Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 559


The next day after Flash was rescued, the building still left his story behind! The ghost story circulated among the building’s tenants after the weird incident on the rooftop. They already knew that the security found a boy on the rooftop while the door was locked. They also knew that the security didn’t see the boy going up as the security camera didn’t record anyone going up the rooftop the entire day and night! 

Obviously, the tenant believed that the boy got up there through some kind of paranormal activity! Some tenants even chose to move from the building as they didn’t want to live in the same place as some evil forces!

. . . . . . . . .

At the same time, Peter, who came to school and attended his class as usual, sighed as he noticed an empty seat in his class. He finally remembered what he had forgotten yesterday, which was Flash! He forgot to take Flash back to his house! 

He wanted to go to the rooftop again to check whether Flash was still there, but it sounded like a stretch as there was no way Flash would still be on the rooftop all morning. He looked around and notice that the teacher wasn’t there yet, so he pulled out his phone and tried to call Flash to know what transpired this morning, but his call didn’t connect!

Peter was determined to check on Flash at his house later after school. He wanted to see with his own eyes that Flash has gone home safely. If Flash wasn’t at his house, Peter would check the rooftop once again! As the teacher suddenly enter the classroom, Peter immediately put away his phone.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“What do you need?” T’challa asked as Dio called him.

“I need you to find where NASA has brought the Symbiote for their research!” Dio said casually as he already informed T’challa about the possibility of Symbiote Invasion earlier on. T’challa was silent for a moment as he didn’t know how to find out about such information immediately. He knew that NASA labelled the Symbiote Discovery top secret and thus wouldn’t leak anything, especially about the location of their discovery!

“I will try my best!” T’challa said as he knew that he still had to see what he could do. He couldn’t just upright reject Dio’s demand as he knew that it was for the sake of the Earth itself! But then again, T’challa couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to get that information for Dio. 

He had to launch a new spy network to achieve his goal. He knew that he had to force his way to NASA to get the information that Dio needed, and he got no problem with that! 

“But Dio! I want to know what you plan to do after I give you the information. Have you already found a way to kill the Symbiotes?” T’Challa asked curiously

“That is one of the possibilities! But if I just outright kill it, I suppose the scientist will still be curious about the Symbiotes and once again send a spacecraft to that planet! If that’s the case, there will be no end to this. The Symbiotes will win in the end as there is no telling when the NASA will continue exploring the Symbiotes potential!” Dio said annoyedly.

“You are right. We must find a way to make sure that NASA’s interest in the Symbiotes withers! You already catch the escaped Symbiotes, right? Is it possible to let NASA know about the Symbiotes’ plot and make them give it up?” T’challa worriedly asked as he realised that it wasn’t a disaster that was entirely on the external factor. It always began from human greed itself!

“No, I don’t think that would be possible! Those scientists won’t listen. After all, an alien’s confession is too much of a fairy tale to begin with! We might even put on an entirely different effect if we go that road!” Dio said dejectedly. 

T’challa also knew his method wouldn’t work, but it wouldn’t hurt to confirm things with Dio. It was the same as when Stephen Strange announced that there would be a World Destroying Disaster in the near future. They believed Stephen’s word in the end because Dio believed in it! They believed Dio as Dio already proved his word in the past!

“Actually, I have an idea that might work! But it would cost some sacrifice on their end!” Dio said casually. Dio then explained his idea to T’challa, but the more Dio explained his idea to T’challa, the more surprised T’challa became!

“That’s not good, Dio! Some of those people are innocent! It won’t be fair to them if they go through something that sinister!” T’challa said worriedly. T’challa was in a dilemma as Dio’s proposed plan was something that would actually kill someone, but he knew that once Dio’s plan succeeded, the scientist, if not the entire NASA, would drop their curiosity towards the Symbiote forever! 

“Well, I think this is the best case for us right now. We can reduce the number of casualties to achieve our goal. We can also use public opinion to force them to stop if what we have done didn’t deter them from researching the Symbiotes in the future! But, I will hear you out if you have a better idea in the future, but for now, I think it would be better for you to start preparing for the arrangement!” Dio said indifferently.

“I see. I will come up with a new idea.” T’challa said instantly. He must come up with a new idea. Otherwise, Dio would stick to his plan, and some innocent people would be killed in the crossfire!

After the call with T’challa was over, Dio grinned as he hoped the idea that T’challa came up with later wouldn’t be boring!

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