Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 520


Dio smiled as he watched Spiderman left in a hurry. He did give Liz a gift, but it wasn’t a bomb. He felt bad deceiving Peter, but it was for his own good. After all, Dio has already exposed too many of his power to Peter. Dio was worried that Peter would realise that he was the man he fought in Berlin!

Even though Dio was currently in a disguise thanks to [Khnum, he couldn’t disguise his power. After that, Dio immediately got in the car with Robbie and quickly drove off, away from the police.

. . . . . . . .

Peter was swinging from building to building like crazy! He wanted to reach the hotel as fast as he could. He even asked the A.I on his suit every second on how far they were from the hotel. 

“What time is it, Karen?” Peter asked the A.I suit once more. 

“It is 23.57, three minutes before midnight!” Karen said indifferently.

Peter felt desperate as he thought that he was already too late, but fortunately, he already arrived at the hotel balcony. He immediately took off his suit and put on his normal clothes before he ran off towards Liz’s room. Fortunately, he knew where Liz’s room was, so it wasn’t a problem finding it. He was a little bit relieved that there was nothing out of place so far at the hotel just yet, but he had to make sure Liz was okay.

When Peter arrived at Liz’s room, he saw that Liz was holding something that looked like a gift box. The strange guy’s word echoed on his ear as he started to wonder whether that gift box was what the guy mentioned. Peter checked his watch and saw that it was 10 seconds before midnight!

When Liz wanted to enter her room once more, Peter immediately rushed over. He immediately attached his web towards the Gift Box and threw it to the bathroom immediately. He also sealed the bathroom door with so many web. All of it was done without Liz knowing what happened as her eyes were obstructed by a web that Peter threw earlier. 

Peter looked at his watch once more as once he saw that it was three seconds before midnight, he pulled Liz down to the ground, shielding her from any blast that would happen.

But once it was already past midnight, Peter who was still nervously holding Liz down to the floor started to get confused. 

“Uhh, Mr. Spiderman, can I get up now?” Liz said as she was confused by what had happened.

“Uh, sorry! I heard that there is a bomb here, but it seems to be a false alarm!” Peter said as he stood up immediately and let Liz stand back up. But he forgot that he wasn’t using his mask anymore and altering his voice. 

“Peter?” Liz said as she realised that it was Peter that was talking to her.

“I’m not. I mean, who is Peter?” Peter said awkwardly while trying his best to change his voice.

Fortunately for him, Liz’s eyes were still covered with webs, so she couldn’t confirm Peter’s identity. 

“Peter Parker! He is my classmate, Ned says he knows you!” Liz said frustratedly.

“Ahh, Peter! Of course I know him! He is a genius and we’re a friend!” Peter said awkwardly as he swore to deal with Ned’s loud mouth later.

Liz was surprised that Spiderman has come to her party, but she really didn’t understand what was happening here right now.

“Thank god it was true, but you said earlier that there was a bomb on my room, is it true?” Liz asked worriedly.

“Uhh, I received the information that there might be one in your room, so I rushed over to save anyone that might need my help, but it seems that it was just a false information.” Peter said awkwardly. 

“I am sorry, I threw the gift box that you held earlier on your bathroom and I might’ve also sealed it with webbings. Just in case, let me open it first and check if it is safe!” Peter said as he walked over towards Liz’s bathroom and rippped off the webbings on the door before he reached out to the gift box.

He opened the seal on the Gift Box to check on its content. He found a note inside and read it ‘There are some things that can’t be expressed through words, but I hope you understand my heart!’, Peter also saw a little box beside the note and opened it up. He saw a ring inside, which made him panic almost immediately. He surely didn’t want Liz to accept such a gift!

“What is it? is it really a bomb?” Liz asked once again. Peter was sweating and hid everything before he walked away. 

“No, there is nothing inside the box.” Peter said awkwardly as he tried not to sound suspicious. But he did feel bad as he felt like a criminal himself.

“Maybe somebody was pranking you, saying that there is a bomb over here.” Liz said casually.

“Do you know who sent you this gift? Maybe I can find the prankster.” Peter asked calmly. He didn’t know whether the gift box was the strange man’s gift or maybe there was another box, so he hoped that Liz knew the guy.

“It was Peter, the hotel staff that got me the gift box said that it was from someone named Peter.” Liz said casually.

“What? The gift was from me . . . my good friend Peter?” Peter immediately changed his phrasing.

“Yeah, that was what they told me.” Liz said casually. 

At this point Peter was confused by what was happening. He made a mistake of hiding the gift because he did want to give Liz such a gift! He regretted his action just now as he wished that he just came clean.

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