Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 566


Fragmented rocks and black sands were found everywhere in this place, and it was the different kind to the dark red rocks that covered the outside world. In this place, a huge black throne stood quietly. Mephisto sat on the throne with a frown on his face!

He didn’t expect the Ghost Rider to reach his throne, but it was obvious that Robbie’s tattered appearance in front of him right now begged to differ. 

“I am here as I promised!” Robbie said weakly.

“You haven’t finished your end of the deal! Duke is still alive. Do you want to mock me by trying to deceive me?” Mephisto said with a frown deepened on his face. “Do you know that those who tried to deceive me will have their soul burns brightly at the centre of Hell?” Mephisto said as he stood up from his throne. 

But Robbie didn’t show any sign of fear at all. On the contrary, although he was weak right now, he wouldn’t let it show on his face at all!

“The Spirit of Vengeance is god’s creation, isn’t it?” Robbie said calmly. Robbie told a well-hidden secret, but Mephisto was unfazed by it.

“Congratulation, you got it right!” Mephisto said sarcastically. He was quite impressed that Robbie could tell the truth as the Ghost Rider that solely used Hellfire as its main weapon looked like a demon more than anything God had created.

Mephisto collected these Spirit of Vengeances and used them to propose a trade with Humans to fulfill his wishes! Now, Robbie should have known that he wasn’t immortal, but the Spirit of Vengeance that had merged with his soul was the immortal one! 

“I found a stone tablet that recorded a lot of things. For example, the Spirit of Vengeance can only be erased by God, so your game would never end! Am I right?” Robbie said honestly. Now Robbie knew how to destroy a Spirit of Vengeance, but it only raised another problem!

How could he get to Heaven to ask God to destroy his Spirit of Vengeance? So, the only way he could think of was to end Mephisto’s game as it should make the contract annulled as Mephisto himself couldn’t destroy the Spirit of Vengeance. 

“You are right. The only one that could destroy the Spirit of Vengeance is God! But it wasn’t the case for the Ghost Rider. The two aren’t the same, so don’t mistake the two as the same thing.” Mephisto said with a smirk on his face. “You shouldn’t be disappointed, for you already here!” Mephisto said with a smirk as he walked towards Robbie slowly. He purposely left out the fact that Robbie was invincible as long as he was in Hell as Spirit of Vengeance wouldn’t let him die!

Mephisto was laughing as he found the game now became more interesting than before! It was obvious that Robbie found the information that helped him, but it wasn’t enough to make Mephisto worry. Nevertheless, Mephisto found it was interesting that Robbie was able to find a clue regarding his contract without Mephisto’s interference.

“Well, you have to take it out of me now! I don’t believe you. It was obvious that you don’t have anything to kill the Ghost Rider!” Robbie said coldly. 

Mephisto laughed again. He found it really interesting as Robbie started demanding him to do things. “Well, I can get it out of you, but it would be another deal! What would you trade it for?” Mephisto asked with an excited smirk on his face.

“This whole ordeal is your own game, so does it matter what would I trade for this? what is it do you want from me?” Robbie said solemnly.

“No, no, no! that is not how the rules are! You have to consider what you want to trade for me yourself!” Mephisto said cunningly.

After a while, Robbie left Mephisto’s palace with a white dagger in his hand. It was a sacred weapon created by an angel using a slab from Heaven. It would cause substantial damage to the Ghost Rider, and it would separate the Spirit of Vengeance from its host!

The Spirit of Vengeance might be immortal, but it could be separated from its host just fine! Robbie clenched the dagger tightly as he was ready to find Duke and put an end to Mephisto’s games for real this time! As for the price he paid for the dagger, that was for another time to tell!

. . . . . . . . . . .

As Robbie left to find Duke, an unexpected person emerged from behind Mephisto’s huge throne. It was none other than Duke himself! Although he didn’t find a clue about the Spirit of Vengeance, he knew that he couldn’t defeat Robbie, so he immediately searched after Mephisto. 

“Have you memorised the spell that I taught you earlier?” Mephisto asked indifferently. 

“Yes, I have, but why did you agree to that guy’s request?” Duke asked curiously. He was a little frustrated that Mephisto didn’t actually side with him completely. Now, his victory over Robbie wouldn’t be as assured as it was before! Now, Robbie also held another variable that could beat Duke to the price!

“Did I have to ask you for permission to do anything I want?” Mephisto said coldly.

“No, I wouldn’t dare to act that way!” Duke said as he hurriedly kneeled in front of Mephisto.

Mephisto frowned as he was bored by Duke’s action. He didn’t find it fun if the target of his games just did what he was told! It was more fun if the target actually went out of his way to find anything that could break the game! 

Mephisto has taught Duke a spell that could hurt the Ghost Rider to make the game more interesting! Robbie might win against Duke in terms of equipment, but if Robbie was caught off guard, Duke might win! It was up to them to come up with a way to win the game!

“Now, get out and finish the game! But remember, don’t let me down!” Mephisto said coldly. He couldn’t wait any longer as the game has reached the end game!

Outside of Mephisto’s throne room, Duke that was kicked out from the palace was left disgruntled. 

“Just you wait, Mephisto! I will rip your heart out myself! But before that, I have to finish this stupid game!” Duke said as he chased after Robbie.

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