Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 571


The Blue Hellfire blasted through the ground, and the Ghost Rider regenerated again! After seeing this, Stephen looked at Dio with a frown that totally described his disappointment that the fight wasn’t over just yet! Dio also knew that he didn’t have any good way to fight the Ghost Rider as he realised that [The Sun] had no effect on him anymore.

Dio clicked his tongue as he knew that he had to use his reserved Stand. It wasn’t a permanent Stand, and Dio was unwilling to spend it like this, but he had no other choice! He then summoned a puppet in a size of a human then shouted ‘Lock and Copy!’

The puppet immediately stood and grew in size until it matched Ghost Rider’s stature and appearance! The only thing that the puppet failed to copy was the blue flames that constantly surround Ghost Rider’s body.

“Control!” Dio shouted as the puppet suddenly vibrated for a moment and looked Ghost Rider right in the eye! Suddenly, the Ghost Rider that just regenereted immediately stopped walking and suddenly copied the puppet’s movement! Dio could see that the Ghost Rider was struggling to move his own body the way he wanted to, but the puppet should prevent that from happening!

This Stand was [Surface]. The Stand itself was the puppet that could copy anyone’s appearance and controlled them directly! 

Dio was relieved for a moment as he saw that [Surface] could still control the Ghost Rider! Stephen was bewildered by what happened as he didn’t understand what Dio was doing, but as he saw the puppet, he was curious about how it worked! But then again, he wondered what Dio would do next as it seemed the Ghost Rider was still standing strong despite being controlled!

Dio himself already knew his shortcoming and was disappointed at himself for not researching more about the Ghost Rider! He knew more about the Symbiote than the Ghost Rider, making it hard for him to make a decision right now. Then again, he knew that even the Symbiote could evolve, and once they evolved, there was a probability that their weakness would disappear!

Dio clicked his tongue once again and used his other temporary Stand! He summoned [Sethan] and Dio’s shadow began to wriggle, and a pair of eyes could be seen from the shadow! Dio then stretched his shadow that was now controlled by [Sethan] towards the Ghost Rider!

[Sethan] had the ability to revert the age of people that stepped on the shadow that it took control of. Therefore, regressing their age, weakening them, and even erased their own memories as they were back to their younger self!

[Sethan]’s power was one of the Stands that Dio refrained from using as he knew that it was overpowered and universal! [Sethan] could delete his enemies out of existence by literally regressing them to the point before they were born! By bounding the Ghost Rider to [Surface], the Ghost Rider couldn’t move anymore. Therefore, [Sethan] could easily revert the Ghost Rider to the point when it was still in its human form!

But Dio didn’t know how long it would take for [Sethan] to revert the Ghost Rider to human form as Dio only had 30 minutes window to work with [Sethan]!

At the same time, the Ghost Rider stopped struggling and suddenly became docile! It has deemed Dio to be dangerous, and now that he couldn’t move, the Ghost Rider was convinced that he must break free from Dio’s grasp as fast as possible! 

The Ghost Rider immediately controlled the blue flame as he noticed that the puppet didn’t have his blue flames copied! Dio noticed the blue Hellfire began to contort and Dio immediately had a bad feeling about this!

Stephen also knew that the danger was brewing. Sure enough, the next moment, a surging hellfire burst into the sky! The flame that burst out into the sky quickly fell into the ground, creating a Hellfire Rain that covered several hundred meters radius from the Ghost Rider!

Fortunately, they were inside a Mirror Dimension. Otherwise, the Ghost Rider would’ve destroyed the whole city of New York by now!

“Stephen, keep my puppet safe!” Dio shouted towards Stephen in the back near his puppet. Stephen nodded his head and created a condensed circular magic shield that protected both him and the puppet from the hellfire rain!

But this blue Hellfire was different than the normal Hellfire as it was more powerful! The blue Hellfire burned Stephen’s shield a couple of times, that he was forced to recreate it instantly to stay alive! Surely, it took all Stephen got just to keep the shield up!

At the same time, Dio summoned two Ice Stands and created a barrier of ice immediately! Although the ice barrier couldn’t stop the Hellfire Rain, it reduced the load on both Dio and Stephen! Dio was glad that he had increased his Hamon Energy capacity before. Otherwise, he would have been fatigued too right about now!

Fortunately, the Ghost Rider finally stepped into [Sethan]’s shadow, meaning that the ghost rider began to regress in terms of age!

Although [Sethan] wouldn’t work on the soul, Dio knew that it would work on the Ghost Rider’s physical form! Furthermore, [Sethan] was inside a shadow, meaning that it was immune to attack as long as it stayed in the shadows!

Dio smirked as he thought that his plan would work perfectly and he could burn his Hamon Energy to amplify [Sethan]’s effect instead of saving it for safety measures! Even if he ended up failing, Dio knew that Stephen should have an idea regarding what to do by then!

But the Ghost Rider seemed to notice something and began blasting its Blue Hellfire all around! The area began to heat like an oven!

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