Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 561


When Venom exited the bathroom and began rampaging outside, the gunfire sound was immediately heard as the alarm sound started blaring throughout the building. 

“Enemy nearby! I repeat, Enemy nearby!” Shouts are heard outside the bathroom. 

“The base is under attack by a monster, asking for support!” another shout was heard before the screaming started one after another.

. . . . . . . .

Venom was in ecstasy as he was finally able to vent his pent-up bloodthirst. He killed any guards that came at him and destroyed any defensive mechanism on the building. With its super healing power, Venom was unstoppable. These people didn’t even know the symbiotes’ weakness yet!

The next thing on Venom’s agenda was to rush towards the researcher’s lab, and of course, because it was too sudden, the scientist inside wasn’t able to evacuate immediately. The scientists clearly failed to notice the danger and thus were easily massacred by Venom! 

Venom immediately broke the two glass chambers that contained the two other symbiotes. The two symbiotes inside immediately got excited as they thought that Venom was there to free them and let them feast on the human. 

But the reality was harsh as Venom wasn’t able to break through the glass chambers. Even though he desperately slashed and smashed the glass wall, it didn’t work! The scientists were prepared as they didn’t know how strong the symbiotes were. Thus they had to take a safety precaution and created the toughest glass chambers! 

The annoyed Venom immediately looked around and saw a scientist that was a little bit different than the others. Venom instantly knew that the man was someone that was in charge there. 

“Open these glasses, or I’ll eat you!” Venom said coldly.

DR. Herland was trembling as he looked at Venom’s intimidating appearance, but when he heard Venom’s demand, he hesitated and tried to regain his composure once more. “You want to save them? You are also a symbiote, aren’t you? If you are the end goal of the Space Warrior program, then my work is feasible!” DR. Herland said calmly. Although he was horrified by Venom’s appearance, he was still excited that his experiment and project would be successful! 

Venom was very annoyed by DR. Herland’s calmness as he thought of Herland as mere food! So, to make sure to show how much of a threat he was, he captured another scientist that tried to run past him and immediately bit off his head in front of DR. Herland!

But he immediately spat it out as he remembered Dio’s threat earlier. Then again, he still needed to appeal to his fellow Symbiotes, so Venom acted a little bit. “Damn, this man is so smelly! Did he ever wash his hair?” Venom said disgustedly. 

But it seemed to work as Herland was a little bit shaken by the scene. “Now, open the door or die!” Venom said coldly.

Herland knew at that moment that he must live to realise his vision someday. He knew that it was feasible now, and he couldn’t let it go! No one else would be able to see through the grand scheme that he had planned other than he himself! So, with that in mind, Herland nodded and began to open the doors of the glass chambers. 

There was another reason why he opened it besides saving his life. He believed that these monsters wouldn’t be able to best the powerful nations’ military prowess. He knew that the military would soon arrive, and it was the perfect timing to show off the possible outcome of his experimentation to the military!

As the door opened, the two symbiotes immediately merged with their host body and transformed into a similar appearance to Venom. During their process of transformation, Herland was excited!

“God, they are such splendid creatures! Not only do they have their reason intact, but they could also transform themselves into a powerful form like this!” Herland said excitedly.

“Venom, you are way later than expected!” The silver symbiote said with a frown on his face. 

“This place is too hidden! I wasted too much time just to find this place!” Venom said while lowering his head. The Silver Symbiote was his boss of some sort. Therefore, Venom couldn’t talk back due to the fear of being killed on the spot!

“Now, leader! It is not the time for this! we have lost some compatriots to these puny humans! But fortunately, Venom was able to find us, and now, we can announce to our entire race that this planet is full of food!” The Yellow Symbiote said, calming the Silver Symbiote from nagging Venom further.  “Now, we have to get inside that NASA building and find the Spaceship to send the information to our people!” the Yellow Symbiote said excitedly. Apparently, this Yellow Symbiote was the brain of the group that came with Venom to receive any information regarding Earth.

“Well said! Now, let’s eat to replenish our strength!” the Silver Symbiote indifferently said as he captured a scientist that was frozen stiff on the side and immediately bit his head off.

At the side, Venom was smirking to himself. He didn’t need to convince the symbiotes that they had to get into the spaceship, as the Yellow Symbiote turned out to do it in his place!

DR. Herland, who witnessed all of this, was shocked! He never expected that the Symbiotes were trying to find a food source for their home planet! It was clear that the Symbiotes would have numbers on their side when they could inform their planet about Earth! 

The Earth would become Symbiote’s slaughterhouse and devoured all living things to extinction!

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