Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 572


The Hellfire’s impact was like a small nuclear bomb! Dio and Stephen had no choice but to retreat in order to evade it! As they retreated, the Hellfire instantly devoured [Surface]! After the Hellfire dissipated, a figure slowly approached them.

Dio frowned. He didn’t want to waste too much effort to fight the Ghost Rider as Ghost Rider couldn’t be killed! Even if he destroyed the Ghost Rider’s body to bits, it would just regenerate later! The Spirit of Vengeance would just wrap the host’s soul and bring them to hell while the Spirit of Vengeance would regenerate their body. 

“Help me out here, Strange!” Dio said coldly. He then dragged out the huge scythe on his hands and walked towards the figure. Stephen, on the other hand, still remained silent as he didn’t know what to do other than waiting for a chance to attack from the Ghost Rider’s blind spot.

Although Stephen had never really fought together with Dio before, he was confident that he could do something as long as he still controlled the Mirror Dimension. Stephen thought that Dio was just exaggerating about the Ghost Rider in Hong Kong, but he didn’t expect that to be real! 

On the other side, Dio saw the Ghost Rider smirking and pulled out a white dagger. The Ghost Rider covered the white dagger with the blue Hellfire, and it immediately turned into a great sword! 

The white dagger was a sacred weapon, and therefore shouldn’t be able to be affected by the Hellfire. However, as the Spirit of Vengeance has regained its angelic form, the White Dagger was corrupted, and so was the Hellfire that remained blue instead of red!

The Ghost Rider seemed excited as he held the sword and rushed towards Dio, clearly with an intent to attack him with his new sword. But Dio held his hands up and blocked Ghost Rider’s attack and immediately swung the scythe and disarmed the Ghost Rider before swinging his scythe again to decapitate the Ghost Rider!

Dio didn’t know who the Ghost Rider he fought right now was, but he knew that this Ghost Rider was on a whole different level compared to the other Ghost Rider that he knew. This Ghost Rider could control the sword with pinpoint accuracy and controlled it from afar! Dio could have sworn that he disarmed the Ghost Rider, but as he was about to decapitate the Ghost Rider after, the Ghost Rider was holding his sword at a weird angle and blocked Dio’s attack!

Dio and the Ghost Rider were soon caught up in an intense battle. It was impossible for anyone to intervene in this battle as it was so intense! Stephen, who was watching on the sideline, wanted to help Dio with his magic, but he couldn’t find any opening to attack.

Stephen felt that he couldn’t do anything, but then again, this was his Mirror Dimension! He might be inexperienced, but he was the Sorcerer Supreme! As the battle progressed, Dio began to relax as [Anubis] has already adapted to Ghost Rider’s style, but he began to wonder where did this close combat mastery come from? Was the person a master of the sword even before he hosted the Spirit of Vengeance? Or was it the capability of the Spirit of Vengeance itself?

He thought about Steve and Natasha’s fighting style. Although they were the pinnacle of human capability, their power came from a special experiment that made them superhuman! So with that said, it was clear that the melee prowess that the Ghost Rider has shown here was from his Spirit of Vengeance!

Not only was this Spirit of Vengeance able to ignore the sun, but it also had several other characteristics that differed from the normal Ghost Rider! Dio couldn’t help but wonder what this Spirit of Vengeance really was. Could it be something that came from a failed experiment too?

Dio clearly didn’t care about the fight anymore as he left it all to [Anubis] to fight in his stead. But clearly, Dio’s lack of attention to the fight angered the Ghost Rider! And so, the Ghost Rider lowered his defence, and as soon as Dio’s scythe cut one of the Ghost Rider’s hands, the Ghost Rider immediately raised his sword up high!

Suddenly, an angel appeared behind the Ghost Rider, following the Ghost Rider’s movement and swung his sword at Dio as soon as the Ghost Rider does the same. 

“Angel? How is this possible?” Dio said as he was startled by the appearance of the Angel. The only thing he knew was that the Ghost Rider was demon-made, then how did an angel come and fight with the Ghost Rider here? However, he had to focus on the attack now as the Ghost Rider’s and Angel’s attack was quite powerful.

But Dio immediately fell into another predicament as he found out that he had a problem moving his body! This was due to the pressure from the Angel before him! Dio was intrigued by the Angel’s power and how it could be so powerful!

But he looked at the Ghost Rider and found out that he was also affected by the Angel! The Ghost Rider’s attack was like a stop motion picture that was a little bit slowed down! And so, Dio smirked and adapted to the situation quickly. 

Dio shouted ‘Ground!’ and suddenly the sword in Ghost Rider’s hand became heavy, and It missed its timing to swing down the sword! This was the trick that he got from fighting Mephisto, and [Anubis] had acquired the power to cover the weapon with earth’s gravity. He could use it on his weapon to accelerate his weapon speed, but now that his scythe was not in a position to attack, he used it on the Ghost Rider’s weapon to make the ghost rider missed his attack!

This technique turned out to be quite effective!

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