Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 517


When Dio arrived, it was already a mess! Two Ghost Riders and Spiderman were fighting each other, and the entire street was also bustling with police and fire truck siren! 

“What the fuck is going on?” Dio shouted annoyedly. Dio immediately got out of the car and started walking towards Robbie. 

Robbie was fighting the other Ghost Rider for a reason, but what was Spiderman even doing there! Shouldn’t he be at the birthday party right now? It seemed that Dio underestimated Peter’s iron will to vanquish evil! It seemed his hard work to prevent Peter from getting in the way was in vain. But how did Peter find the Ghost Riders before him? Nevertheless, it didn’t matter right now.

“Well, I never expected a cute little spider would be helping this shithead!” The other Ghost Rider said as he swung his chain towards Robbie and Peter. He woke up while Peter was attacking Robbie earlier. Robbie sighed and blocked the other Ghost Rider’s chain with his own. 

Obviously, Robbie was the most annoyed guy there as he already went through so much to immobilize the other Ghost Rider, but the Spiderman just had to ruin it! 

What was even more annoying was that he couldn’t treat the little spider as another villain because he wasn’t a villain! It was against Robbie’s rule to kill an innocent person! However, because of the little spider’s intervention, the other Ghost Rider regained consciousness and began attacking them without mercy!

Peter was the most surprised there, and he did his best to attack and avoid the two demons’ attack with everything he got. He thought that the two demons were in league, but after seeing the demons were also attacking each other, he didn’t know what was going on anymore.

The loud chain was swung around chaotically. Robbie sighed once again and gave up on attacking the Spiderman as he focused his attention back on the other Ghost Rider. His chain got tangled with the other Ghost Rider’s chain, creating a stalemate as the Ghost Riders pulled the chain as strong as they could.

“Die, you fool!” the other Ghost Rider shouted as he was annoyed by Robbie’s persistence. Peter was feeling a little bit left out as he didn’t know what to do here. He didn’t want the two demons to attack him at the same time because he didn’t even know whether he could block their attack. 

But he had to make a move himself to make sure that these demons didn’t get out of control, and the one thing that he had in mind is to bind their chain with his High-Temperature Resistance webbing! 

It was the right move as it gave Robbie enough time to close the distance and slammed his fist right to the other Ghost Rider’s temple! The other Ghost Rider immediately slumped to the ground as the damage that he suffered was a little bit too much at the moment.

But suddenly, a Dark Red Scythe flashed from outside and cut the other Ghost Rider’s head clean off! Dio finally showed up cut the other Ghost Rider into bits! 

Robbie sighed once again as he realised that Dio has come and there was nothing else he had to do for now. He immediately calmed himself down, dropping the chain that he gripped tightly in his hands. He made a slow move to lock the other Ghost Rider’s severed head with his chain, but he was too late!

Peter shot his web and secured the demon skull that has been severed from its body from the other demon!

Peter was confused by what was happening at the moment, but he knew that he had to secure the skull from the other demon! He didn’t know what he would do with it, but he did it anyway!

But then, Peter was shocked as the head on his hands suddenly laughed. He didn’t know that the demon was still alive, although the head was already severed from the body. 

Peter immediately let go of the head as he was frightened that he might be cursed or something. But he immediately calmed down and covered the head in his webbings. However, before he could pick it up again, a chain was swung towards him at high speed.

But as Peter wanted to counter-attack, he saw that the skull was lighting up and suddenly turned red. Not long after, the skull exploded, shattering everything around it! A flaming pillar emerged from the skull, forcing Peter, Robbie, and Dio to take a step back.

“He detonated the hellfire inside him. Watch out!” Robbie shouted to Dio.

“What can we do here? Does this move have some sort of weakness?” Dio asked indifferently despite the rising temperature around him.

“No, I am afraid not! This move can only be used once. Once it was used, it would take a long time for the hellfire to recover again, but this move could probably resurrect the Ghost Rider to its prime form!” Robbie said worriedly.

Dio frowned after he heard Robbie’s explanation. He realized that he couldn’t summon the [Sun] in the middle of the city like this, so he couldn’t deal with the Ghost Rider as he meant to. Furthermore, had it not for Spiderman’s intervention, Robbie would’ve already secured the other Ghost Rider’s head with his chain!

This is not a favourable situation for him, not at all!

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