Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 531


Peter was still chasing after the Vulture outside the city, and once he caught up with the Vulture, Peter dragged the Vulture to the ground. The Vulture really despised Spiderman as he already ruined his normal life by exposing his crime to his family! But even though he desperately wanted to kill Spiderman, the situation was only getting worse for him!

He broke free from Spiderman’s webbing and wanted to fly once more, but the Spiderman was too stubborn to let that happen. 

“You’re really pushing my limit here!” The Vulture said coldly as he cut the webbing once more, and instead of escaping, he rushed towards the Spiderman! His attack was full of killing intent as Spiderman was already infuriating enough for the day.

Peter was prepared to attack, but the thought of attacking Liz’s father brought hesitation to his movement. That hesitation proved to be his downfall as the Vulture easily pinned him down with the claw on his leg.

“Let’s not play hero again in your next life, boy!” The Vulture said coldly as he aimed the muzzle on his head towards Peter’s head, clearly intending to finish this scuffle once and for all. But despite knowing that his life was on the line, Peter didn’t show any fear. Instead, he looked confident and determined!

“You can’t run from the law, Vulture! Surrender yourself! If Liz knew that her father is a bad person, she wouldn’t be in your life again!” Peter said dauntingly.

The Vulture seemed to be contemplating Peter’s word and then became enraged suddenly. “If it weren’t for you, she would never know! You better put off your suit. You clearly didn’t have any idea how cruel the world can be!” The Vulture said coldly to Spiderman. But now, the Vulture was curious about Spiderman’s identity as it was not the first time he mentioned his daughter’s name.

He began to wonder about Liz’s friend, but no one fit the boy’s appearance in front of him. Thus he knew that Spiderman must be one of Liz’s classmate from school. He was impressed as no one would be able to deduce that Spiderman was just a high school teenager.

But knowing that his opponent was still a high school kid didn’t stop the Vulture from ending Spiderman’s life. He knew that it was better to kill the Spiderman now before he could pose a further threat to Vulture later on.

But when the Vulture was ready to kill the Spiderman, a strong gush of wind suddenly shook his balance. The Spiderman immediately took the opportunity to get the Vulture off him and webbed him again to capture the Vulture once more. But he was not done yet. Peter also jumped on top of the Vulture and restrained him, preventing him from escaping as he knew that the webbings wouldn’t stop the Vulture.

The Vulture grew desperate, his wings escaped the webbings, but it was clear that he couldn’t move as the Spiderman was holding him tightly. The Vulture thrashed around and slammed Peter, who was on his back toward the trees, but Peter was determined not to let go no matter what!

“Let me go, kid!” The Vulture said coldly.

“Never!” Peter said powerfully. The Vulture then flew higher to the sky and turned off his thruster, letting himself fall back-first, where Peter was sticking on him. To this day, he has always relied only on himself, without turning to others and even if he had to die, he would drag this Spider boy down with him!

Furthermore, he had so many protections. Thus, he knew that falling from such height wouldn’t be lethal to him! The two scuffled in the air as Peter struggled to gain the upper hand, but the moment they was about to hit the ground, Peter was at the bottom, meaning that he would hit the ground first!

Peter lost his consciousness as they hit the ground. The Vulture himself wasn’t left unscathed either. Although his landing was buffered by Peter’s body, he was also out of breath from the impact. In particular, he felt his head was bleeding, and his vision was blurry, proof that he was, at the very least, got a mild concussion. 

Dio, who witnessed everything from the side, sighed disappointedly while holding a brick. He helped Peter by throwing the Vulture off-balance earlier, but Peter still lost! He knew that Vulture would definitely win as Peter’s suit wasn’t ‘street smart’, but he didn’t expect Peter to lose this badly. 

Tony surely has put many countermeasures to Peter’s suit, but clearly, Peter was too naïve to use any of them effectively. 

It seemed that Dio’s plan to eliminate Peter’s naivety wasn’t working at all. Dio knew that even if Thanos didn’t appear in the future, Peter would have trouble due to his kindness in the future. 

Dio started walking towards Peter as he saw that the Vulture also stopped moving from afar. He knew that the Vulture wasn’t in the condition to move after that fall.

But it was a feint! The Vulture immediately shot Dio with Chitauri Gun that he had as he knew that someone else who threw him off-balance earlier was nearby. 

Dio wasn’t startled by this and threw the brick in his hand directly to Adrian’s face, knocking him out completely. “You shot me, I throw you a brick. We are even now.” Dio said as he dusted his clothes smugly and picked the unconscious Vulture, and walked away.

About half an hour later, the unconscious Vulture was thrown to the NYPD’s door with a note stating, “I win!” hanging on the Vulture’s neck. The Police were confused by the note, but there was nothing they could do as Adrian was indeed their fugitive.

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