Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 558


Although Dio did not really believe what Venom had said, he could use Venom to at least eliminate the symbiotes in NASA’s research centre for now. The most important thing right now was to cut off the communication with Venom’s planet, and while Venom didn’t seem to have any intention to contact his own planet, the same couldn’t be said to the rest of the Symbiote in NASA’s care. 

Dio knew that he had to come up with a good plan as he couldn’t march straight to NASA and said that he wanted to destroy the Symbiote there. Dio focused his attention on Venom the whole time as he knew that Venom was definitely trying to find any opening to escape, but Venom didn’t seem to struggle or anything. Instead, Venom handed back control to Peter and the black suit returned to Spiderman’s iconic red and blue.

“Can anyone help me get rid of this alien from my body?” Peter said annoyedly.

“Don’t be too hasty, kid! We need that alien for now. Once we are done dealing with his fellow aliens, we will see what we can do to that alien! Don’t worry, your name would be engraved as the hero that saved the Earth from Alien invasion later!” Dio said teasingly. 

Dio didn’t think Spiderman would fall for his word, but Peter seemed to take his word seriously and nodded his head excitedly. Peter thought of having an accomplishment for himself, and on top of that, it was for saving the world! 

Now he could earn Tony Stark’s approval to join the Avenger! Peter was worried about the alien inside his body, but now, he couldn’t complain as he needed it to save the world! But then again, he wondered who was the old man that helped him before. The weird old man called himself Dr. Strange, and he was so weird that he didn’t question anything out of him. 

But Peter didn’t understand why Tony never showed up even though the situation has gotten this dire. Did he have something better to do? Well, it wasn’t Peter’s concern right now. Besides, he knew that he had to work with these people for some time to save the world!

Dio sighed on the side as he knew that they had found a temporary solution to their disaster’s problem, but he knew that it wasn’t a surefire plan just yet! He didn’t know whether the first disaster would be averted by destroying those Symbiotes in NASA, but he knew he must at least eliminate all of them to avert the disaster. 

Now, Dio had to figure out the way to enter NASA without raising any alarms as soon as possible! There was no telling what NASA wanted to do with those Symbiotes, and there was no telling when the Symbiote might contact Battleworld to commence the invasion! 

Dio also handed Peter a special detector that would vibrate once the Symbiote ran at high speed. It was clear that once the Symbiote ran wild again, it would be killed instantly! After that, everyone went back and tended to their own problems, but it was just a matter of time for them to move out!

Worried yet excited at the same time, Peter went home and began to wonder many things that would happen when he was hailed as one of the heroes that saved the Earth from the Alien Invasion! 

“Forget it! Now, I need to eat! Wonder if Aunt May’s apple pie is still there!” Peter said as he felt hungry while swinging towards his house.

After everyone else left and Mirror Dimension has been undone, Flash, who was lying on top of the building, quietly opened his eyes. He was confused about where he was. He didn’t remember why and when he got on top of the roof of an unknown building, but his memories started to coming back to him.

“Venom! Get out now!” Flash shouted to summon Venom, but there was no response. Usually, Venom would appear after he called for him like that, but it was unusually quiet right now. Has it already been burned to death? The last thing that Flash remembered was that a huge fire being hurled at him, and some chick tried to hold him down before Venom retaliated and tried to escape, but that was it! Flash didn’t remember anything else beyond that point.

“Venom, are you still here? I have dinner for you, and it’s made of the most delicious ingredient ever!” Flash said teasingly.

“O~ master of the great Symbiote, your host Flash asked for your response!” Flash said teasingly once again, trying to call for Venom, but Venom didn’t respond!

“There is really no response at all! Was it really burned to death? Come on now! It said that it couldn’t die!” Flash said with a frown. He then opened his phone and played the audio that he saved earlier in case Venom went berserk. It was the recording of a 5.000 Hz sound! 

Flash braced himself for the pain, but there was no pain at all!

Flash couldn’t help but feel a little bit lost after realising that he already lost Venom. Although he knew that Venom could threaten his life, he experienced such a fascinating aspect of Venom’s power and felt a wave of anticipation that he could conquer the world!

But there was nothing left he could do now. The alien was gone, and he had to move on with his life! He just had to bid farewell to his supervillain dream like he bid farewell to his superhero dream! Now, he had to get home as fast as possible because if his father found out he was out, he might lose everything this time! However, once he arrived at the roof door, it was locked shut!

Flash threw his phone to the door out of frustration, but he regretted it the next second as it was his last resort out of this rooftop!

He was left in the dark of night without a roof or a place to slee at all, shivering in the corner, waiting for someone to come and rescue him at dawn.

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