Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 529


The Vulture frowned as he drove his car recklessly in the middle of the road. Many cars either stopped or were forced to slide aside to prevent ramming Vulture’s rampaging car. He didn’t know why he was on the superheroes’ radar all of a sudden. After pondering about it for a second, he remembered the news about a group of idiots robbing an ATM, who was then arrested by Spiderman. 

He was nervous because of that news and stopped all transactions for a while, knowing that the superheroes might catch a whiff of his illegal business. However, after seeing Spiderman was busy fighting against some demons, he resumed his business again! After returning home to see his wife and daughter again, he found out that his daughter was attending some Academic Exchange program that took a week to finish. 

Although he was a little bit disappointed that he didn’t get to meet with his daughter after a long time at work, he was proud of his daughter’s academic achievement. He wasn’t vigilant when he was at home as he was always careful not to leave any trace behind that would lead anyone back to his family. 

Now, he didn’t even know whether his word to his wife earlier would do the trick to convince his wife to stay, but all that mattered now was to escape smoothly! He saw from his rearview mirror that the Spiderman was still chasing after him.

“I hate this Spider guy!” Adrian grumbled to himself before he stepped on the gas, accelerating the car even faster. Adrian knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape the Spiderman using the car as he wouldn’t be able to ignore the other vehicles on the road completely, while the Spiderman freely chased him without any obstacle in the air. 

He hoped that his crew that he notified earlier would be able to come in time to distract the Spiderman. He knew that the weapons that he developed would be able to kill Spiderman! 

On the other hand, Peter was catching up to the car. He was no longer confused even if he learned that the Vulture was Liz’s father. He knew that all criminals should be incarcerated as they posed a threat to society if they were to be left alone. Although Peter didn’t understand Mr. JoJo’s purpose in giving him such a task, he knew that it didn’t matter right now.

Peter began to wonder that maybe the world was a cruel place and not so beautiful, and perhaps the society was a realistic place, not as innocent as he would think. But it didn’t change his conviction! He would arrest all criminals that he came across without hesitation as it was the right thing to do!

Spiderman changed the mode of his web shooter to shooting mode to allow him to target the speeding car more easily. He then fired a high-speed web ball at the car, breaking the window of the car easily before sticking to everything inside.

The Vulture began to panic and swerved the car towards the pedestrian area. He continued to speed up even with the risk of hitting the pedestrian as he didn’t want to get caught. 

Seeing that the pedestrians were in danger, Peter swung faster and shot a series of webs that dragged the pedestrian in line with the speeding car to safety. 

The Vulture still panicked as he knew that the pedestrian didn’t hinder Spiderman that much. But now that he saw that Spiderman was doing all he could to save the pedestrian, the Vulture realised that he could them to his advantage. He thought that if he held several hostages, the righteous Spiderman would prioritize saving them instead of chasing him!

That way, he would have time to wait for reinforcement, and he would be able to escape smoothly. It certainly wasn’t something that the Vulture was proud of as he was a cautious person, but right now, it would suffice. 

Peter was annoyed at the Vulture as the act of endangering the pedestrian didn’t sit well with Peter’s conscience. He couldn’t stop the car as saving the pedestrian came first. Furthermore, Peter was furious when he noticed that the car slowed down, and the Vulture directed the car towards the busy pedestrian street, clearly aiming at hitting the pedestrian now! 

Peter was furious as it was the same scene from his favourite game, GTA V! Clearly, the Vulture wanted to involve civilians in order to secure his escape, but Peter wouldn’t let him do that! He knew that the real world was much different than the games he played. The pedestrian wasn’t some A.I that couldn’t think for themselves!

Peter warned the pedestrian to get out of the way! It worked as the pedestrian began to notice the speeding car and hid in the nearby store. As a result, the Vulture couldn’t use them to his advantage to shake Spiderman off. 

Peter was relieved for a little while and immediately used that opportunity to shoot four Web balls to stick the Vulture’s car to the ground. As the car slowed down, the Vulture kept stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate the car, but Peter had enough!

He immediately rushed to the back of the car and lifted it from the ground. The Vulture was shocked as he never expected a wonky figure like the Spiderman to be that strong while still stepping on the gas pedal in panic.

Peter struggled to keep the car’s back tires off the ground, but it was hard as the Vulture kept hitting the gas. They were in a deadlock as the Vulture couldn’t escape, but the Spiderman wasn’t in any position to capture him either. 

But it wasn’t until the crowds who hid from the speeding car earlier began to walk out of the store and started walking towards the car, clearly intending to apprehend the Vulture that endangered their life earlier. 

Peter smiled as he noticed that there was still a chance for humanity, while the Vulture grimaced as he noticed the crowds were coming his way. 

But suddenly, an energy cannon blasted Peter from the side. Peter, who was thrown to the side, was forced to release his grip on Vulture’s car. Peter hit the wall quite hard, causing crack here and there, but he was still conscious at the very least.

Peter immediately tried to shoot some web to the car, but it was too late! Vulture’s car began to swerve uncontrollably and finally drive into a nearby convenience store, destroying the front of the store from the collision. 

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