Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 560


Three days later, T’challa finally sent Dio a message regarding the symbiote’s whereabout. No one expected that NASA would do their research on a secret base off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Dio didn’t ask how T’challa got his hand n this information as the only thing that mattered for him was the result! As for the action plan, T’challa didn’t come up with a new plan, so Dio’s plan was set in motion. 

Although the people of NASA didn’t know that they were carrying a disaster right now, it was inevitable if they suffered damage to some extent. Therefore, it was better if the damage came from Dio instead of the symbiotes! The manpower for this operation was enough in Dio’s eyes as he had Wanda and Pietro, and also Spiderman! Although Venom would be coming along, Dio didn’t know whether he could trust Venom or not, so he didn’t include Venom in his plan!

After confirming that everyone was ready and Shuri also already prepared everyone, Stephen immediately drew a portal directly to Auckland, New Zealand. This was the best kind of transportation as it didn’t even take 5 seconds for them to arrive in Auckland from New York!

It could be much faster if Stephen has been inside the secret base as he could teleport them inside, but it wasn’t the case for now, so Auckland was the best place that they could teleport into right now. Dio then rented a car that could fit all of them and drove towards the location that T’challa has marked.

About half an hour after, a building near a mountain entered Dio’s sight. If Dio had to describe it, it looked similar to Tony’s Seaview Villa, but it was more difficult to reach! The only clear entry was through the air, either by chopper or plane, as the road to the location was difficult to manoeuvre and in bad condition. 

It was clear that everyone on the base would know about an incoming vehicle towards them, so Dio knew that the military personnel inside would eventually walk out and stopped Dio’s car before forcing them to turn back, but Dio had another idea!

“Now, it’s all on you!” Dio said to Stephen. Stephen should be upset as Dio ordered him around, but at this moment, he knew that he must suppress his ego to finish the mission smoothly. Stephen then drew another portal that opened directly on top of the secret base’s building. Now that they have a clear vision of the place, Stephen could create a portal to anywhere that he could see. 

Everyone immediately jumped inside Stephen’s portal, and Dio immediately created a Mirror Dimension without any hesitation. He knew that the people inside the Secret Base would eventually know about their infiltration, but Dio wanted it to be as delayed as possible! After everyone entered the Mirror Dimension, Dio looked over at everyone and noticed that Spiderman was obviously nervous.

“Hey, did you remember every bit of the plan? If you were unsure of Venom’s intention later, just turn on the device that I gave to you earlier! You will instantly get separated from that alien, and you should immediately burn it to a cinder!” Dio said to Peter casually.

“I know, but he talks to me and says that he only wanted to live here and will not act out!” Peter said unsurely. Although he wanted to trust Venom, there was a part of Peter that still didn’t trust the creature. Dio nodded and continued to advance forward. He let Peter decide as it was one of the learning processes that Peter had to take to become a better person later.

“Now that everything is in order, let’s go!” Dio said as he immediately cut open a hole on the top of the building and immediately jumped down while everyone followed him immediately. But, as they were still inside the Mirror Dimension, no guard was rushing towards them! Inside this Mirror Dimension, Dio was a god! Not even Stephen, who claimed the title of Sorcerer Supreme, could take over control of this Mirror Dimension from Dio!

Dio quickly dismantled the entire base, and in a short while, he immediately found where the symbiotes were taken captive. But Dio was surprised as he saw that the scientist has already begun a human experiment, meaning that the Symbiotes finally had a human host!

In two closely spaced glass chambers, a human was being parasitized by a symbiote while being tied down on a specific instrument. At the same time, a large number of researchers wearing white coats were busy taking notes and observing the data display! At the same time, one of the experimental subjects began to have a violent seizure before dying horribly. Then a yellow coloured symbiote came out of the dead body and immediately launched itself towards the glass as if to bond with the researchers!

The researchers didn’t look worried at all as they knew that the glass wall wouldn’t break by the symbiote’s power without a host. Thus they continue to take data. A new human test subject was immediately sent inside the glass chamber as the researchers knew that the symbiotes couldn’t survive inside an oxygen-rich environment for more than 5 minutes!

Peter, who saw the scene from Mirror World, frowned as everything that he saw right now was not much different from execution. This experimentation was too cruel, and judging from their skilful look, this probably was not the first time they have done such barbaric experimentation! 

Dio himself was frowning over what he saw here. He wanted to avoid as many casualties as possible, but now he began to think that the researchers here today wasn’t somebody that he has to give any mercy!

“Let’s go! it is time to execute our plan!” Dio said coldly.

. . . . . . . . .

In the bathroom near the experimentation lab, a guard suddenly felt a fleeting cold after washing his hands. He saw a man in tight black and blue suit suddenly appeared, and a black liquid began to move out of that man’s body before taking the guard’s body as its new host! 

It was Venom itself! Venom was tasked to find another host and rampaged inside the building. 

“Is that you, Venom?” Dio asked curiously. He let Peter go outside of Mirror Dimension and execute the plan smoothly. Venom itself choose to obey Dio after sensing Dio’s killing intent. But as Venom began to integrate with its new host, Venom took a little bit of its host’s mannerism.

Venom began to talk non stop with a happy and excited face that Dio began to get annoyed!

“Enough!” Dio coldly shouted before resuming his plan.

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