Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 562


Herland seemed to realise how inadequate his preparation was. If he really went along with his plan, these alien monsters would’ve killed all the humans! “No! this can’t be happening! I have to find a way to get this information out!” Herland said anxiously. He didn’t dare to make any sudden movement as he knew that the aliens fed on anyone in their sight! 

He wouldn’t dare to continue this research now he know the consequences was too great of a risk to take! Now, Herland’s mind was focused on staying alive as he knew that no one else would be able to describe the alien’s plan better than him! suddenly, Herland’s prayer was heard as numerous footsteps approaching. It was the military’s soldiers that came to deal with the symbiotes! They began firing their gun to no avail as the symbiotes just regenereated their wound like nothing happened. 

It was such a one-sided massacre that Herland’s heart was once again shaken! The dead soldiers couldn’t even keep their bodies as the alien began eating them gluttonously. Not only that, but the silver and gold symbiotes kept switching hosts, like they were searching for most compatible ones with them!

At the same time, seeing that so many soldiers died, Peter, who saw everything from the Mirror Dimension, couldn’t bear it any longer! He looked at Dio with a sad expression as he knew that he couldn’t get out of this Mirror Dimension without Dio’s permission! 

Dio himself knew that Peter couldn’t wait anymore. Although he wanted Venom to destroy the entire base with his symbiotes comrade, it didn’t have to end that way! So, he sighed and nodded to Peter as he couldn’t stand Peter’s puppy eyes any longer. “But remember this before anyone gets out there! Prioritize killing the Yellow Symbiotes first! I believe he was like the brain of the group, and with the brain of the group out of the picture, we will have a better chance to capture the leader!” Dio said to everyone.

Everyone nodded as they also thought that Dio’s word made sense. Without the brain, the brawn would only become a rampaging beast!

“Well, let’s start the extermination!” Dio said as he dispelled the mirror dimension and let everyone out. Quicksilver and Spiderman immediately went after the silver symbiotes and started to distract him. Stephen pretended to fight venom one on one, while Wanda let out a powerful energy and directly locked the yellow symbiotes in place!

Dio didn’t plan to hold back either as he immediately summoned the [Red Magician] and immediately sent 9 firebirds towards the yellow symbiotes!

The yellow symbiote started to scream as fire was one of the symbiotes’ weakness! He tried to put out the fire as he knew that he wouldn’t have any chance to fight back as long as the fire was still burning his body!

But little did he knows that it wasn’t an option as long as Dio and Wanda were still targeting him! the scream soon stopped, but Dio wouldn’t stop attacking as he kept bombarding the yellow symbiote with barrages of flame from [Red Magician]. He knew that there was a possibility that the alien was trying to play dead and escaped after the attack stopped. It was a common course of action from intelligent life force and that was why Dio wouldn’t stop attacking just yet!

His decision turned out to be fruitful as his prediction was right! The yellow symbiotes tried to stand up once again and glared at Dio coldly before uttering his last word! “My leader would avenge me soon! You are dead!” the Yellow symbiotes said with a cold expression as he was burning alive. 

“Don’t worry, your leader would follow you soon! You single-celled creatures don’t even have a soul to avenge for!” Dio said indifferently. It wasn’t until the yellow symbiotes were completely burned to nothing that Dio stopped the attack. As for its host earlier, Dio didn’t really feel it was his fault that the host had to meet such a fate! 

It took Dio a few minutes to kill his opponent, but Quicksilver and Spiderman weren’t as fortunate! Although it could be said that Quicksilver and Spiderman couldn’t fight the way they wanted to as the space was too tight for them to manoeuvre that wasn’t all. The Silver Symbiotes also proved his strength as the leader of symbiote’s advance team. He had a far better healing factor, speed, instinct, and a better weapon arsenal!

Symbiotes’ special characteristic also provided them a high resistance against magical damage! In addition to that, the symbiotes would also have all memories of its host! Had it not because of its weakness, the symbiote would be able to rule the entire galaxies! 

But while its weakness was well-known and Quicksilver could generate a sonic wave that would be deadly to other symbiotes, the Silver Symbiotes could withstand it to a degree. The Silver Symbiotes sensed that the Yellow Symbiotes which, he knew as Agony, had died, but he didn’t care about it for now as all he could think of right now was to escape this place first!

The Silver Symbiotes that called himself Riot, was in a struggle as his carefully prepared plan was destroyed by the sudden arrival of these super-powered humans. These humans seemed to know their weakness and it made him even more frustrated as escaping them wasn’t so easy anymore.

At the same time, Stephen was aware of what Riot would do and made an eye contact with Venom. He sent his thoughts directly to Venom and Venom smirked as he understood what he needed to do. And so, Venom immediately ran towards Riot and threw himself towards the Spiderman’s fire web to defend Riot. 

“Venom! The tribe will remember your sacrifice!” Riot said with a smirk as he realised that he had Venom to distract this humans.

“Thank you, leader! Now, you go first, I will fight them for you!” Venom said generously. 

Riot smirked and immediately turned his body to look for an exit. He was determined to kill all the humans as soon as he returned to Symbiotes colony and brought all the symbiotes there! But when he turned around and ready to escape, Venom suddenly turned his head with a crazy look on his face!

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