Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 523


As Duke became less and less humane, that was the time that people started calling him the tyrant of the fifth street! At the same time, Duke was still busy searching for the person to end his contract! 

The Devil has told him a name he had to kill in order to finish his contract, and the Devil has told him that once his contract was completed, the Spirit of Vengeance would immediately leave his body, completely reverting him to a normal human once again. Duke, who was desperate at the time, didn’t question the Devil and agreed without hesitation. 

So, without any rational thoughts, after he got his hands on Eli Morrow, the person with a name that the Devil has given to him, he immediately killed the man in cold blood! But the thing was, a contract with the Devil wasn’t that simple. After he killed Eli Morrow, the contract wasn’t completed, and the Spirit of Vengeance remained on his body.

When Duke questioned the Devil once he killed Eli, the Devil asked for Eli’s soul! The death of Eli Morrow’s flesh was meaningless to the Devil as all he wanted was Eli’s soul. Duke was confused as he didn’t know how to get someone’s soul. 

At this moment, the Devil told Duke that Eli’s soul wasn’t gone yet! A person’s soul would linger where they died or with the relative that they were close with for a short amount of time. Duke, who has become desperate over time, believed the Devil’s word once more. He ordered all his men to search for Eli’s car and his relatives quietly.

That was when the hunt for Robbie Reyes started! As for the reason that Robbie looked alike with Eli was complete bullshit. But after that much effort, Eli’s soul wasn’t found, and the Devil disappeared once again. Knowing that he has been fooled once again, he became reckless during the day and struggled with himself during the night for control over his body.

It wasn’t long after Robbie Reyes become the new Ghost Rider that Duke began to slip back into his Ghost Rider’s form. He figured that someone had become another Ghost Rider in town, and then he understood everything that happened to him. 

He had fallen into the Devil’s trap from the beginning. He knew for a fact that he and Robbie were just two poor souls that the Devil has been playing with! So, why did he never find Eli Morrow’s soul? That was simple. It was because Eli Morrow’s soul has become the Spirit of Vengeance in Robbie’s body. 

If his guess was correct, Robbie’s contract should be something related to him, either killing him or destroying his soul completely! In other words, the only thing that would release the Spirit of Vengeance from their body was to kill the other Ghost Rider, which was almost impossible to do.

The only chance for Robbie to win was when Duke’s soul was destroyed before completely devoured by the Spirit of Vengeance on his part. Because, once his soul was devoured, the Devil would never get his hands on Duke’s soul, making it impossible for Robbie to finish his contract. It was a complete loop that made the contract impossible to complete! Duke has never heard such a thing before, but as the Devil was cunning as it was evil, he realised his mistake now!

It was a humiliating experience for Duke as he was confident. He now realised that there was no way a normal person would win in mind games against the Devil itself!

After listening to Duke’s story, Robbie looked over to Dio as he didn’t know what to do next. At the same time, Dio was silent as he slowly digested the information he just heard. He believed Duke’s word as he knew that Duke was on the verge of being devoured by the Spirit of Vengeance.

But if it were the truth, Robbie had a little to no hope for escaping his contract too! After all, there was no real possible way to extinguish the Spirit of Vengeance in someone’s soul! Dio now understood why Duke was so desperate, why he didn’t care about what happened to other people, and why he didn’t care about the extreme pain that he would feel as he destroyed his own body in his Ghost Rider’s form.

The fear of dying was gone when you knew that there was no way to live a life that you wanted anymore. This has been the case since ancient times. Dio looked at Robbie without saying anything as Robbie should have judged the situation himself and made his own decision.

After a long time, Robbie took a deep breath and shook his head.

“I am in hell once more!” Robbie said as the look of despair was now evident in his eyes. Judging from Duke’s current situation, he knew that the Spirit of Vengeance could take over at any time! Clearly, Robbie didn’t want that to happen.

How could he finish his contract when he had to rid the Spirit of Vengeance from his target before he could claim his soul? But his target’s contract was to claim his soul, so the target couldn’t be completed without getting rid of Robbie’s Spirit of Vengeance!

After figuring it out himself, Robbie didn’t know what to do anymore. Living in this world would be torture for him, but he was incapable of dying, so what else could he do! Robbie looked at Dio, and once he saw Dio’s smirk, he finally understood why Dio made a deal with him too!

He immediately understood what he must do.

“You have decided what you have to do?” Dio asked with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, no matter what happened in there, I promise you I will hold the end of the bargain and return as soon as possible!” Robbie said confidently.

Dio nodded his head as he didn’t have the right to stop Robbie from taking such a risky decision. Furthermore, he wouldn’t be able to stop Robbie, to begin with! But then again, Dio was looking forward to what happened to Robbie in there.

What happened to Robbie once he entered Hell!

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