Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 521


After dawn, Dio, disguised as Mr. JoJo, approached Mr. Harrington.

“Mr. Harrington, can you tell me where Mr. Peter Parker is?” Dio asked inquisitively. Mr. Harrington was slightly embarrassed and speechless as he didn’t know what to say after what happened. Although he didn’t know how Peter managed to leave the hotel last night, he, in fact, wasn’t on the premises! Therefore, it was obvious that Mr. Harrington would be held responsible for that!

But suddenly, someone was knocking on his door.

“Mr. Harrington, may I come in?” Peter’s voice was heard behind the door. Mr. Harrington was excited and ran to the door, letting Peter inside his room. Although he was angry at Peter for what he had done the previous night, he knew that he couldn’t do that in front of Mr. JoJo. Moreover, before Mr. Harrington could say anything, he noticed that Peter was frowning.

“Did you have a good rest last night? I was looking for you, but I didn’t find you. But no matter, Mr. JoJo is here, inquiring to speak with you.” Mr. Harrington said as he winked at Peter to make sure Peter follow his lead.

“Good morning, Mr. JoJo.” Peter greeted as he nodded to Mr. Harrington.

“Good morning, Peter. I am here after I received a notification that your whereabout was unknown last night. Your teacher and classmates were searching for you throughout the entire hotel but couldn’t find you. Our monitoring facilities and securities also searched for you with no result. May I hear your explanation about this?” Dio asked politely.

Mr. Harrington was obviously nervous about what would happen as he knew that it was rule number one not to leave the hotel premises while the exchange program was underway. However, Peter remained calm as he replied politely to Mr. JoJo.

“Oh, this is what happened last night, Mr. JoJo. Liz was having her birthday party last night, so she and I came up with a prank to scare the teacher and our other classmates. I have been hiding inside Liz’s bathroom the entire night while she was covering for me. I apologize for this, and I hope it doesn’t affect you.” Peter said politely.

“Is that really what happened?” Dio said inquisitively. Peter obviously was having a second thought after Mr. JoJo asked him for the second time. He wanted to say that Mr. JoJo should ask Liz to testify, but Peter wasn’t good at lying!

But he immediately calmed himself down and said, “It is the truth, otherwise how could an ordinary high school student bypass all the cameras and security personnel on a five-star hotel without leaving any trace?” Peter said convincingly. His reasoning was on point and convincing! Without anyone inquiring that he was the Spiderman, there was no way for anyone to find out that he was lying!

“Well, it was just a prank then! Please refrain from doing anything like this next time. Your teacher and classmates were very worried. They were close to being disqualified from the program.” Dio said while laughing.

“It’s all my fault, and I apologize, Mr. JoJo.” Peter said honestly.

“I hope that’s true for your own good, Peter,” Dio said as he started to walk towards the door and left. Mr. Harrington and Peter immediately sighed in relief once Dio left. They felt that Mr. JoJo was rather assertive once Peter was done talking.

Nevertheless, both of them were happy that they didn’t get any punishment for what happened last night. At the same time, Mr. Harrington already had a feeling that Peter was lying, so he squinted his eyes at Peter as he was not yet done talking to him. But for now, he couldn’t say anything as he didn’t want anyone to know that Peter was lying towards Wakanda affiliates.

. . . . . . . . . . .

On the other hand, Dio quietly left the hotel and drove towards Robbie’s house. There was someone that both of them had to handle there.

“What the hell are you injecting this guy with? He didn’t have any sign of waking up even after a whole day!” Robbie yelled as soon as Dio arrived at his house while Duke was still chained up in his room in the back of the house.

“It was a strong anaesthetic that Wakanda has developed. It could even immobilize an elephant in one shot.” Dio said as he walked towards Duke and injected him with another shot.

“Now, he would wake up in ten minutes, so what did you want to do?” Dio asked again indifferently.

Robbie was silent as he didn’t know what he would do next. He just shook his head towards Dio, implying that he didn’t know. Dio wasn’t surprised at all as it was really a complicated matter for Robbie to solve.

Ten minutes later, Duke, who was tied rather firmly, started to move. Dio immediately smirked and stabbed Duke’s arm with a fruit knife.

Duke instantly screamed as the knife pierced his arm. He wanted to play dead to assess the situation as he woke up, but he moved a little, blowing up his cover.

“Well, well, well! Now that you are awake, we need to talk!” Dio said as he opened the curtain, letting the sun illuminated the room. The bright sun obviously was for preventing Duke’s possible resistance.

“You are funny!” Duke said while laughing. “You know that you can’t kill me. You may capture me now, but for how long? You will eventually end up paying the price for offending me!” Duke said calmly.

“Wow, this guy really didn’t know the situation he is in!” Dio said with a mock surprise. Robbie on the side was silent, but he agreed with Dio nonetheless. 

It was obvious that Duke didn’t know that there was only one master to the Spirit of Vengeance. In the end, both of them had to compete to dominate the Spirit of Vengeance for themselves! When that day came, their personality would be thoroughly consumed by the Spirit of Vengeance, turning them completely to Hell Dominion.

“Does the name Eli Morrow ring a bell?” Robbie asked after a long silence.

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