Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 516


Dio, who already left the hotel at this moment, didn’t realise that Peter has already escaped from the hotel and already on his way to find the Ghost Rider! Dio was collecting information regarding the other Ghost Rider. Robbie, who took the lead to investigate it first, called him, so Dio immediately rendezvoused with him. 

At this time, considering he could track the other Ghost Rider by smelling the hell scent in the air. Robbie arrived at a hidden villa, but everyone inside was already dead! Meaning that the other Ghost Rider would be gone shortly. Now, Robbie had to choose between confronting the other Ghost Rider alone or waited for Dio. 

But before he could make up his mind, a chain suddenly broke through the wall and strangled his neck while dragging him back to the villa.

“Well, I caught a little mouse!” A Ghost Rider wearing a leather jacket and pants covered with spikes said solemnly. But this Ghost Rider was a little bit confused as he didn’t see any fear in Robbie’s eyes. He immediately pulled Robbie to stand up and stare at Robbie’s eyes. “Look into my eyes!” the Ghost Rider said as he used his Penance Stare.

But the effect was slowed down due to the presence of Spirit of Vengeance in Robbie’s soul.

The Ghost Rider was annoyed and immediately burned Robbie’s face with his hellfire! Exposing Robbie’s skull and the same hollow eyes as the Ghost Rider itself! At the same time, Robbie also used his own Penance Stare to the other Ghost Rider.

“No! you too?” the other Ghost Rider said as he was surprised to see Robbie’s change. He didn’t know that there was another Ghost Rider in the city, and he absolutely never expected it.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was knocked down to the ground by a huge pain on his head! The same also happened to Robbie as inhuman wailing and screaming were heard from both Ghost Riders. This was the effect of Penance Stare, and obviously, the Penance Stare that Robbie was experiencing was less severe compared to the other Ghost Rider as Robbie didn’t have that many sins to begin with.

But the Penance Stare couldn’t keep the Spirit of Vengeance down for a long time as Robbie regained his ability to move and took a kitchen knife that has been thrown to the wall nearby. Robbie’s skull immediately lit up in the fire, and the kitchen knife transformed into a gigantic machete!

The other Ghost Rider seemed to realise the danger he was in and subconsciously raised his hands to defend himself. One of his arms flew off as Robbie chopped it down! Fortunately, this kind of damage was meaningless against Ghost Rider as it was easily healed! After regaining the ability to walk, the other Ghost Rider kicked Robbie away to regenerate his missing limb.

None of them had the advantage for now as both of them were barely able to walk! Robbie, who was slammed into the wall hard, shook his head and immediately threw his machete towards the other Ghost Rider, nailing the other Ghost Rider to the wall behind it.

Robbie then rushed forward and hit the other Ghost Rider with his knee. The head of the other Ghost Rider cracked as it was smashed hard to the wall while the flame on its body was flickering for a moment.

Realizing it was the opportunity to attack, Robbie immediately amplified the hellfire around him. He then wrapped his fist with the chain and punched the other Ghost Rider relentlessly on the head! The wall behind the other Ghost Rider couldn’t withstand the pressure and collapse! 

The Other Ghost Rider was looking miserable as a bunch of cracks filled its skull, and the hellfire around him was diminishing greatly!

As a Ghost Rider himself, Robbie knew that such an injury wouldn’t be able to kill the other Ghost Rider. At most, he could only damage the other Ghost Rider to pass out for a short while.

After all, nothing could kill the Ghost Rider on their spirit form! Death was not the way to escape the Spirit of Vengeance’s contract.

Realizing that he got time now, Robbie pulled out his cell phones to call Dio and asked him where he was now, but at the same time, a multiple silk web hit his phone, and some even tried to subdue him!

“Hey guys, your sinful journey ends here, and I would personally drag you back to hell!” the Spider Man said while posing heroically. 

Sure enough, every plan had a chance to be foiled, and now, not only was Dio late, but the Spider Man also escaped and found him first! It’s like the Spider Man himself was a beacon for crime as wherever he went, crimes would be found there!

“You again!” Robbie said annoyedly. He blew up the web that covered him and burned the web that covered the place while looking straight at the Spider Man.

“Umm, you don’t seem very happy to see me, damn! What can I do to please you?” Spider Man said as he tried to buy time for the authority to come.

He knew that his ability couldn’t keep the demon away, so when he found out that the demon was there, he called the police and asked them to bring a fire truck with them, hoping that it would be enough to keep the Ghost Rider at bay.

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