Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 525


As it rained down at night, Peter was lying on his bed before he quickly put on his Spider Suit and crept out of the window. He thought over when he was deceived by the mysterious guy that night, but he knew that he made the right choice as he couldn’t let an innocent person became the casualties because of him. 

Right before he wanted to swing away from the top of the building, his spider-sense began to tingle. He felt an intense murderous intent locking on him. Peter was startled and immediately went into a defensive stance while trying to find the person behind the killing intent.

“Who is there!?” Peter shouted coldly. 

As the rains kept falling, a man in a black umbrella appeared before him. 

“That is exactly what I want to ask! I don’t remember any guest in the hotel who likes to runs around wearing tights!” Dio said coldly, but he was in his Mr JoJo disguise.

Peter was surprised even more as he didn’t expect Mr JoJo to find him now. He didn’t quite understand what was happening as he didn’t think that killing intent earlier belonged to Mr JoJo. 

Peter knew that what he felt earlier wasn’t an illusion as the hair on his body was still standing. He knew immediately that Mr JoJo wasn’t an average person.

“I am sorry, I am just passing through,” Peter said as he changed his voice using the voice changer that was built in his suit.

“I may be insensitive, but just in case, I decided to notify the guest in each room the check their belongings to see if they miss something. Since Mr. Spider was just passing through, you should have no problem waiting here for a while, right?” Dio said indifferently.

Peter was stunned as he didn’t expect this turn of events. He realised that he probably couldn’t leave tonight and therefore prepared to go back to his room. But if Mr. JoJo really wanted him to stay here, his cover could be in danger!

“I don’t mind it at all, but check out the time! I still have something else to do. With that said, I will take my leave now!” Peter said awkwardly.

“I do want to believe you, but I think you really have to wait here until it’s all confirmed. Otherwise, people would start thinking badly of you.” Dio said indifferently. 

“Shoot, I am really sorry, but I really have something urgent that I have to deal with!” Peter said awkwardly while he was starting to sweat bullets out of fear that his cover could be blown. He didn’t care if people start to misunderstand him right now as his real identity came first.

“Okay, but before you leave, where is Peter Parker?” Dio asked indifferently.

“Peter Parker? Why should I know where this person is?” Peter asked back nervously.

“That’s weird, Peter wasn’t in his room at this time, and no one has seen him. Could he turn invisible or teleport instantly?” Dio said as he smirked at Peter.

“You monitor me?!” Peter blurted out but immediately regretted his choice of word as he just gave himself away.

“Monitor you? Why would I do that? I don’t know what Peter might be doing right now, but I finally understand how Peter could bypass all the cameras and security on the premises and run out of the building.” Dio said as the smirk was still clear on his face. It was obvious that Dio just wanted to rile Peter up.

Peter was silent for a while before he came clean. “Mr JoJo, it is me, Peter! I really have something urgent to do. I hope you can keep it a secret!” Peter sincerely said as he took off his mask.

But Dio wanted to teach Peter a life lesson as not everyone would be kind enough towards him forever. “Why should I help you now, Mr Spider? Or should I call you Peter now?” Dio said indifferently. He was aware that Peter was still an innocent young man and that his gullible personality might lead him towards a wrong decision, so Dio wanted to show Peter what he had to work on.

At the same time, Peter froze as he realised why Mr. JoJo had to help him now? Why would a stranger risk himself to be associated with something that could ruin their life! The realisation struck him hard, and he seemed to be at a loss.

“It seems that Mr Parker couldn’t think of any reason for me to keep this secret you have, so, do as you want!” Dio said as he started to walk away from Peter. Seeing that Mr JoJo was walking away, Peter was scared out of his wits! He didn’t want anyone close to him to be in danger, all because he couldn’t keep his identity to himself.

The criminals that he already caught might be wanting revenge, and they might exact it from people that Peter cared about later. It would be a disaster for him, and he would definitely blame himself for letting his loved ones hurt.

“Everyone around me would be in danger, Mr JoJo! Please don’t let anyone know my identity!” Peter said urgently.

“Is that it?” Dio asked aggressively. Peter was surprised by Mr JoJo’s word as he didn’t quite understand what it meant.

“I see that you are confused, but hear me out. You said that everyone around you might be in danger, so what is it to me then? If I keep your secret, and once your secret is out later, I would be on the list of people that might be in danger! So, considering my own safety, I will not adhere to your wishes.” Dio said coldly.

Peter froze once more as he realised that what Mr JoJo was saying was the truth! He couldn’t be so selfish as to force a stranger to take such a risk. He began to wonder whether he had done something wrong for a long time. He obviously didn’t mind helping so many strangers while he was on patrol as the Spider man as it made him happy to see those people smile. 

But still, it was all confusing for Peter right now as he didn’t know what to do.

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  1. Gongo says:

    What the f*ck is this story development? First Dio refuses to use The World, now he’s talking cringe to Peter?

    1. Kan says:

      Don’t question it, man. Just don’t.

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