Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 569


At the same time, Dio and Wanda were resting when Pietro played a game in another room. Suddenly, an alarm sound blared on the base, startling Dio and the others. Dio had asked Shuri to install an alarm that warned them if something on the internet had shown some news about the possibility of a disaster. 

Although the internet wasn’t always a reliable source of information, it was still good to keep track of things. A few days ago, the alarm blared, but it turned out to be about the haunted rooftop of a certain building that made Dio laugh so hard as he remembered that rumour started because of what he did. Although Dio had grown tired of following the news on the internet, he still had to check on them. 

“Go back to sleep. I will go and check what is going on.” Dio said as he kissed Wanda and got up from the bed. Dio walked down the corridor and heard that Pietro was still playing console games in his room and walked past while shaking his head. 

Dio soon arrived at the office and used the application that Shuri had prepared to instantly search the web related to the warning. Dio didn’t really hope to get anything out of this as he thought that it was probably another bullshit, but as he saw the first video, Dio was shocked! 

“The Ghost Rider has returned? And it was a blue Ghost Rider?” Dio said surprisedly. “Is it Robbie? But the last time I remembered, his Ghost Rider form wasn’t blue!” Dio said annoyedly. Dio kept browsing the video and so many comments about it. If this Ghost Rider wasn’t Robbie or Duke, then it was the third Ghost Rider that he would be able to meet!

Dio knew if this Ghost Rider was Robbie, he would contact Dio almost immediately. But surprisingly, he heard nothing from Robbie after so long. Was it possible for Robbie to remain in Hell for this long? Dio wasn’t quite sure he knew the answer to that!

But suddenly, the photo caption below caught Dio’s attention! ‘A miracle in the centre of New York! The building that was destroyed by an explosion earlier has been restored to normal! A strangely dressed man flying in the sky, could he have something to do with it? Was there a possibility that a god really existed?’ Although the strange man was really tiny in the picture, Dio realised that it was Stephen! 

“The Ghost Rider was targeting the Supreme Sanctuary?” Dio suddenly realised what was happening in New York and instantly remembered the Disaster that came from Hell that Stephen had foreseen before. This was clearly Mephisto’s doing! Dio knew in order to invade the Earth, Mephisto had to destroy the three Supreme Sanctuary first!

It looked like the new Ghost Rider was even stronger than Stephen. Otherwise, he wouldn’t use the Eye of Agamotto like this! Dio knew that Stephen must have a fierce fight against the demon. They might still be at it right now! 

“Probably you have to check it yourself!” Wanda said suddenly behind Dio. He was a little startled as he didn’t realise Wanda followed him there, but he nodded and kissed Wanda before heading straight to New York Sanctuary.

If Wanda had her ability in the comics, Dio would bring her along as he knew that Wanda could solve the problem easily. But Wanda in this world didn’t have her god-like power like in the comics, so he refrained from taking Wanda to such a dangerous place. As for Pietro, it didn’t seem his power was that much different, but he was still annoying, so Dio didn’t want him tagging along. 

When Dio arrived at New York Sanctuary, he immediately found a trace of Mirror Dimension and stepped inside without hesitation. Once inside, he was right all along! Stephen was fighting against the weird Ghost Rider! Dio frowned as he observed the fight for a moment. He noticed that Stephen feared the flame.

“Hey, do you need my help?” Dio shouted indifferently. He wasn’t enthusiastic about this fight, and if he could stand aside while Stephen took care of everything, he would do just so.

But when Stephen heard Dio’s voice, he immediately turned around and looked relieved. Stephen immediately bent the space to his liking and immediately dragged the Ghost Rider far away from him as he approached Dio. 

“This guy is from Hell!” Stephen said as he arrived at Dio’s side. 

“Remember when I told you about the Ghost Rider?” Dio asked indifferently. Stephen fell silent for a while and looked at the Ghost Rider curiously.

“So, does this thing have any weakness? His regeneration is so fast, faster than the symbiotes!” Stephen asked worriedly.

“It should be simple. He would turn to Human again when the sun is up!” Dio said casually.

“That’s it? there must be something else!” Stephen said while raising his eyebrows. He couldn’t fight this demon that long, for it was still hours before the sunrise.

“Well, in the legend, only God can kill the Ghost Rider!” Dio said while shrugging his shoulder indifferently.

A God? This is unbelievable! Stephen’s mouth twitched annoyedly! It really annoyed him to go up against an enemy that was tricky to deal with! 

As for Dio, he ignored Stephen’s frustration and looked at the Ghost Rider amusedly. This Ghost Rider was clearly different than Robbie’s and Duke’s, so he didn’t really know the extent of this new Ghost Rider’s capability!

Dio began to wonder how the Ancient One dealt with these Ghost Riders in the past?

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