Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 526


Peter was always like this, sincere and innocent. This is an advantage as well as a fatal mistake for Peter as a good man wouldn’t last long on this earth. Desperate selflessness would just make people lazy and take everything for granted. One day when they finally realised that they had made a grave mistake, they would just blame the good guy for not doing enough!

Nowadays, people started thinking that Superheroes were there to protect them from all sorts of things. No one even thought for a second that the Superheroes weren’t paid for anything. It was a complete charity case! When the Superheroes were fighting against some villain, they would be worshipped and cheered, but once they made a small mistake, everyone would turn on them as fast as a flip of a hand.

This was Human nature, and examples of it could be seen since ancient times! Perhaps Peter would sacrifice himself so that others could live, but he wouldn’t be able to sacrifice himself for everyone. At the end of the day, Peter would encounter a person who would give the same response as Dio. 

Not everyone would willingly help someone out of the kindness in their heart. That was the realisation that hit Peter as he listened to Mr. JoJo’s word. He smiled bitterly as he knows that he couldn’t force Mr. JoJo to agree with his views. At the same time, he realised the lesson that Mr. JoJo had taught here. 

“What do I have to do for you to keep my secret?” Peter asked bitterly. He knew that he had to offer something that’d be worth Mr. JoJo’s time in exchange for keeping his secret, so Dio smirked as he realised that Peter was willing to change for the better.

But at the same time, Dio had mixed up feelings as he didn’t need anything from Peter right now. Originally, he only wanted to teach Peter some lesson so that his personality wouldn’t become his downfall. Thus Dio began to rack his brain for anything that could benefit Peter in the long run. Should he expose Peter to some frustration, or should he wait and let Peter see the cruelty of the world for himself first? 

Dio got an idea and immediately acted on it. “I want you to kill someone for me, as long as you do it, I would keep your secret to the grave!” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“Murder?? No! no, no, no! Murder is a crime!” Peter said as he immediately refused the deal.

“Even if the person you are about to kill was a criminal that deserved to die?” Dio asked curiously.

“Yes, even the bad guys have to be judged fairly. They’re supposed to be sent to the police station to be judged in front of the law!” Peter said naively.

Dio frowned as he knew that if Frank Castle or Matt Murdock ever heard Peter said these words in front of them, they would be laughing while casting Peter aside like some weakling. And for that fact alone, Dio also knew that there were so many depictions of Peter fighting against the Punisher in his previous world just because of these different views they have.

Although not all Avengers agreed with Frank’s approach, like Captain America, who did not condone such behaviour, they didn’t stop Frank from doing it. But it was different for Peter as he saw it as just another act of crime!

Dio didn’t know whether Peter would meet Frank in the future, but it would be some interesting encounter to observe. But after thinking about Peter’s personality for a while, he knew that he had to go along with Peter’s personality for now.

“If that’s the case, then I want you to catch him and send him to the police. Can you do such a task?” Dio asked indifferently.

Peter thought about it for a while, and he knew that it wouldn’t contradict his belief as he always wanted to put the bad guy behind bars. “Okay, I will do it! But promise me you wouldn’t threaten me again in the future. Otherwise, I would rather reveal my identity.” Peter said worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I am not so bored that I’d lie to a child.” Dio said indifferently.

“So, who is the bad guy we are talking about here? What crime have they done?” Peter asked curiously. He didn’t know what Mr. JoJo was thinking and became curious about who the criminal in question was. 

“His name is Adrian Toomes, code name the Vulture. He is accused of illegally developing weapons and selling it to many crime syndicates out there.” Dio said indifferently. “Did such a crime meet your moral compass?” Dio asked curiously as Toomes were more of a white-collar criminal than others criminal that Peter had encountered so far.

“It’s not a problem. Criminals that disrupted the peace of the society should be arrested!” Peter answered confidently.

“Well, I hope you can deliver him to the police in whatever condition you deem fit. I already send the target’s information to your phone. If you encounter any problems, you can always call, and I will wait for the good news in the hotel.” Dio said before walking away from Peter.

After Dio left, Peter was a little bit curious regarding Mr. JoJo’s real identity. Nonetheless, he checked his phone for the information that Mr. JoJo had sent. He found the information to be detailed and immediately realised that it wasn’t something that Mr. JoJo had compiled in a spur of the moment. It was a carefully prepared information!

Peter shook his head as he seemed to have to arrest 2 demons and a criminal tonight, but he didn’t hate such a task!

“Karen, navigate me towards this place!” Peter said to his suit as he uploaded the information that he got from Mr. JoJo earlier.

“Understood, navigating towards …” The suit A.I began to navigate Peter towards Mr. JoJo’s target location. Peter patted his cheek to psych himself up and immediately began to swing towards the direction given. 

Shortly after Peter left, Dio exited the hotel with a black umbrella. He wanted to observe what Peter was doing closely. He wanted to see the movie transcribed in front of his eyes!

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