Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 522


Duke froze as he heard a familiar name but then burst out laughing as he remembered who Eli Morrow was. Although the man in front of him was far younger, he had an uncanny resemblance to Eli Morrow! “Who are you again? Are you his illegitimate child? Hahaha, I never knew Eli had it in him to produce a child like this!” Duke laughed wildly as he found it funny.

Robbie was angered by Duke’s lack of reasoning right now and punched Duke’s face with a strong hook that broke his nose. “Hold on! Eli is a trash. Are you really willing to go this far for defending a trash like him?” Duke said as he spat out blood.

Robbie was completely pissed and immediately took the fruit knife from Duke’s arm with an intent to shove it directly at Duke’s neck. However, Dio immediately stopped him before Robbie realised what he was doing and threw it to the side.

“Calm down! You’re playing right into his hand. If you kill him now, he will be free again in no time. If he hides again, we won’t be able to capture him so easily again next time.” Dio said calmly. Robbie immediately calmed down after hearing Dio’s word as he realized that Dio was right. As he calmed down, he immediately saw the frown on Duke’s face.

“Eli Morrow is my uncle! You killed him, but you also almost killed my brother and me!” Robbie said coldly, but Duke just gave him a dismissive look as he didn’t have any interest in hearing what Robbie had to say. 

“Robbie Reyes, right? Yes, I was the one who killed Eli with my own hands!” Duke said indifferently towards Robbie.

“If you’ve already done it yourself, why did you send someone after my brother and me? Don’t tell me it’s just because I look just like him!” Robbie said coldly.

“Are you stupid? One look at you, and I immediately understand why I couldn’t finish that stupid contract!” Duke said angrily before laughing at his own misery. Duke then told them his story before he became the infamous gang leader. He was once a famous rock singer in an underground circle where many deep-pocket VIPs spent their nights entertaining themselves. 

He then toyed with several Gang members, and as a result, he was severely beaten and almost lost his life. Although he worked at an underground circle that should be able to put food on his table, Duke didn’t have that much money to take care of his health after the beatdown. Then, out of nowhere, a guy called himself the ‘God of Judgment’ offered him a contract that would transform him into the Ghost Rider in exchange for killing one person.

Although he didn’t know what this God of Judgment’s agenda was, he agreed to the contract as he saw it as an opportunity to make sure no one stomped on him ever again. After he signed the contract, Duke immediately realised that he wasn’t dealing with a ‘God of Judgment’ but, in fact, the devil himself!

But Duke didn’t really care as he thought that God already abandoned him anyway, so he didn’t mind accepting the devil’s help here. And ever since the day he signed the contract, he never saw the devil ever again. 

After obtaining the Ghost Rider’s power, the first thing he did was to send all the gang members who beat him up that day straight to hell! Then he set up a gang of his own, which was now called the ‘Fifth Street’ that completely opened a new chapter in his life.

It was long after he abused the Ghost Rider’s power in his everyday life that he finally noticed that the Spirit Of Vengeance’s power inside him was getting stronger day by day. That was, until one night, he completely lost consciousness as the Spirit Of Vengeance completely took over his body.

When he woke up the next morning, he found that he was lying on the cold ground with a mountain of corpses around him. Unfortunately, they were all his trusted henchman. He was confused by what happened to them at first, but as he investigated their body, as well as the look of despair and horror on their face, he realised that the Spirit Of Vengeance had taken their soul for judgement. 

He will never forget the look of horror on their face as they were close to him. In fact, as he saw himself in the mirror that day, he also had the same similar face as the dead.

But what he didn’t know was, it was just the beginning!

Each and every night, the Spirit Of Vengeance went out of control! Duke would blackout each night only to wake up in a strange place with a pile of corpses around him the next morning. 

He tried hard to control the Spirit of Vengeance power inside him, but it was harder than he thought. He struggled with himself by each night. Sometimes he won and spent the night in peace, but once the Spirit of Vengeance won, he would have another mental breakdown the next morning.

Eventually, he got scared as his mental health kept deteriorating every night.

Gradually, he remembered the devil and the contract that he once signed in exchange for this forsaken power. He knew that if he didn’t do something regarding the contract, his soul would be consumed by the Spirit Of Vengeance and eventually replace him and set the Spirit of Vengeance and the devil loose on this world.

He then researched the devil in so many cultures and tried to summon him again to nullify the contract. After so many trials and errors, he eventually got the right ritual. He summoned the devil, trying to get away from the pain that he felt every night.

The devil just smirked as he listened to Duke begging him to nullify the contract. That day, Duke learned that the devil had no intention to help him from the beginning, and that was the beginning of him becoming the devil’s dog and tried his best to complete the contract even if it meant abandoning his morale!.

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