Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 568


“No wonder the demon didn’t take this knife back! He must have guessed that I would stab myself with it and laugh bemusedly on his throne!” Robbie angrily said as he imagined the look on Mephisto’s face by now. Robbie now understood that his contract wouldn’t be so simple with someone like Mephisto making it! There had to be something else that he didn’t know about it!

“Well, let’s make a loud noise tonight!” Robbie said while laughing hard. He didn’t understand why he would laugh, but it was probably the influence of the new Spirit of Vengeance within him. He then jumped off the building at the same time two security guards opened the roof door. They were shocked to see a blue skeleton laughing and jumping off the building! The security guards were shaking on the ground as they fell from horror.

“Are we just hallucinating, or that thing was real?” one of the security guards said as he stood up and looked around worriedly.

“I knew it! This building is haunted! Several months ago, a high school student was found on this roof, but there is no trace of how he could get up here in the recordings! I thought it was just a rumour, but it turns out to be true!” the other guard said with panic in his eyes. “I can’t work here anymore! I will leave my resignation letter first thing in the morning!” he said as he hurriedly went back down to the first floor to call it a night!

“Hey, wait for me!” the other security guard said as he followed his friend back to the first floor.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Robbie that had started a new rumour of the building wouldn’t know about it! But the tenant of the building soon decided to move out as they couldn’t stand the possibility of them being haunted by some ghost! 

Robbie descended to the ground, scaring everyone on the sidewalk. He then got up and started to run in a certain direction! The people that were startled earlier were long gone as they screamed in panic after seeing some demon up close!

Robbie didn’t care about what people were thinking. He just ran towards the car park and immediately got into a cab driver seat and used his power to infuse the car with his hell power! The car was instantly lit off with blue flame, and he immediately drove speedily with the Ghost Rider’s laughter echoing down the street!

Robbie couldn’t tell why he was so joyful, but he didn’t care at the moment as he stepped on the gas and let the car machine roared speedily!

. . . . . . . . . .

In the New York sanctuary, Stephen frowned as he was awoken from his meditation. “The danger is nearby!” Stephen said worriedly. He immediately used the Eye of Agamoto to look into the future and foresee what would happen. He immediately saw a demon with blue flames driving towards the New York Sanctuary! 

Stephen began to frown as he realised that it wasn’t from a far future, but it was happening seconds in the future! Stephen then opened his eyes and moved aside as the car hit the sanctuary hard! After that, Robbie immediately walked out from the car as he glanced at Stephen with two magic shields in his hand. “Are you alone in here?” Robbie asked curiously.

“Who are you? No, What are you?” Stephen asked curiously. 

“It doesn’t matter! If you don’t want your soul destroyed, you should run away quickly!” Robbie said coldly.

“What the fuck are you, demon!” Stephen shouted coldly, but as he spoke, the flaming skeleton began to squat on the ground, and the raging blue flame immediately erupted from the ground! This was the pinnacle of skill from the Ghost Rider, the hellfire eruption! 

Stephen immediately formed a Mirror Dimension to trap him and the demon, but as he chanted his spell, Stephen felt a foreboding sense of doom! He slowed the time, watched his surroundings, and immediately realised that he would be engulfed in the demon’s fire and died horribly if he used Mirror Dimension right now! 

At such a crucial timing, Stephen immediately created a portal and jumped inside as the hellfire started to engulf the sanctuary! 

Just in a moment, the sanctuary was burned down to ashes! Stephen, who floated in the air, frowned as he saw the sanctuary had turned to ashes, but Stephen was also shocked that his opponent this time was quite powerful too! If he made a wrong decision earlier, he would have died!

He thought about the Sanctuary of London that was just rebuilt recently, and now, the Sanctuary of New York was burned down! Stephen would go crazy to spend the time worrying about the other dimension’s invasion with the earth’s defence down like this. So, he immediately opened the Eye of Agamoto and formed a Green Magic Circle around him. Stephen obviously wanted to reverse the time before the demon got to attack the sanctuary!

Stephen extended his hands forward and began to turn the Green Magic Circle on his hands counter-clockwise. Then, everything reverted as time went back! The blue flames of the demon began to retreat to the hole that it came from, and the New York Sanctuary was back to new. 

When the spell was completed, Stephen was back inside the sanctuary once again! 

This time, Stephen decided that he would take the initiative! He now knew that the demon intended to destroy the sanctuary, so he knew that he didn’t have to hold back against such a creature! He immediately put the sanctuary inside the Mirror Dimension and trapped Robbie that was about to hit the sanctuary inside it as well! 

He then immediately contorted the space to throw the demon off balance!

But Robbie immediately shot a hellfire from his hand towards the sorcerer! 

Robbie’s attack threw Stephen off his balance, causing him to step back, creating distance with Robbie once more!

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