Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 563


Venom smirked and formed two giant axes with his hands and slashed Riot with all his might! Riot didn’t anticipate Venom’s attack and took it head-on as a result, but he was confident that his defence and healing factor would allow him to survive Venom’s attack!

Too bad for him, Venom didn’t attack him head-on. Instead, it was a kind of sneak attack that caught Riot off guard! Venom’s axes cut off Riot’s legs and penetrated Riot’s chest! 

“Venom, how dare you betray us!” Riot said as he turned his body and glared at Venom. He never thought Venom, who has come to rescue them, would betray him like this. Riot immediately turned his arm into a spear and impaled Venom right in the chest for retaliation!

Venom was immediately put out of commission from Riot’s attack, but he still smirked and shouted out loud. “I am leaving the rest to you!” Venom shouted. He already completed his part of the plan, and now, Riot was Dio’s problem.

Dio had to say that Venom was really smart! The thought of killing Venom and Riot at the same time crossed Dio’s mind, but he changed his mind after seeing that Venom was willing to do his part! So, Dio nodded and threw a metal ball directly at Riot. The metal ball hit the floor, and a 6.000 Hz soundwave immediately blared throughout the hall. 

Riot immediately screamed in pain as the sound wave was his ultimate weakness. He wanted to run away, but no one let him do so as his escape route was blocked by Quicksilver, Spiderman, and Stephen Strange! After a few seconds, Riot could no longer withstand the pain due to the sound wave and rushed towards Dio to make Dio his new host. 

But then again, his effort was foiled by Wanda! She held out her hands, and the crimson energy immediately surrounded Riot and held him in the air! No matter how hard Riot tried to wriggle out of Wanda’s power, it was useless!

“How do you want to deal with him? do you want to burn him down?” Peter asked while pulling out the small torch that Shuri gave him earlier. Although Peter didn’t like killing any living being, he didn’t feel the same for the symbiotes.

“No, that won’t be necessary! It will perish in a few moments!” Dio said as he shook his head at Peter. It was precisely one minute after he said it that Riot completely froze stiff! But just to be safe, Dio then spewed a little flame to make sure that Riot was really dead!

After that, everyone else set their sight on Venom. As the last symbiotes that still roamed the Earth, Venom didn’t want to die. He knew that there was no chance for him to fight back or even escape, so he just sat still, waiting for the fate that awaited him. 

“You can return to Peter’s body for the time being to thank you for your cooperation!” Dio said, breaking the silence. Venom nodded and immediately rushed towards Peter once again. 

“Why is it me again?” Peter annoyedly asked as he didn’t like Venom living inside him. But he knew that he couldn’t really argue with Dio. 

Nevertheless, he was annoyed! With Venom living inside his body, Peter had to be careful and extra cautious all the time. On top of that, Dio didn’t even explain why Peter was the perfect host for Venom! Peter thought about it for a while and determined to hand Venom back to its original host!

Peter knew that Flash would be able to support Venom’s lifestyle as Venom needed a lot of food to stay alive. Since Flash was filthy rich, Venom’s diet wouldn’t be much of a problem for him. 

When Venom returned to Peter’s body, Dio then nodded and said, “Let’s go! There’s still something else we need to do!” 

Dio led them to the lab that now was a scattered mess of blood and organs. He then found DR Herland on the corner, the only survivor inside this messed-up laboratory. 

“Who are you guys? Did the government send you to rescue me?” Herland asked, but Dio ignored him and gestured for Wanda to deal with him. Wanda nodded and immediately hypnotized Herland with her power to finish up.

“You have to delete every data related to the Symbiote’s research in this place, and you also have to destroy any physical evidence that you have on them!” Wanda said suggestively. 

“Right away!” Herland said while he was under Wanda’s hypnosis. He walked towards the computer in the corner of the room and began deleting any data that he worked on for such a long time. After a while, Dio was satisfied that all evidence has been destroyed and sighed in relief!

“It is time to leave! I have implanted the suggestion in his head that he wouldn’t be able to remember us once we left! But, he would still remember that all this was caused by the Symbiotes and the fact that Symbiotes wanted to invade Earth! Plus, the evidence that we left for him to submit to the government later should be foolproof!” Wanda said while sighing in relief.

“No, we still don’t know how the US government would react. But if they still insist on conducting their research on Symbiotes, we will publish everything we know to the public! The public pressure will force them to give up eventually!” Dio said solemnly.

Dio’s plan would cause public unrest, but it was necessary as the Symbiotes were a real threat to Earth. 

Stephen nodded and started to create a portal for them to return to New York.

At the same time, Herland was awoken from his hypnosis and frantically contacted his superior to report what happened earlier!

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