Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 524


Robbie used his Ghost Rider ability to open a gate to Hell. He immediately picked up Duke, who was struggling in Robbie’s arm as he didn’t want to go to Hell. Dio relaxed a little bit as he was finally free from the Ghost Rider’s trouble. But he knew that what happened tonight would be on breaking news, and the fact that the Sun’s emergence on a night sky would keep everyone on their toes.

Dio was convinced that if Tony and the other Avengers saw the news, they would instantly find out who was the one behind the news report. The problem was that the Avenger was all over the place right now, so Dio wasn’t quite sure what Tony would do once he saw the news.

What Dio didn’t know was once he walked away from Robbie’s house, a figure walked out of the Mirror Dimension with a smile on her face. The woman had a bald head with an orange hood covering her body. It was the Ancient One! 

The Ancient Mage has been secretly protecting the earth from any attack from other dimensions since a long time ago. Any entities that might walk out of another dimension wouldn’t escape her eyes. She noticed Robbie opened a gate to Hell, so she came to check what had happened. 

She already knew the existence of the Ghost Rider for a long time, they being a product of a demon that she drove out of the earth a long time ago. She knew that the Ghost Rider itself wouldn’t do any significant damage to the earth, so they let their existence thrive on earth, but the Devil was another story. She couldn’t let him come to earth no matter what!

She knew that the Devil was biding their time when they could enter the earth again. If it were only their astral projection, the Ancient One would be able to defeat them! She was positive that neither Duke nor Robbie knew the real reason Mephisto turned them into the Ghost Rider, but the Ancient One knew. She knew that the Devil didn’t stand a chance to defeat her in a battle when only their astral projection could enter the earth.

Although it wouldn’t kill them if the Ancient One destroyed their Astral Projection, it still damaged them nonetheless. This was why the earth remained a safe place for humans to reside on. The real reason for Mephisto to create many Ghost Riders on earth was to create a path for him to truly enter the earth! 

Once the Ghost Rider reached an ample strength, it could generate a strong Hell Gate that was powerful enough to let a high-ranking Demon or a demon lord in. However, the Ancient One knew that a little to no Human would be able to handle the Spirit of Vengeance’s full power, so she didn’t consider it as had the potential to endanger earth’s safety.

She also knew that the only Demon Lord who tirelessly entered the earth to create this plan was only Mephisto! He was the only demon lord who considered everything a game! But the Ancient One also knew that he had no way to win his own game as she would deliberately destroy it once it reached certain stage.

Fortunately for her, the person that she had prepared to become the next and strongest Sorcerer Supreme has followed the right track, thus greatly reducing her burden.

After clearing the demonic mist left inside the house, The Ancient One looked over towards Dio’s direction for a while. She already resolved countless calamities throughout the year, but once he cleared one thing, another came out. Among the people she had met, the only person whose future was completely unknown to her was Stephen Strange, who would become the next Sorcerer Supreme and Dio, who was still a mystery.

Although she could see many possible futures for Stephen Strange, She couldn’t determine which future he would take. However, for Dio Brando, she admitted that she had exhausted all means to look into his future but only managed to see a grey fog covering her vision.

She really wasn’t able to see any future that Dio might take! She also never heard about the power that Dio wielded. She has already observed him for a long time, but in the end, she couldn’t get anything regarding Dio’s power. She even tried to use her strong mental prowess to create a similar being to Dio’s strange ‘Stand,’ but she also failed miserably. 

In her opinion, Dio’s ‘Stand’ was all spiritual. She shouldn’t have any problem recreating something similar, but she could only create a similar shape while creating the same power to Dio’s creature might prove impossible.

This fact alone made the Ancient One frustrated as she considered herself on the peak of sorcery, but there were still magic out there that she didn’t even recognize!

If somehow, Dio knew that the Ancient One was hiding and stalking him, he wouldn’t have used his ‘Stand’ at all! He might even hesitate to use his Hamon Energy too! If Dio were someone with a saint-like personality, he would consider using the Stand Arrow for the Ancient One to make her a Stand User too, but sadly, Dio wasn’t someone who would risk it.

He knew the possibility that the Ancient One would stand against him later was scary enough before she even got the Stand Power!

It was fortunate for Dio that he didn’t even consider crossing paths with the Ancient One from the get-go. Otherwise, he would know that the Ancient One would be spying on him. 

After observing Dio for a long time, the Ancient one turned her gaze away and used her ring to create a portal for her to return to her temple back in the Himalayas, far away from New York City!

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