Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 570


Stephen felt the importance of having a good teacher. After the Ancient One chose to give up her life, Stephen had to do things on his own and learn things by himself! It was truly hectic for Stephen as the disaster came one after another, forcing him to develop faster!

“What do we have to do now? we don’t have the time to wait until dawn!” Stephen said with a frown on his face.

“Well, for me, it doesn’t matter! I can create my own sun, and you can restrain him after that!” Dio said indifferently.

Stephen looked up curiously, but he still didn’t see any sun, but since it was Dio, Stephen just has to trust him for now and see where this was going. If Dio couldn’t summon the sun, it would be a reason for Stephen to laugh at him in the future!

So, Stephen let go of his control over the Mirror Dimension and let the Ghost Rider rushed towards Dio. “He is coming, Dio!” Stephen said worriedly.

“Well, we’re not in a rush!” Dio said as suddenly a hot illuminating light appeared in the sky! Stephen was startled as he didn’t understand where the light was coming from. He looked up and there it was, a mini sun! Stephen then tried to use his vision to look outside the Mirror Dimension, but the sun wasn’t there! 

Stephen was confused about how the sun could appear in Mirror Dimension, but not in the real world! This was simply a miracle! But he immediately recalled what Dio said earlier and realised that the sun had something to do with Dio!

Stephen couldn’t help but think that Dio was really a monster! He could create a sun out of thin air. Although it wasn’t the real sun, it resembled the sun’s properties completely! No wonder the Ancient One showed her respect to Dio. It was certainly possible that Dio was also a long-lasting monster like the Ancient One herself!

At the same time, the Blue Ghost Rider started to writhe in pain as his body began to turn back into human incompletely. Stephen saw this and took his chance to whip the Ghost Rider to tie him up!

But Dio frowned as he felt something wasn’t right! He began to think about what was happening, and everything appeared to be normal! The sun has restrained the Ghost Rider’s power, and Stephen also restrained the Ghost Rider with his power. Dio began to recall his memories when he summoned [The Sun] in the past to restrain the Ghost Rider and immediately realised that the Ghost Rider wasn’t completely immobilized like before!

“Let him go! We fall right into his trap!” Dio shouted, but at the same time, Ghost Rider caught Stephen’s whip and pulled it hard towards himself!

Dio’s warning was a little bit late as Stephen didn’t have the time to react and was immediately dragged towards the Ghost Rider! The Ghost Rider immediately caught Stephen in the air, and the Hellfire that covered the Ghost Rider’s body began to burn Stephen slowly.

“Caught you, rat!” the Ghost Rider coldly said before laughing manically.

“Don’t look into his eyes!” Dio shouted once again towards Stephen. At the same time, Dio had pulled out his [Reaper’s Gaze] and rushed towards the Ghost Rider as fast as he could. Hearing Dio’s warning, Stephen immediately looked away from the Ghost Rider’s eyes and closed his eyes!

Without Stephen looking, the Ghost Rider failed to use his Penance Stare! The Ghost Rider surely wasn’t happy about it, but he still had his Hellfire to burn this sinner away!

Dio immediately realised that the Ghost Rider had no intention to let Stephen go, and out of desperation to save the Sorcerer Supreme, he summoned [The World]!

The whole world suddenly got quiet, and everything remained static! At the same time, the Eye of Agamotto began to glow green, and Stephen began to move again. Dio was quite surprised that the Time Gem could resist [The World]’s power!

It seemed any time-related power couldn’t affect each other as Dio know it was the same case in JoJo universe! During the fight between Dio and Jojo, the clash between [The World] and [Star Platinum] affected neither of them!

So Dio rushed over and cut the Ghost Rider’s hand that was still holding Stephen in the air. He immediately kicked Stephen away before slicing the Ghost Rider down to bits! Although Dio knew that he wouldn’t be able to finish off the Ghost Rider, he could buy time by destroying him to pieces like this!

When the time was back to normal, Dio grabbed Stephen and backed away. He couldn’t figure out why [The Sun] had no effect on the Ghost Rider when it obviously affected Duke and Robbie in the past! Was this Ghost Rider a little special? Or was it because they were inside the Mirror Dimension? 

“Are you sure that the sun was this guy’s weakness? I was almost burned to ashes just now!” Stephen said with a frown on his face. But at the same time, Stephen glanced at the Eye of Agamotto and touched it. He understood now why Dio was so hard to deal with and why Dio seemed to want the Eye of Agamotto for himself!

He never expected Dio to have the power of time too!

“This Ghost Rider is a little bit different! He doesn’t seem to fear the sun. Prepare yourself! This would get troublesome!” Dio said solemnly.

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