Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 533


The Mirror World was destroyed. Kaecillus and his men broke into the New York sanctuary after destroying the London Sanctuary. 

“This is my place, Kaecillus! Did you really want to fight me?” Lucien said coldly.

“Well, you will be the sacrifice to summon Dormammu!” Kaecillus said indifferently while his eyes glowed purple due to the Dark Dimension’s energy.

Lucien was immediately ganged up by Kaecillus’ men. Due to the teleportation point in Kathmandu was attacked and the one in London destroyed, there was no support coming for Lucien. He had to fend off Kaecillus by himself for a while!

Even if he was a strong sorcerer, Lucien couldn’t hold Kaecillus’ men by himself. In addition, Kaecillus’ men were also connected to the Dark Dimension. He was quickly overwhelmed, and his leg was chopped by one of Kaecillus’ men before he was stabbed in the heart by Kaecillus. 

“Stop!” Stephen shouted as he rushed inside the sanctuary. But he was too late. The sanctuary’s defender was already dead!

“Who are you again? I have never seen you at Kamar-Taj!” Kaecillus said indifferently.

“Stephen Strange, Doctor Stephen Strange! I came to Kamar-Taj only recently.

“Doctor?” Kaecillus said confusedly.

“Yes, I am a doctor that saves people’s life!” Stephen said solemnly.

“Well, I don’t care what you are. Come at me!” Kaecillus said indifferently.

Kaecillus’ men immediately rushed towards Stephen, attacking him relentlessly. Stephen had no choice but to defend himself and fight. He just learned spells recently, and although he was inexperienced, he could at least do something to defend himself. 

But Stephen knew that he wouldn’t be able to defend for long as he wasn’t even as skilled as Lucien, who was killed earlier, so he immediately ran around, hoping to find something that could help him. Stephen was perplexed as he only came to Kamar-Taj to heal his hands, but now he was involved with something that he wasn’t sure he could handle.

. . . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, Dio and Wanda were enjoying their date in the dessert shop next to the New York sanctuary. This dessert shop was very famous in New York, and it lived up to its reputation as the ice cream was very tasty. 

But suddenly, their surrounding changed, and everything around them slowly disappeared. Wanda subconsciously gathered her power to fight back, but Dio immediately calmed her down as he saw that the bald woman stood in front of him. 

“Pleasure to meet you, the Ancient One,” Dio said respectfully. Although he might be more powerful than the ancient one right now as he had Wanda by his side, it wasn’t worth the trouble to make her an enemy as the Ancient One was needed to fight the other dimension from attacking the earth!

“You really are peculiar! You didn’t seem surprised by what happened. It seems like you already knew that I would come to you!” The Ancient One said intriguingly. 

Wanda, who didn’t know anything, stood back and let Dio handle it himself. She knew that Dio wouldn’t do anything to betray her trust, so she didn’t need to bother Dio about what happened here. 

“I don’t know you will come to me, but I know that you regarded Stephen Strange as the next Sorcerer Supreme. So, what future did you see?” Dio asked curiously.

Dio knew that it wasn’t wise to lie or deceive the Ancient One, so he chose to be an ignorant guy and ask away anything that came to mind. 

“I saw something in the process of exploring the truth, but you should know that the future isn’t something static! It is an ever-changing possibility. The future would be different no matter how hard I try to decipher its secret!” The Ancient One said solemnly.

“Did you mean a parallel world?” Dio said eagerly.

“In theory, yes! This is why it wasn’t wise to play with time, which could cause irreparable consequences.” The Ancient One solemnly said as she looked at Dio.

Dio knew what she was implying and didn’t say anything because he couldn’t really explain his power and the fact that it wouldn’t affect the world terribly as his power just stopped the flow of time, not rewind it to the past! The power that the [World] had wouldn’t affect the world as it was intended for itself! 

[Killer Queen] also had a time manipulation ability if it were to be evolved further. It had the power similar to what Stephen used when he came to bargain with Dormammu later. It wouldn’t affect the real world as time would resume like normal once the power activated.

“Where are we?” Wanda suddenly asked as she was curious about where they were. She didn’t know how the woman in front of her could drag Dio and her to such a place, so she was curious about what the woman had done to them.

“This is Mirror Dimension. This place has always existed but wouldn’t be found in any usual manner. Everything that happened here wouldn’t affect the real world, making it the perfect place to train or monitor someone safely and discreetly.” The Ancient One answered with a smile on her face. As soon as she finished answering, they returned to the dessert shop earlier, but now, no one was around! Wanda knew that it was the exact same place that she visited with Dio earlier, but where are the people?

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