Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 518


The hellfire burst forth from the Ghost Rider’s body. The police had arrived with firefighters in tow as the fire started, but they couldn’t extinguish the fire no matter how much water they sprayed. The firefighters also tried to use other methods to extinguish the fire, but it was all useless!

Something suddenly emerged from the fire, followed by bellowing laughter. As soon as the laughter was no longer heard, the Other Ghost Rider that Dio has already dealt with earlier resurrected again! The other Ghost Rider looked at Robbie menacingly. However, instead of attacking him as he did earlier, the other Ghost Rider immediately swung his chain and latched it onto the helicopter that was flying in the air.

The other Ghost Rider pulled himself to the helicopter, clearly wanting to get away from the scene. Once he was inside the helicopters, he threw everyone in there out of the helicopters, and the helicopters suddenly blazed in fire, signalling Dio and Robbie that it was successfully taken over as the other Ghost Rider’s ride!

But the other Ghost Rider wasn’t running away! He started to shoot his hellfire gatling gun towards Robbie and Dio! The police warned everyone to get away as they cleared away from the gatling gun’s line of fire. Dio erected a thick ice wall to protect himself, but it was easily destroyed by the barrage!

But it was enough to buy some time for Spiderman to rescue a group of police officers from becoming a wasp nest. But unfortunately, some of the police officers weren’t saved as they were too far apart! The polices that were hit by the bullets instantly turned into ashes. 

In the blink of an eye, the streets suddenly turned into purgatory! At the same time, 5 other helicopters arrived and started shooting at the other Ghost Rider. However, they didn’t know that hellfire-powered vehicle wasn’t easily destroyed! 

The other Ghost Rider just turned his helicopter casually and destroyed the helicopters one by one. In just a moment, all the helicopters that came for support were destroyed! The missiles that the polices fired didn’t worth jack shit as the hellfire helicopter that the other Ghost Rider used just regenerated from the damage. 

“Use your trick, man! They would be obliterated at this rate!” Robbie said to Dio hurriedly.

“No, this guy is on a helicopter! Even if the sun appeared, he wouldn’t immediately turn back to Human, and I would be at a disadvantage!” Dio said as he shook his head. It was the truth. If the other Ghost Rider attacked the [sun], Dio would also be injured! 

But Dio wouldn’t reject an idea without a counteroffer, so he immediately thought of a way and immediately told Robbie about it.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Robbie said unsurely.

“Come on. It will work!” Dio said urgingly.

Robbie still looked unsure, but he immediately did as he was told and extinguished his own hellfire. Dio then summoned the [Killer Queen] and ordered the Stand to turn Robbie into a bomb!

“Let’s start the action!” Dio said as he smirked at Robbie once [Killer Queen] was done making Robbie its new bomb. Although Robbie wasn’t sure of Dio’s plan, there was no going back now!

So, Robbie latched his chain towards the other Ghost Rider’s helicopter and pulled himself towards it. Robbie successfully entered the helicopter and immediately scuffled with the other Ghost Rider to take control of the helicopter.

But obviously, Robbie wouldn’t be able to win against the Ghost Rider inside its own ride. However, once Robbie was chained inside the helicopter and could no longer move, he smirked towards the other Ghost Rider.

“Is it the right mouse button to detonate the bomb?” Dio said sarcastically as he immediately detonated Robbie. 

Robbie’s body lighted up and immediately blew up disastrously! The whole helicopter went down in bits as it was completely destroyed, while both Ghost Riders were also blown up to bits.

Dio smirked in victory as he knew that the other Ghost Rider had lost the upper hands against him. He used an upgraded version of the human bomb as he knew that Robbie wouldn’t die in his Ghost Rider’s form, meaning he would become an infinite human bomb!

Seeing that his plan was carried out smoothly, Dio immediately made his move before the other Ghost Rider could fully regenerate. 

Dio knew that he could just use the [Sun] to seal the deal, but he wanted to preserve his power as long as he could to refrain from alerting the media. He also wanted to keep the other Ghost Rider from talking too much as it was already a pain as it was.

But one thing for sure was that the Ghost Rider that they were fighting now was far more dangerous than Robbie!

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