that they would understand that  my life comes first!” Liz said with a warm smile on her face after thinking about Peter’s question.

“But, what if you have the power to change things?” Peter asked.

“Then I would try my best to help the world! Just like the Avengers that protected the world so many times over.” Liz said, still smiling at Peter.

Peter suddenly had a revelation and immediately get up and walked towards the door. “Sorry Liz, I have to go somewhere now. If you see Mr Harrington, just tell him to not worry about me.” Peter said hurriedly.

He was certainly a bit worried about the consequences of leaving the hotel, but he didn’t want to think about it now! He didn’t want to let the demon do as he pleased any longer. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to look Mr Stark in the eyes later!

So, Peter ran towards his room and immediately suited up before he swung away from his balcony. When Mr Harrington was informed that Peter wasn’t at the party, he searched for him throughout the hotel, but after realising that Peter wasn’t at the hotel anymore, he slumped on Peter’s bed.

“It’s over!” Mr Harrington said as he held his head nervously. He didn’t know what to say to the Wakandan embassy later as he was told to manage his students not to leave the hotel. The only one who knew Peter’s identity as the Spider Man was only Ned. Although Liz was a little bit confused, she had some speculation about who Peter really was.

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