Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 530


“Are you alright, boss?” a guy carrying an alien gun stepped down from a van and immediately checked the Vulture’s condition. It was fortunate that the Vulture managed to step on the brake before he fully hit the convenience store. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in this world anymore.

But even so, he hit his head pretty hard. Concussion was imminent, and he needed medical treatment as soon as possible! But since he was a fugitive now, he wasn’t sure he could go to the hospital safely!

“I am fine! Did you bring what I asked?” the Vulture asked annoyedly.

“Yes, it is in the car!” the man said coolly.

“Great, now we kill that Spider guy!” The Vulture said coldly as he looked over to the Spiderman, who was still lying on the ground. The Vulture then walked towards the van as he knew that the situation was already out of hand and the police would arrive anytime soon. 

His underlings also knew that the police would come soon, but now that their boss already said that he wanted to finish off the Spiderman, they couldn’t escape on their own. Some of them frowned as they knew that dealing with the Spiderman wasn’t the best course of action here when they should have escaped. The look of regret was evident on their face as they thought of ignoring the Vulture’s order.

On the other hand, Peter had no other doubts on his head that Adrian was really an illegal weapon trafficker after seeing his underlings’ equipment. It was the same weapon that the ATM robbers used in the past! 

So, without holding himself back anymore, he rushed towards the Vulture’s men and disarmed them immediately. The two sides began fighting, destroying the public property as the Vulture’s men used their weapons. 

Even so, Spiderman had the upper hand as it was hard to hit him with his agility. But those advantages were evened out as Spiderman still had to save the bystander from the line of fire. 

Not far away from that place, Dio was sitting in his car while sighing profusely at the way Peter dealt with this. It all happened because of Peter’s own indecisiveness. Peter obviously had many opportunities to kill one or two of the Vulture’s men, but he chose not to, and that decision led to more enemies shooting at him. 

It also meant that Peter’s effort of jumping up and down of the building was wasted as it didn’t reduce the enemy’s firepower or anything. If Peter chose to kill his enemies or incapacitate them to the point where they couldn’t move, he would be able to end this battle sooner.

But Peter was foolish. From the looks of it, he just couldn’t grasp the situation at hand, and clearly, he was showing mercy to a wrong enemy. It was not hard to guess why Tony added the Instant Kill mode as Tony actually wanted Peter to realise that it wasn’t a good idea to show mercy to his enemy unnecessarily.

And now, he had to deal with a fully equipped Vulture his equipment on! The Vulture’s flying equipment wasn’t great by design, but it actually had good weapons and great flying capabilities. Compared to Spiderman’s web-slinger, the Vulture would be able to outmanoeuvre him in the air.

At the same time, many police cars arrived. The police immediately raised their guns at the Vulture’s crew, but they hesitated to shoot as they didn’t know the full situation just yet. They knew that Spiderman was trying to help, and thus they didn’t want to accidentally shot him!

“Shoot them!” one of the police with a higher rank said. 

“But, sir! The Spiderman is still there!” one other policeman said as he was unsure of the order.

“Shoot them, Spiderman didn’t get any special privileges here!” the police roared annoyedly.

The Ghost Rider has brought many negative impacts for the police. One of them was the critics that the police couldn’t address whatsoever, and thus the police were eager to capture all these criminals to prove that they can enforce the law to the best of their capabilities!

The police started shooting, the Vulture and his men immediately took cover behind a wall and a car before they also returned fire. As the Vulture’s men had more advanced weapons than the police, they easily destroyed the police cars that the policemen were using to take cover! Easily killing the policemen in that vicinity!

Peter avoided the shoot-out as his Spider-Sense began blaring profusely, but he didn’t like what was happening at all! At the same time, he noticed that the Vulture instructed his men to get out. The Vulture’s men clearly took the order gladly and began to rush towards the van to escape.

Peter immediately tried his best to stop them from escaping, he shot several web grenades towards the van, but it was all blocked by the Vulture! The Vulture clearly wasn’t happy with what Peter was trying to do and thus prepared to attack him, but he changed his mind as the police kept shooting at him, and he could hear a helicopter approaching.

The Vulture turned around and tried to fly away, but Peter wouldn’t end it like this! He immediately shot a web towards the Vulture’s wing and glided to it as he didn’t want to let the Vulture escape. The annoyed Vulture tried to shake the Spiderman off of him by slamming Peter to the nearby building, and it seemed to work as Spiderman lost control of his grip and was thrown to a nearby tree.

At the same time, the van tried to get away, and the police car was hot on its tail. The criminals inside tried to shake off the police by shooting their powerful weapons at the police. It seemed to be working as their firepower easily destroyed the police car, but suddenly the van swerved to the side and hit the tree. 

The police were confused by what happened, so they carefully went to check the van. They opened the van backdoor and further confused by the state inside of the van. All the criminals inside were dead by the cut on their neck. It was a clean-cut without any struggles at all!

The police were confused by what happened in the van as it was impossible to happen just because of the collision against the tree. It was obviously someone else’s doing, but there was no one else in the van, and the police were sure that no one got in or out of the van before they did.

As the police were trying to solve the mystery, Dio drove past them with a smirk on his face.

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