Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 528


In the family photo, Adrian Toomes was smiling beside his wife and his daughter! It wasn’t something unusual, but it was the girl in the photo that caught Peter off guard as it was Liz!

“You are Liz’s father?” Peter asked in shock. He was still thinking of asking Liz for a date, but what should he do now? He had arrested her father and about to send him to the police! Meanwhile, her mother was stuck to the wall with anger and fear in her eyes.

“Asshole! Don’t drag my family into this. They don’t know anything!” Adrian said furiously. Although he did many bad things, he was a good husband and a good father in his family, so he didn’t want his evil deeds to affect his family!

Peter looked at Adrian complicatedly as he didn’t expect Liz’s father to be a criminal. Fortunately for him, he was in his full suit, so no one knew he was Peter. But it was still a confusing turn of events that Peter immediately walked out and dialled Mr. JoJo’s number.

“Mr. JOJO, it’s me, Peter.”

“I am glad you called. Is your mission going well? Do I have to notify the police for you?” Dio asked casually. He was currently in his car, a few hundred meters away from Liz’s house. But he was still acting like he didn’t know anything that happened inside the house.

“Yes, I have apprehended the Vulture, but I want to ask you what bad things had he done? Is it possible that it was just a big misunderstanding?” Peter asked confusedly.

“Well, after the New York invasion, Adrian Toomes over there was employed to clear out the aftermath of the battle. At that time, he was still another man with no criminal record. But soon after, the government took over his job and left him with nothing. The furious and slightly desperate Adrian Toomes due to losing his job, stole the alien wreckage and began to tinker with them to make a usable weapon that he began to sell to any criminal! He was dangerous as his weapons already caused a ton of damage that shouldn’t have been done! Should I remind you of how dangerous an alien weapon would be in the hand of a criminal?” Dio said with a frown on his face.

Although Peter wouldn’t be able to see the frown on Dio’s face, he could tell that Mr. JoJo wasn’t happy when he asked this kind of question just from his tone. Thus Peter fell silent as he knew how dangerous it was to circulate such a dangerous weapon to a small-time criminal. In fact, he just captured ATM thieves not long ago who had a strange weapon that destroyed the deli that he often visited.

But thinking of Liz’s smiling face, he hesitated to do something right. He knew that Liz’s family would fall apart once he reported Liz’s father to the police.

“What’s wrong, Peter? Did you need any help?” Mr. JoJo asked from the phone. He already knew that the Vulture was Liz’s father. Although he already knew that Peter would eventually run towards the Vulture naturally, he wanted things to progress faster!

“Mr. JoJo, you should already know that the Vulture is Liz’s father, but why did you give this mission to me? Why didn’t you just call the police yourself? You know I have a relationship with his daughter! Liz is my friend!” Peter said with a fury that he himself didn’t know he had.

“Of course, I could just call the police to arrest him, but I think it will go terribly. He had many weapons on him that could easily cause many casualties, but that was only one of the reasons that I want you to do it. The other reason was that I am curious about the choice you would make. One side is the criminal you have to put behind bars, while the other side is the father of a girl you have a crush on. If you choose to let the man go, I would advice that you get out of the Superhero scene quickly, as you would just hurt yourself in the future without saving anyone!” Dio said coldly.

“But may I inform you that you have to make a choice quicker as the Vulture was about to flee!” Dio said casually while smirking in his seat. He quickly hung up the phone as he knew that he had nothing to say to Peter anymore.

Peter himself was surprised, he immediately ran towards the house once more and checked where he left the Vulture before, but he was already gone! The web that was used to tie the Vulture down earlier was scorched. Peter immediately searched all the rooms in the house to search for him, but he didn’t find the Vulture anywhere.

Peter immediately returned to Vulture’s wife, who was still stuck on the wall. But this time, Peter didn’t see any anger in her eyes, just disappointment and sadness.

Apparently, the Vulture had whispered something for her before his escape that clearly disappointed his wife beyond measure. Maybe it was the realisation that her husband was a criminal, but it could be something else altogether.

At this moment, he hoped that Toomes would have run far away and never returned! She would definitely take her daughter to a better environment and start a new life there. She was ashamed of what her husband had done and afraid that once the news came out, the people around her and her daughter would judge and discriminate against them.

Furthermore, she had money to start a new life as Adrian has made an account in her name and with a lot of money in it for her and Liz. 

Peter sympathized with her, but this wasn’t the time to console her. Now he must find the Vulture! Thus Peter immediately ran towards the window and began to swing on the street to find the Vulture. He finally saw a car driving hurriedly.

Peter didn’t think into it too much and immediately chased the car, knowing that it wasn’t normal behaviour.

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