Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 565


Dio knew that the USA government was accustomed to hiding their tails. Thus Dio, who was impatient, used Wakanda’s back channel to expose the information regarding the Symbiotes forcefully to the internet. Even if the government tried their best to destroy the evidence, they wouldn’t be able to take down the video that was going around the internet!

When the people around the world watched the monster that was the Symbiotes eating people and listened to their plan to make the whole world their food resource, the public was horrified! They began to pressure American Government to give a statement regarding this matter! 

People knew that humans have always used another species as their food source, so knowing that an alien that used humans as a food source existed out there terrified everyone!

So, people began to pressure the government by doing a demonstration in order to demand the government to stop exploiting the vast universe for their own benefit! They marched to the White House and other government institutions to demonstrate that they wouldn’t cease their activities until the nation officials gave their promise not to explore the universe without proper caution!

At the same time, the USA Government was taking various measures to appease the public! But it was all but naught as another confidential document was secretly sent to the leaders of the world! The government’s previous statement regarding their denial of all implications on their involvement was immediately countered by the newly arrived documents. Now, the countries that have the alleged evidence began to demand explanation every day! 

It was ironic, seeing that the USA Government was used to be a world superpower that’d use whatever means possible to find any excuses to intervene with another nation’s internal affair was now being targeted by other countries! Had it not been for the astronauts who took back the Symbiotes from their home planet, the USA wouldn’t be under such crisis! 

On that note, the USA began to explain the Symbiotes’ circumstances to other countries, hoping that they would lay off from USA’s ass for a while! Even though USA still held the title of the world’s superpower, they weren’t the strongest anymore! Thus, they couldn’t afford to become the world’s enemy right now! 

In desperation, President Ellis held a large-scale Press Conference and apologised to the rest of the world for what they have done. Subsequently, President Ellis tried to shift everyone’s concern to other troubling problems, hoping that they would avert their gaze to other problems!

It was so messy that President Ellis started to think of stepping down from his presidency status. However, for now, he still had to bear the pressure and cleaned after the mess he got himself in. If by any chance, President Ellis did step down from his position, the opposition party would surely win big time as they would be able to gain strong political stability due to the public’s distrust of President Ellis’ party!

But one thing for sure was that Space Warrior Program was cancelled without any possibility to resurface. At the same time, the original plan to explore the universe would be significantly affected! A lot of people started to look at the amount of money allocated to this program and found out that it was a huge sum of money too! 

After the dust has settled, the credibility of USA’s government plummeted to the ground! Not even USA residents trusted their government any longer!

At the same time, countries around the world that forced the USA to bow down felt refreshed as they never thought the time they would walk on a higher pedestal than the USA would come! But that was all there was to it. Even though the USA’s reputation was down in the mud, the power of the military and such was still left unaffected! 

What was more interesting was that the government itself stop minding their reputation! They already knew that other countries were trying hard to drag them down, so they knew that the most important thing was what they truly believed! 

The thing that you believed yourself in would amount greater to what others said about you! 

This indifferent attitude that the USA has was what made the USA hard to shake from the outside. The USA had built their own power and reputation to become the strongest in the past. Although the image was done for, their power was still there!

Other countries wouldn’t be able to shake them to their core!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dio was in a good mood after looking at President Ellis’ apology in the newspaper. Although he couldn’t shake the country completely, he was satisfied that his small action caused significant damage to the government. Most importantly, they successfully prevented a huge disaster from happening in advance! Although no one knew what they have done, Dio was satisfied knowing that there would be a group, hidden from the world trying their best to help!

Although Dio himself didn’t care about it that much, he wouldn’t just stand around doing nothing when the Earth was in trouble! He wouldn’t let Earth meet its demise on his watch! It was also worth mentioning that Venom found a new love for Peter and refused to return to Flash as his host!

Peter also went and saw Tony as he wanted to receive recognition from his mentor. Of course, he didn’t forget to tell Tony everything that he had done to avert the disaster from happening! Peter was extremely proud of what he had done and not the slightest bit ashamed of showing it off!

In the end, Dio didn’t know what Tony had said to Peter. However, Peter seemed to be excited and more determined to become a superhero that everyone admired, like the Iron Man! but for now, he accepted Venom to live inside him.

But Dio began to wonder what look did Tony have on his face when he heard the news from Peter!

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