Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 519


Dio could see amidst the Hellfire that blazed in the middle of the scene, both of the Ghost Riders were regenerating quickly. “Get out of there!” Dio warned Robbie. Robbie heeded Dio’s warning and immediately lunged towards one of the store building on the side as he didn’t want to take Dio’s attack head-on. 

“SUN!” Dio shouted once again and the place immediately shone like it was broad daylight and the miniature sun emerged on the sky. Everyone was soon captivated by the miraculous display of the sun in the middle of the night, but the silence from the awe was immediately broken by the scream of the other Ghost Rider that was caught off guard by the emergence of the sun. 

The other Ghost Rider suddenly writhed in pain as his body began to morph uncontrollably between his human form and the Ghost Rider’s form. Furthermore, the Hellfire that was burning on the ground and on top of the building was immediately extinguished. As a result, the other Ghost Rider’s pain intensified as he couldn’t properly regenerate. 

“What the fuck! This is still midnight, how come there is a sun on the sky!” The other Ghost Rider shouted as Dio got closer while dragging his red giant scythe towards the other Ghost Rider.

“Sorry, you don’t have to know about that!” Dio said as he immediately decapitated the other Ghost Rider once again, but Dio knew that wasn’t enough! 

Once the Ghost Rider started regenerating once again, Dio immediately smashed its body. Dio repeatedly did that once the Ghost Rider began to regenerate, until the fifth time where Dio stopped as the Ghost Rider completely transformed back into human.

Although Dio could just end it now as the Ghost Rider would die once he was killed the Human Form, but it wasn’t the best case now as it would just transfer the Ghost Rider to hell and leave Dio without any information that he needed. 

Just in case, Dio injected a small needle to the other Ghost Rider’s neck to secure him. The needle was coated with a strong concoction that would put even an elephant to sleep for more than 24 hours! As long as the Ghost Rider was at its human form, their body wouldn’t be any different than any other human. 

After securing the other Ghost Rider, Dio immediately de-summoned [The Sun]. After that, Dio immediately took a closer look at the man’s face to find out who the other Ghost Rider was. At the same time, Robbie was also walking in his human form towards Dio, and once he saw who the other Ghost Rider was, he was surprised!

It was Duke! The second Ghost Rider was Duke, the tyrant boss of Fifth Street that he has been searching for so long! 

“Remember when I said that the contract wouldn’t be that simple? You are already in the devil’s playground and you should know that you have been tricked all along!” Dio said indifferently as he already knew that Mephisto wouldn’t let the Spirit of Vengeance return to hell. 

Robbie froze as he started to put the pieces together. Robbie knew that once he killed Duke, the Fifth Street would be disbanded and thus his contract would be completed, freeing him from the Spirit of Vengeance contract. However, if the boss of Fifth Street were also a Ghost Rider, he wouldn’t be able to kill him, ever! The Spirit of Vengeance would just bring back the soul back to hell, and resurrected the man back to earth to finish its contract once it was ready!

Robbie wondered what Duke lost and what kind of contract did he sign with Mephisto, but none of that mattered now as one thing for sure was that he could no longer complete his contract under a normal circumstances. 

Robbie knew that the devil was cunning, greedy, and ruthless! Now he knew why the devil got all those titles. 

“Don’t think too deeply into it, It is not as bad as you may think! But we have to take this guy out of this place first.” Dio said as he saw the look of desperation on Robbie’s face. Dio didn’t want to be the one comforting Robbie, but Dio still had a deal that he had to get done.

At the same time, seeing that Dio and the Demon, whom now have turned into his human form were the scene, Spiderman who were busy saving the police officers immediately swung around and landed in front of Dio and Robbie.

Dio sighed and looked at Robbie with a frown on his face. Robbie immediately understood and took Duke’s body towards a car and jump started it immediately, leaving Dio alone with the little spider.

Although Dio appreciated Spiderman’s lawful nature, he was getting annoyed of him trying so hard to foil his plan! But, he knew all of the Spiderman’s weakness and he wanted to exploit one of it now.

“Here, a gift for you!” Dio said as he threw a pack of cigarettes towards Peter.

Peter caught it and paused once he realise what it is. “I am sorry, but I don’t smoke!” Peter said with a curious expression on his face.

“That is a bomb!” Dio said casually. Peter was startled and immediately threw it up the air, and once it was on the air, the cigarettes pack immediately exploded! Peter was shocked and angry by what happened and he truly wanted to fight now, but before he could do anything, the man’s words caught him off guard.

“A little girl named Liz seems to be celebrating her birthday tonight. I gave her a gift, too! It is less than 45 minutes before midnight now. You might be able to save her if you are fast enough. Otherwise, you may regret it later!” Dio said as he looked at his watch to check the time.

“No, Liz!” Peter shouted as his complexion turned pale. He obviously couldn’t let anything happen to Liz, so he immediately swung away towards the hotel as fast as he could!

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