Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 532


The Academic Exchange Program came to an end. Midtown School of Science students left the hotel with a sense of accomplishment, with one exception. Apparently, Peter Parker fell from a platform and had to be taken to the hospital. Although Peter’s classmate searched the hotel for the said platform, they couldn’t find any!

In addition to that, Liz, who was supposed to be the happiest girl to get her birthday celebrated in such a glamorous atmosphere, hadn’t been herself after receiving a phone call. She left the hotel early after talking to the conference leader and hadn’t been seen since. 

It wasn’t until school started and they were prepared to train for the upcoming decathlon that they learned Liz had transferred school. No one knew why, except for Peter, who had mixed feelings about everything that happened. He knows that Liz transferred school more or less because of him, Peter wanted to see Liz and check on her, but after leaving the hospital, Liz’s house was already empty.

Peter didn’t know what Liz felt, but he imagined that she had to be hurt and disappointed after learning that her father was a criminal. After all, Liz looked up to his father so much. He knew that Liz wouldn’t be able to stand the thought that she might be bullied by the other students in school once the news came out.

A fresh start in a new environment had to be the best way to deal with the situation because no one would question her past too much there. Because of this, Peter was heartbroken before he could even start a relationship. But he would never regret what he did. He knew that he couldn’t let someone like Adrian Toomes roam free as he would only hurt so many more people!

. . . . . . . . . .

Back to the glamourous nightlife of New York, Dio took Wanda on a date. Of course, he knew that their face was well known to the world, so they used some sort of disguise to conceal themselves from the public eyes. Dio could do it with his Stand power while Wanda was using an Artificial Human Skin that Wakanda developed.

They went to the movies to watch Sea Fortress, an intense, gore romance movie with a twist of science-fiction. But Dio couldn’t understand the plot and felt confused throughout the movie, but he didn’t complain to Wanda as she seemed to be enjoying it. 

But then again, Dio kept seducing Wanda through his boredom, and it seemed to please Wanda more. 

“If you can’t stop a disaster, will the earth be destroyed?” Wanda asked Dio a question as walked to the car.

“Let’s not talk about the impending disaster. Even if the day comes that I realise my end is near, I would never put my last word on an iron box and lock it with my fingerprint.” Dio rolled his eyes.

“If you put it that way, it does not make any sense. No wonder I felt some parts of the movie felt weird.” Wanda said as she giggled at her own thought. 

At the same time, Dio noticed several men wearing a weird dress around him, but he didn’t really care. After all, he already experienced so many weird things in the universe that he was ready for anything. But Wanda realised that Dio was looking around like he realised something and frowned.

“What’s wrong? Did you see anything out of the ordinary?” Wanda asked curiously.

“No, it’s nothing! Let’s go! There is a famous dessert shop nearby! Let me treat you to some sweets!” Dio said with a charming smile on his face.

But as soon as he said those words, a few men flew on the street in front of them, drawing too much attention. Their clothes were weird for anyone in New York. But Dio’d recognize it anywhere! 

It was the monk dress code in Kamar-Taj! This was the plot for Dr. Strange! Dio didn’t expect the plot to progress this far already, but he knew that it would happen eventually. He even saw the infamous Dr. Strange in the area not long after!

Although Dio didn’t say anything, the look on his face told everything. The weirdly dressed people noticed Dio’s stare, but they didn’t say anything either and immediately entered the building not too far from their location. 

“Did you know those people?” Wanda asked curiously as she could feel that those people weren’t normal.

“No, not necessarily. I have seen them a couple of times. He is an arrogant person who doesn’t get along with anyone. But I hope he has changed his ways since the last time I met him.” Dio said with a shrug as he didn’t really care that much about Stephen’s well-being.

But it was a lie to say that he didn’t get excited about what plot to come.

Although he didn’t expect to meet with Dr. Strange here, he still has a bad impression of him from the first time they met. He knew that Stephen had lost his arm in an accident that took all of his confidence away, and he was desperate to get his arms back with any means!

“That man seems to be injured. Should we help him?” Wanda said, snapping Dio from his thought. Dio realised that it was the moment that Dr. Strange was seeking out help. It ended up to be refreshing character development in the movie, so Dio didn’t really care.

“It’s fine. Let’s leave them alone. He would be fine on his own.” Dio said indifferently.

Wanda just shrugged as she trusted Dio’s judgement. The two walked past the building that Dr. Strange entered and resumed their date. 

Although he didn’t show it, Dio was actually curious about what would happen. He knew that he already altered some of the stories that led to Kristin no longer working at the hospital that Dr. Strange used to work.

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