Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 567


A month had passed, and during this time, the Symbiote’s menace was gradually forgotten. But of course, it had something to do with the USA trying hard to eliminate public interest in the slimy alien. Dio didn’t know whether it was because other nations were watching their movement closely or it was because they actually regretted their mistake. Either way, the USA never sent another spacecraft to explore the galaxy. 

At the same time, Wakanda relied on Dio’s technology to overcome the difficult task of building a good enough spacecraft for them to explore the universe with. Wakanda’s effort laid a strong foundation for humans to explore space one day! T’challa also promised Dio that he would build a strong line of defence around the earth for defence against the probability of space invasion. 

Wakanda surely had the power to do all of this as they had abundant resources. From the very beginning, money wasn’t a problem for Wakanda. Fortunately, T’challa never thought of losing his money as all of it was such a valuable technology! 

Even the research team led by princess Shuri has begun developing new technology that combined Dio’s technology with Wakanda’s. They started to use Vibranium as the base of their spaceship materials, thus increasing the ships’ durability and defence! 

Surely, T’challa supported her sister’s decision wholeheartedly. 

There was no trouble on earth as no supervillain tried to disturb the peace, that was until a certain someone finally returned from Hell!

. .

Robbie stood on top of a building while holding a strange dagger in his hand, gazing at the city. After spending so much time in Hell trying to locate Duke and finishing his task, Robbie finally did it! Robbie stabbed Duke right on his heart and forced the Spirit of Vengeance to get out of Duke’s body! 

Duke immediately returned to his human form, but it was fatal! As his heart was already pierced, Duke didn’t have much time to live. Robbie himself was also critically injured at the time as he was tortured by a strange spell that Duke used. But in the end, he came out on top! 

At that moment, Robbie finally nullified the contract and turned back to human, losing all the Ghost Rider’s power! But he wasn’t happy at all! How could he? He was forced to survive on Hell without any means to protect himself! Robbie was very much annoyed as he realised that it was part of Mephisto’s plan!

Now, the only way for Robbie to survive was to go back to Mephisto and sign another contract with him! He was frustrated at himself as he finally could nullify the Ghost Rider’s contract after such an arduous journey, yet he had to sign another contract if he wanted to survive!

Robbie even thought of dying, but he knew that it wouldn’t be good for him as his soul would fall to the hands of the Demon! Being left with no other choice, Robbie returned to Mephisto! Robbie could see that Mephisto was overjoyed by Robbie’s return.

Mephisto immediately formed a new contact for Robbie to sign. But this time, Mephisto gave the Spirit of Vengeance’s memory to Robbie. Although Robbie didn’t understand why the Demon gave it to him, Robbie read the details of the contract, and he was bewildered by it, but then again, he had no choice but to accept it!

Robbie once again became the Ghost Rider and was teleported directly to Earth by Mephisto. 

“I may have another option!” Robbie said as the evening wind blew his hair gloriously. He looked upon the blade in his hand and contemplated on using it on himself! He wanted to at least try to drag the Spirit of Vengeance out so that he didn’t have to complete the contract at all!

And so, Robbie aimed the dagger at his own chest and thrust it down his chest! This was his opportunity to escape the contract, and he sure would not let it go! 

Robbie expected a great pain would follow, but he didn’t feel anything! Sure the dagger pierced his chest, but it didn’t do anything as the Spirit of Vengeance within him didn’t even react! A complete opposite reaction from stabbing Duke in Hell earlier. 

Why was it different now? Did it only work while he was in Hell? Or did he have to be in a Ghost Rider’s form first? 

Robbie frowned as he didn’t understand what was wrong with the dagger, so he tried once again, but this time he turned himself to Ghost Rider just in case. 

Once again, the dagger pierced Robbie’s body, and nothing happened! At this moment, Robbie remembered Mephisto’s words, ‘The Spirit of Vengeance that was influenced by an angel’s blood would become perfect!’ 

“An angel? Could it be the Spirit of Vengeance within me right now is the one that I force out of Duke earlier?” Robbie wondered as he looked at the blade. He remembered that the blade was heaven-made too!

“Of course! This weapon is heaven-made! No wonder that filthy Demon doesn’t care whether I have this or not!” Robbie frowned as he turned back into a human and put the dagger away.

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