Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 527


Suddenly, Peter heard Tony’s voice. “Hey boy, remember not to play so late into the night! You have school tomorrow!” the voice said at the same time Peter arrived at the destination. The startled Peter was lost for words and tried to talk as he thought that Tony was talking to him. But Karen’s voice notified him. “You have reached your destination!” 

“What was that!” Peter said surprisedly.

“It was a Trial Version of his own GPS voice that he specially made for you,” Karen said in a robotic tone.

“Damn, I knew it. He would mess up with me to take a laugh!” Peter complained as he was really surprised to hear Tony’s voice. He might worship Tony and respected the man to a tee, but he certainly didn’t sign himself up for a laugh like this.

If Dio wast here beside Peter, he would probably tell Peter that it was probably a thing that Tony made when he was drunk, which in all opinion, might be the case.

Peter shook himself from his inner thoughts and saw the house that was supposed to be the house of the criminal that Mr. JoJo was talking about. From the outside, it just looked like an ordinary townhouse. Peter had to double-check before deciding to enter the premises to search for proof that the man who owned the house would be the criminal. After all, Peter didn’t want to apprehend an innocent man.

The information he got from Mr. JoJo showed that the Vulture only works outside and never brought back his works to his house, but one would never know what a criminal would hide. However, since it came from Mr. JoJo himself, Peter knew it wouldn’t be misleading.

Peter then climb into the second floor of the house and quietly opened the window. Peter was relieved as he found out that the window wasn’t locked. He immediately entered the house carefully but was a little bit flustered after realising that he entered a girl’s room. But he couldn’t quit now as there was no one inside the room anyway.

But Peter was further relieved after knowing that the Vulture’s family might not be at home right now, as it would be cruel to arrest him in front of his family. All in all, Peter was really hoping that everything would go well tonight. Peter began snooping around once he exited the girl’s room to find Vulture and any form of evidence.

Peter knew that a normal person should be sleeping right now, so he walked towards the master bedroom, where the Vulture should be resting. He quietly opened the door, hoping that he could apprehend Vulture quickly without the man having the time to struggle.

Peter was relieved as he noticed that he didn’t let out any sound at all, but he was really surprised that his Spider-Sense suddenly flared off and a man with a shotgun appeared before him.

“If you don’t want your head to be blown, leave now!” the man said coldly.

Peter was really surprised. He didn’t know how the man found out that there was an intruder in his house, but all he could do now was raise his hand and stand completely still so that he didn’t get shot.

“Adrian, what happened?” A woman’s voice could be heard from the door behind the man.

“It’s nothing, honey. A little thief got his way inside our house. I have caught him, but don’t come out until I said so.” The man that appeared to be Adrian Toomes said assuringly.

“Be careful, honey! I will call the police right away. Who knows if he still has an accomplice nearby!” The woman said worriedly.

“It’s alright. I can handle it!” Adrian said with a comforting voice to calm his wife. He observed the intruder and noticed that the intruder was in a tight costume. He’d recognise this costume any day. After all, the Superheroes were on the news constantly.

But Adrian knows that he had to make a little play. After all, he was a criminal mastermind, and he really didn’t want his family to know what he has been doing all this time. Then again, he was ready to kill the man in front of him if he possessed a threat to expose him.

“Please calm down, sir! I am not here to steal anything. I am here looking for my girlfriend, she was a huge fan of Spiderman, and I thought I could surprise her a little bit. Could you put your gun down sir, I think I got the wrong house.” Peter said calmly.

“Oh really? Then could you tell me your girlfriend’s name? where she lives and what her number is? You better think clearly before you start lying here, boy!” Adrian said coldly.

After learning that the man was cautious and Peter was in a difficult spot, he was ready to wing it and tell the most obvious lies of his life. 

“My girlfriend’s name is Liz, and she lives with her family in this area!” Peter said calmly.

“Liz?” Adrian said surprisedly after hearing the name.

Peter immediately saw the opportunity to seize Adrian’s gun as the man was startled by the name that he uttered just now. However, it wasn’t a good move as now Peter’s hand was occupied and Adrian was rushing to attack him. 

Recently, Peter had made many mistakes. He was repeatedly had his ass kicked by the demon and had his identity exposed, but now he was determined to do a good job! He dodged Adrian’s punch with a flexible twist of his body and immediately tied Adrian down with his web.

If he couldn’t even apprehend a defenceless old man, he needed to reconsider his determination to become a superhero altogether. It was probably a sign that he wouldn’t do well in this line of work! But as soon as Peter apprehended Adrian, the woman opened the door and shot a double-barrelled shotgun to a wall and then aimed it towards Peter.

Peter was startled and reflexively shot a number of Web balls through the entire room, covering everything with sticky webs. The woman dropped the shotgun as she was stuck onto a wall. Peter sighed in relief as he was saved by his own reflexes. 

“Hey, Mr. Vulture, I am sorry to interrupt your rest this late at night, but I promised someone to send you to the police station tonight,” Peter said solemnly.

Hearing the name Vulture, Adrian knew that he was out of luck. He didn’t know how Spiderman could get his home address, but it was typical of the superheroes to catch onto what he has been doing. He wondered for a moment and thought that it was probably Tony Stark who found out his Arms Dealing business and sent the Spiderman to apprehend him.

But as Adrian pondered on who leaked out his personal information, Peter froze as he noticed the familiar face in the photo on the wall.

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