Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 564


President Ellis, the president of USA, led a small meeting with dozens of political leaders. After DR. Herland gave a detailed report about the Symbiotes and gave them the proof video of what happened in the secret lab in New Zealand, the entire conference attendant fell silent. 

“I remember that the Space Warrior Program was made by DR. Herland himself and, in a conjuncture of NASA and Air Force, guarantee that the program would be of high value! But now that a problem has arisen, we have to think of what to do next!” President Ellis said commandingly.

“Please give us some time to think! We will definitely search for the rest of these Symbiotes and kill them before they become a danger in the future! We will also put the coordinates of the planet that we found the Symbiotes into the Red Ledger and sealed it indefinitely! We have reinforced our defence, and we will never let the alien monster infiltrate our base! But in my opinion, the Space Warrior Program is still feasible with some countermeasure!” NASA’s Head of Administrator said confidently.

“What are you saying here! You are clearly playing with fire! Didn’t you hear what those monsters said? We didn’t found them. They deliberately let us found them!” Army General shouted annoyedly.

“That is correct! If those creatures are coming in droves to Earth, humanity will cease to exist! Did you ever think of the consequences of your opinion?” Another Army General shouted coldly.

“But that is all assuming that the worst-case scenario happened! But if we successfully overcome the difficulties, the space exploration program would become a cakewalk!” NASA’s Head of Administrator said confidently. “After all, the army also has their failed project, right? Even though I didn’t hear the Hulk goes on a rampage in a while, he is still your responsibility!” he said with a smirk on his face!

“That is not the same thing! This is the existence of humanity itself that you are trying to play with! Anyway, I suggest the Space Program is suspended indefinitely and the Symbiote’s planet to be listed as the highest treat planet that we should never touch again!” the Army General said coldly.

. . . . . . . . . .

The small conference room was divided into three small factions. One of the groups is the group of radicals that wanted the Space Warrior Program to be continued despite its risk. They were confident that they would come up with a countermeasure good enough that humanity would prevail in the end.

The opposing faction didn’t have anything else to say other than how dangerous it was to play with something with such an obvious risk like that! Although they knew that they would lose a great amount of budget as the project was canceled, it was far better than losing the entire humanity to become the alien’s snack!

They began to argue while some of them didn’t know what to choose! They began sniffing the amount of profit they could get if the program continued and began to poke the countermeasure that they could have planned later! Each direction threw their arguments to each other as they thought their ideas and perspective were the best for the situation right now. 

Seeing that the discussion was getting nowhere, President Ellis, who tended to think radically in the past, had to intervene! He slammed the table with an angry face, silencing everyone in the room as his title demanded their attention.

“What are you guys doing! You are the pillar of this country, but why are you arguing like a small child!” President Ellis said annoyedly. 

The boisterous atmosphere earlier immediately toned down as everyone was silent and began to ponder upon what they have done earlier. They realised that the final decision was still in the president’s hands, so no matter how much they argued, it didn’t matter if the president chose to differ. 

Once the room was back to order, President Ellis took the lead to start another round of civil discussion. He knew that the Space Warrior program seems feasible right now, but he didn’t wish to become the dumbest President of USA in history for destroying humanity. Thus, he had to make a risk assessment before continuing the program!

He knew that if the risk was too high that they couldn’t find any countermeasure, the program had to be abandoned! But then again, the program about exploring the space itself couldn’t be abandoned at all cost!

This new round of discussion split into another opinion. The radicals tried to dominate the argument and silence the opposition by coming up with a feasible plan. They thought that they would be able to eventually control the symbiotes as they thought that the Symbiotes were akin to an intelligent animal! 

The discussion was very civil, but it took too much time that the president himself was worn down by the topic at hand.

But at this moment, someone knocked on the conference room’s door, and once allowed to enter, he hurriedly whispered something to President Ellis that instantly changed the president’s expression!

“Any evidence related to the Symbiotes is to be destroyed, and NASA has to control public opinion regarding the Symbiotes as soon as possible! This is an order” President Ellis said with a frown on his face.

“Right away, Mr. President!” the NASA’s head of Admin said solemnly.

After the person that knocked on the conference room’s door earlier left hastily, the president sighed in relief! “Just now, the videos about the Symbiotes surfaced into the internet! Including the video that we watched earlier! Because of that, the public has become restless, followed by other countries that demanded our word regarding what is happening!” President Ellis said as he stroked his head tiredly.

Once again, the conference room fell into silence as they were astonished by the leak of information that happened right now! They at first thought that the Symbiotes problem was their internal affair, but now it clearly has become an international affair!

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