Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 584


Dio planned to have Stephen stand by on New York Sanctuary, and then Steve would take the other Sanctuary while he would guard the other one. But now, because Dio has collected a good amount of Souls, he was thinking of guarding the one in New York as he could accumulate souls in Hell’s Kitchen that way. 

And thus, Dio left the London Sanctuary to Stephen while Steve guarded the Hong Kong Sanctuary. This way, no matter which Sanctuary that the Ghost Rider attacked, they would be able to stall long enough until reinforcement came. Thanks to the build-in portal in each Sanctuary connected with Kamar-Taj, they could travel to other Sanctuary without a hitch. 

After the briefing was done, the respective guardian walked into the portal for their task. This marked the first official alliance between the Sorcerer Supreme with the Avengers! But they certainly didn’t know that after experiencing his first failure, Robbie, who has lost part of his memory, didn’t realise that his sense of humanity has been dulled to some extent, leaving him with no sense of regret for destroying the building he was tasked to do. 

Therefore, he wasn’t in a rush like before as he knew he should take his time unless he wished to end up in hell again, probably losing part of his memories again! So, Robbie thought of another way to complete the contract without the possibility of having his memory taken from him. after all, his contract now is to destroy a building, not kill another person like his previous contract!

. . . . . . . . . .

When night fell, Dio left the New York sanctuary in Wanda and Pietro’s hand, while he changed his appearances and drove towards Hell’s Kitchen once again. Although the place was swarmed by police in the day, there was no one there at night! The police were too scared of waging an all-out war with the thugs, s they left Hell’s Kitchen alone at night. 

That was to say, Hell’s Kitchen was really chaotic once the sun went down! It wasn’t this bad when the Kingpin was still alive, now that there was no prominent ruler on Hell’s Kitchen, it got really chaotic there. Every thug, mafioso, and gang wanted to be the best in Hell’s Kitchen, rampaging the street at every chance they got to prove their point.

It was nothing unusual to find a body in a dumpster in the morning. Some were even found inside a ditch beside a busy road or even in the middle of the road sometimes! 

There was a time when the government wanted to take control of the place and made sure that everyone obeyed the law, like every other area in the USA. However, the thugs retaliated and killed many government officials that stayed in Hell’s Kitchen during the whole process. The government didn’t know how the information about the takeover leaked, but that certainly forced them to stop what they were doing and leave Hell’s Kitchen alone.

This reasoning reluctantly brought Hell’s Kitchen to its current circumstances, a lawless place at night where the thugs thrived on doing whatever they want. 

But Dio’s sudden intervention seems to bring change once again in Hell’s Kitchen. His massacre took a great toll on the gang activities as they lost a lot of members in one night. They also didn’t understand why the outsiders massacred that many people in Hell’s Kitchen, which inflicted fear to these thugs!

They realized that at this rate, Hell’s Kitchen criminal activity would become history!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“You guys say that a murderer will show himself tonight?” A young man dressed in a hip-hop style said uneasily towards his friend. He felt a little bit paranoid as he noticed that fewer thugs roamed Hell’s Kitchen tonight. 

“Murderer? You just don’t get it, do you? It was a massacre. At least a few hundred people died last night! There is no way a single murderer could accomplish something like that!” the friend said with a frown on his face.

It was obvious that he couldn’t believe the rumours! Furthermore, the only creature that could do it was probably Ironman, Hulk, or Thor, but they wouldn’t care about small-time criminals that festered Hell’s Kitchen. They were too classy to do something like that!

“A lot of people say that they saw it with their own eyes! It shouldn’t be a hoax if many people saw the same thing!” The young man said nervously. It was clear that he was still afraid that the murderer would come in the middle of the night and catch him off guard.

“I don’t care if he was real or not! The only thing on my mind tonight is drugs, baby! But unfortunately, I don’t have any cash to buy it tonight, so I hope that I can sell your service to the fat pig next door!” The friend said with a smirk on his face, which scared the young man immediately.

“Hahaha, I knew you’d give me that face! Don’t worry, I am just kidding! But I really want some drugs tonight. Hope you can find a way to find some cash for us!” the friend said with a bellowing laugh.

But the young man was frozen solid as he looked at his friend’s shoulder. “Behind you!” the young man said frantically.

As the friend turned their attention to whatever it was that made the young man so scared, he frowned as he saw a plain-looking Asian standing behind him with a polite smile on his face.

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