Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 583


Dio kept experimenting on various aspects of the Reality Overwrite ability and discovered that the ability wasn’t invisible, nor was it unlimited! That was because the ability only affected certain aspects of reality, not pure fiction! For example, Reality Overwrite couldn’t make the mouse in front of Dio spew fire from its mouth, like a dragon in the movie! 

So, Dio kept experimenting, like turning a bucket of water into a bucket of fire. It was a success at first, but it quickly burst out when the water no longer existed, and the fire immediately disappeared! After seeing this result, Dio couldn’t help but think for a while. He now understood the extent of this ability. The reality Overwrite wouldn’t allow him to turn everything into what he wanted, but it was capable of turning something into anything plausible at the given moment.

So, the final experiment that Dio wanted to conduct was to see whether the ability could change the Death itself! So, without further ado, Dio took and pinched the mouse until it squeaked and collapsed lifelessly. He then used the reality Overwrite and once again, the purple light enveloped the mouse. The Soul count began to decline rapidly, and after consuming 324 souls, the mouse was back from the dead!

It was a success, but it consumed too many souls! Still, it was worth it as the resurrection of the dead wasn’t something that even [Gold Experience] could accomplish! 

The mouse immediately fled, but Dio was still deep in his thought. More questions crossed his mind, like what was the premise to resurrecting the dead? Did it have to happen right after something or someone died, or did it have some timing? Could the ability do the opposite too? Like instantly killing something that was still alive? 

He had too many questions that he needed to verify, but after he checked the Soul count, he knew that he couldn’t verify them now! Reality Overwrite was indeed an extraordinary ability, but it came costly, so Dio couldn’t use it on a whim! Although he only killed criminals, he couldn’t kill them all as the world would deem him criminal too!

Then again, Dio knew that the Soul required to resurrect a human would be different from resurrecting a mouse. It would probably be higher than 324 souls! With that in mind, Dio made sure to only use Reality Overwrite as his last resort, his hidden trump card!

“Well, if I can gather millions of Souls, this ability would surely be the ultimate ability!” Dio sighed helplessly. He knew that the game was balanced in some way, so props to whoever tweaked with the game balance!

“It seems like I can’t hunt in Hell’s Kitchen for too long. Probably I can stay for a couple of days, but that is it!” Dio said with a frown on his face. He knew that he shouldn’t destroy Hell’s Kitchen entirely as he might end up changing the MCU plot too much.

Dio was wondering where else he could obtain a large amount of Soul. He knew that he couldn’t wait for the criminals in Hell’s Kitchen to regenerate again as it would take a long time while the condition to use the reality Overwrite was too demanding! He knew that he needed the reality Overwrite to deal with the Blue Flamed Ghost Rider!

As for the last Stand Arrow, he decided to keep it for now as he still didn’t know which Stand he would evolve. He would have to think about it carefully and did it in the future, and there was no need to rush it now. 

Just as he finished his thought, he got a transmission from Steve. It seems he had returned to New York from his visit to Wakanda. 

With that information, Dio immediately packed his stuff and left.

He appreciated Steve and the others’ support because he had time to test out his ability thanks to them. But then again, he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone or Steve about his ability as Steve was obsessed with not killing any of his enemies! Even though many people disagree with Steve’s view, Dio still respected that thought.

But because Dio didn’t share the same opinion, it was best to respect Steve by not telling him anything!

Anyway, since the police wouldn’t be able to cover and clean the mess in Hell’s Kitchen fast enough, the media would come soon, and by that time, Steve would know about what was going on anyway. 

. . . . . . . . .

An hour after, Dio brought Steve directly towards the New York Sanctuary to help repair the Sanctuary with the tools Steve bought from Wakanda. Dio also brought him there so that he could meet Stephen Strange in person as they were helping Stephen this time.

Although it was Stephen’s responsibility as the Sorcerer Supreme to protect the earth from other dimension’s invasion, it was the earth’s problem nonetheless. Therefore, Dio had to help as he knew that Stephen wasn’t strong enough to deal with Hell, at least for now!

With that in mind, Stephen, who also realized that he didn’t stand a chance in repelling the Hell’s invasion, didn’t show any of his sarcastic and rude remarks towards the Avengers. On the contrary, Dio threw some sarcastic remark that easily insulted Stephen’s inability to deal with the invasion on his own!

But as Stephen already knew how bad Dio’s personality was, he didn’t care and choose to ignore it. He wanted to keep the situation under control and cooperated in a friendly atmosphere with the Avenger as he could tell that he would work with them again in the future.

Then, the next task after this would be to protect all three Supreme Sanctuaries!

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